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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or rejoice about daily life in DC.

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  • RAVE: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new barbershop. Diego’s at Dupont Circle rocks!!!!

    • Diego’s is the business.

    • Barbershop is nice but Diego treats his employees with a lack of respect which is a shame

      • Agreed. He is kind of a jerk. And he spends too much time talking rather than cutting hair. But everyone else I’ve been to there has been wonderful. And the price is great for the area.

    • I love Diego’s as well. I had been going to Hair Cuttery for a couple years but that place really started to work my last nerve. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when the person cutting my hair attempted to use a comb that was dirty—-had someone elses hair on it. I left and have never been back! I had walked by Diegos for several years but had never been in. Im really happy I walked in one day to check them out. That place is awesome. 🙂

    • Concetta: I’ll tell ya, the Lipstick Beauty Salon is the best. They only let, well, you know, ‘special’ girls in. You have to audition to even get your hair done!

      Chicklette: AND, there’s this guy that does hair there, MMMM MMMM. I’d suck the socks off him in a minute.

      Concetta: Yeah, Gator’s his name, and you know what? He lives right next door.

      Dawn Davenport: Wonder what HIS story is? Maybe he’s a… CHUBBY CHASER!

  • Rant: It is so frustrating to get behind people on a crowded sidewalk that are texting, reading emails, etc. If you are that important (and I bet you really arent) get off the sidewalk and let people get around you!!!

    • This is sadly a larger societal problem. Rapidly advancing technology creates a false sense of urgency and self-importance.

    • austindc

      No dice! I need to read my PoP on my way to work, and sometimes I get so wrapped up in it, I just start meandering all over the sidewalk and into the street. At least I’ll die doing what I love.

    • alxindc

      Yesterday one man just “hugged” a pole on the street, almost dislocated his shoulder, but continued being glued to the Big Brother. O Tempora, O Mores!

  • Rave: The smells of summer. This morning it smelled like fresh rain + grass outside my apartment. It was amazing.

    Rave: Yoga tonight after cancelling last week. Looking forward to feeling all stretchy!

    Rant: Attempting to start jogging/running. I can cycle for days but running a mile is agony, physically and mentally. And I am so slow…a 10 minute mile would be a miracle for me. 🙁

    • I know what you mean. I love biking, but don’t like running. I don’t mind running on a treadmill, but not outdoors.

    • Good luck on starting a jogging routine. I’ve raved about Couch to 5k before here, and if you think running a mile is hard (which I did too, 6 months ago), you should consider the program, it increases your running time vs. walking time incrementally. I still run 10 min miles, but I probably always will. If you are interested in slimming down/cardio health/staying active, then go at the speed that is right for you. I have only slightly increased my speed over time, and I’ve still felt a ton of positive results!

    • keep at it with the running. i took a hiatus from running due to injuries and getting back into shape was tough (even though i was cross training). i was running 8:30 miles and when i finally got back to running, i was back to 10:00 miles. it’s taken about six weeks, but i am almost back to 8:30. there’s a rough buildup period, but then you’ll suddenly see a breakthrough. it can be discouraging, but stick with it. it will get better! regardless, good for you for getting out there…starting can be the hardest part!

    • You can do it. Run outside. Pick a shirt of a runner that is ahead of you and chase it. I hate treadmills because the numbers just stare you down in the face and seconds feel like hours. Couch to 5k is awesome. I could barely run for 60 seconds back in October and I ran for 5 miles straight the other day. I never would have dreamed that I could do that a year ago. Now I am working on the Bridge to 10K app and it is very challenging but I know the end result will be great. Oh, and I’m very slow too! I get lapped by the old men on the mall wearing those skimpy running shorts and legs that put mine to shame!

      • ha! I do the same thing – I see people ahead of me running and I think – I won’t let you beat me. I chase them down and then slow down to recover and then pick the next person/landmark to sprint to. Besides, interval training is great for increasing speed/losing weight and that’s one way to do it!

    • So glad I’m not the only one. I finally worked up the courage to run outside yesterday for the first time…ever. So slow, but I’ll get there!

    • Does Couch to 5k help people who get extremely nauseous when running? I can do other exercises just fine, but running makes me so incredibly sick that I can’t try to get better at it.

      • i have to run on an empty stomach or i get nauseous.

      • I do my three times a week Couch-to-5k-ing right after I get up, before I eat or drink anything. Since Couch-to-5k starts very very gradually, with way more walking than jogging, it might help ease you past your running-related nausea.

    • Set achieveable goals and as you achieve them – set more ambitious goals. Don’t increase your mileage more than 10% a week and only every other week to prevent injury in the beginning.
      Do track work once a week (400m or 800m repeats) if you are looking to get faster.
      Above all – keep it fun. When we were kids we’d run around laughing and smiling – so don’t forget to smile when you are running. I swear that its a secret turbo boost when you just can’t go any further. Good luck!

    • If you can enjoy cycling, you can learn to enjoy running. I’m the opposite of you: I love to run but have yet to learn to appreciate biking, except for a leisurely commute. I’d much rather jog up a hill than face the agony of biking it!

    • alxindc

      I actually try to keep 10-11 minute/miles in order to keep my heart rate in 140-150 range. Yet, if you run for speed, 10min/mile is too slow. Garmin Connect shows people in my zip code averaging 7-8 minute miles on 10+ mile runs. Ohs well…

  • Rant: Petworth Safeway customer service policy!
    A few months ago, I sat next to a couple of Safeway employees at the bus stop. They were complaining about the store manager’s policy to purposefully not staff or understaff the Customer Service desk. That way if anyone has questions or complaints – they give up and go away. They were upset because customers would take out their frustrations on staff.
    On Monday, I did just that. Since the Petworth Safeway doesn’t accept Internet coupons and I’m on disability and survive by using coupons – I only go if I can’t wait for someone to take me to Giant. Safeway’s corporate office informed me that a store manager can choose not to accept Internet coupons but they most post a sign about it at their customer service desk. After waiting for a few minutes for someone to staff the desk, being informed that on their website it states that they don’t accept internet coupons (which it actually states it does and I had a print out to prove it) I felt the lady wanted me to challenge her manager about it. I gave up on waiting for the manager to discuss it and left. I took out my anger when the smiley cashier told me that starting Tuesday, I can upload coupons to my savings card.

  • I love the (Asian-style?) parasols in the photo!

  • Crazy white woman with a dog called me a “c*nt” last night. Unwarranted, entirely, but whatever. But, of all the things I’ve been called, including a diaspora of epithets, that was the first time this old bastard’s been called that. Amusing, so I think I’ll put it in the rave category.

    • Bringing race into it seems like kind of a cunty thing to do.

      • Aw, now you make me feel bad. Maybe it’s a rant.

        Race matters in this post, as in, how does a white woman (non British) with the standard cultural lexicon of the typical Caucasian American work through all the possible names to call me (male) and arrive at Cunt. I found that amusing. She passed up all the possible zingers.

        I suppose calling me cunty, an adjective, would be more accurate, but once you’ve been called a cunt, that would definitely be a rant.

    • British accent? They do use that word differently over there.

      Or maybe someone affecting British mannerisms for effect.

    • You also don’t seem to know what the word “diaspora” means.


  • pablo .raw

    Rave: Step two of finding peace of mind: stop listening to podcasts about politics, at least not on a daily basis.
    Rant: Meetings to talk about money

    • +1 I stopped watching Meet The Press on Sundays (75% due to Tim’s death, 25% because of content)

  • Rant: Delayed work trip due to security concerns and curfews in country – hopefully can head out on Friday.

    Rant: Thought I’d be gone for weeks so I have no food in the house!

    Rave: Have two full unexpected days to catch up on everything I needed to get done before I left the country but didn’t manage to do.

  • Rant: Didn’t realize the milk in my fridge was bad until I took a sip of coffee this morning. Blah!

    Rave: Got the first season of Rocky & Bullwinkle on dvd from the library.

  • Rant: Waiting to hear about whether we get our dream apartment… I’m a huge ball of nerves! All the what-if scenarios are constantly playing in my head. Craigslist is not for the faint of heart.

    Rave: Forecast says it’s going to be sunny with highs in the low 80’s through Monday!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: My fridge is busted and can’t be replaced until at least Thursday because the building doesn’t have any back-ups available.

    Rave: A busted fridge is an awesome excuse to eat out for all my meals!

  • Rant: The show that was put on in front of my house yesterday. As I was parking a couple walked passed me and I noticed the woman was upset and the guy kept walking. I go into my house and 30 seconds later, I still hear them outside so I look out of my front door and sure enough they are directly in front of my house going at it, well, I should say she was going at him. So after watching for another minute or two and seeing her getting more and more out of control, I step outside. I stepped outside for a couple of reasons: 1. To make sure he didn’t lose it and knock her out 2. To make sure they both know I was there (not that it mattered to her) and saw everything that happened. 3. To tell him to try and keep it moving because my wife was calling the police but also to confirm he never touched her though she clearly wanted him to. It is so sad because that is how some people (unfortunately, mostly battered woman) get their attention from certain “men”.

    So when I go outside he says “Man, you see this right, I am not touching her”…and I say “I know, I have been watching”. At this point the rest of the hood is out and a couple of women try to intervene. I wasn’t going to physically intervene because I don’t really really know what is going on and I am not putting my hands on woman and said woman, I think was on that shit. Plus you never know what could happen with domestic stuff, he/she could turn on me…

    Anyway, I hear the sirens a few blocks away and let him know, he tries to tell her to chill out or she will end in jail. The cops end up coming (about 5 cars, you know how they like to show out for even the most simple stuff) and she is still going at him and he is pretty calm. Right away the cops grab her (she is in his face) and she doesn’t’ calm down and he is still trying to tell her to stop talking and to be quiet. Well, that didn’t happen so they decide to put her in the car and that is when she DUMBS OUT, she kicked the open cop door hard as hell. Well, that didn’t go over well so they pick her up by her feet and put her in the car.

    While all that is going on, I give another officer her belongings which she dropped by my house and make sure to tell him that the guy did nothing at all while. He asked me my relation to them and of course I have none so he asked me what happened and I tell him I don’t know the history but I did see everything that happened as they walked down the block and basically she was just going at him (I didn’t mention I thought she was high off whatever) and he did nothing at all. I just thought it was important that he know this because she was baiting him so hard to hit her (and in all likelyhood, I would guess that he has before) but he didn’t do a thing while in front of my house.

    It was an interesting commentary on society, clearly everyone was watching from their windows, doors…but nobody came out until I went outside and made my presence known and then a couple of people and then the whole hood. Well I hope she is getting the help she needs.

    • I remember when I lived in a large apartment complex with balconies facing a patio, people would often have their sliding doors and windows open. Occasionally we would hear terrible domestic spats and just sit there waiting to hear physical contact. I always felt weird, I never wanted to call the cops just for yelling, as god knows my partner and I have had some extreme shouting matches as well (although we both knew we’d never strike each other), and I’d be kind of pissed if someone called the cops on us. But of course the converse it easily could devolve into physicality with others, and we’d be just as bad as the fighters for not trying to get help.

      • I totally cosign your post. My wife was asking if she should call the police and I said no at first because I was hoping that it would de-escalate and they would move on. I don’t like getting in other people’s business and as you said God knows, I have had my fair share of loud embarrasing arguments. It was only after I saw her really going after him did I step outside and told her to go ahead and call the boys. I mean it wasn’t my business but I also didn’t want to see anyone get hurt or him get arrested because she was definitely the aggressor.

    • ” It is so sad because that is how some people (unfortunately, mostly battered woman) get their attention from certain “men”.”

      It’s nice that you tried to do what you could. However, I take issue with your statement above. It basically says that women in abusive relationships “ask for it” which is an extremely ignorant belief.

      • Yeah, the cops that responded to my cousin being beaten by her ex had this attitude, unfortunately. Because she was crying and upset, while he was calm and collected (though clearly intoxicated) they were threatening to arrest her instead. While I understand that you’re asking for trouble if you convey to the police that you’re upset about something, but I don’t think it’s fair that the person who doesn’t give a shit is assumed to be in the right.

        • What’s up with the comprehension today? I understand that you may be talking about your people’s situation but you realted it to the comment which basically said I was backing the abuse. In no way, shape or form do I think it is OK to batter a woman. If you read what I said and understood it, I said that I can only speak on what I saw and what I saw was her being agressive. I don’t know what happened the hour or day before that but I do know what I saw and that was her all in his face, yelling, screaming, spitting, hitting, doing everything she could to provoke him. All I am saying with all of that, he did not hit her and it would be unfair for them to take him to jail just because he is a guy or for disturbance of the peace…Come we have to do better with our reading comprehension skills.

          • It was this line that could be taken poorly- “It is so sad because that is how some people (unfortunately, mostly battered woman) get their attention from certain “men”.”

            I get that you didn’t mean to say that she was asking for anything, but I think this line could easily be read in a way that you didn’t intend it.

          • I understood what you said, but I think it’s dangerous to assume, as the cops did with my cousin, that the woman is a drama queen who’s asking for attention. Most abuse victims hear enough of that from their abusers, so it doesn’t help when outsiders who don’t know what’s really going on validate it.

          • You clearly did not read everything I wrote. I made it very clear that I did not know the whole story and that I can only vouch for the part I saw. Did you miss this part of my post? ” He asked me my relation to them and of course I have none so he asked me what happened and I tell him I don’t know the history but I did see everything that happened as they walked down the block”?????????????? I also mentioned in my post that I thought she was high/drunk but I did not say that to the officer.

      • I don’t know how you got that out of what I said. What I was saying was that some battered woman do in fact take the abuse as a form of attention, that is a fact. If it was not you would not have “battered woman syndrome”. Not cool.

        • I don’t know what your background it, but I have a fair amount of experience with abusive relationships both personally and professionally. I think it’s irresponsible to say that battered women are trying to get attention. The vast majority of battered women go to extreme lengths hide their abuse from everyone they know. If you mean they try to get attention from their abuser, you are really oversimplifying things.

          • Again, you are making a generalization based off what I said. I said “SOME” some, not all, some. It is true, maybe not for all but for some, some see (although wrong as hell) it as attention, think the deserve…If you are in this field and don’t understand what I am saying then you may want to rethink what you do. I am no way saying that it is right but it happens.

            And I am not saying what you are saying if false I am simply saying there are some women that are so far gone that they think this way. That is all I am saying.

          • lol. ’cause you sure sound like the expert.

            “If you are in this field and don’t understand what I am saying then you may want to rethink what you do.”

            defensive much?

          • Not defensive at all but I truly hate it when people twist my words around for the benefit of my argument. Strawman much?

          • *benefit of their argument.

  • Rant: After making the mistake of checking work email around midnight, I had an impossible time falling asleep. I am so not bright eyed or bushy tailed this morning.

    Rave: Perusing local concert listings on a whim, I discovered that an awesome band will be in town in September – grabbed a couple tickets, emailed childhood best friend (who introduced me to the band), and she’s trekking down for a long weekend. Hooray for lights at the end of the tunnel! Can we fast forward through summer already, please?

    • Rant 2: Sometime recently the brake lights in my car apparently stopped working. A trip to the garage is in my immediate future.

      Rave 2: The lady who pulled up next to me in traffic to tell me that they were out – I had no idea and would probably still think everything was fine if you hadn’t told me! I appreciate it.

  • Question: Outside of the mall stores, does anyone know a metro accessible store/specialty shop where I can get good running shoes?

    Thanks in advance PoP fam.

    • If you actually want shoes for running, don’t go to a mall store, ever (unless you know exactly what model/brand you need.)

      Try Pacers, metro accessible in Silver Spring, Logan Circle, and Arlington (Clarendon I think); or Fleet Feet in Adams Morgan; or Potomac River Running in Cleveland Park. These and other running stores have employees who can help you get the right shoe for your stride.

      If you already know all this, sorry for the lecture. 🙂

    • Pacers seems to be pretty good, but expensive. They are all over (Clarendon, Logan Circle, Pentagon City) and can help you out with getting the right shoes for your stride.

    • I buy all my running shoes at Fleet Feet in Adams Morgan. They are extremely knowledgeable, and the shoes are reasonably priced. And, they are a longtime small business in the neighborhood. I know, Adams Morgan isn’t so Metro accessible, but maybe you can jog from Woodley Park 🙂

      • Fleet Feet is a local-owned business. The parents of former DC mayor Adrian Fenty are the owners.

        • alxindc

          Fleet Feet (where I got my new shoes this Saturday!!!) is not 100% small, locally-owned business. It is part of a franchise, that was just acquired by some big-arse equity company. With this logic, any McDonald’s around the corner is a locally-owned small business, but I don’t see people raving about this?! 🙂

    • It is not exactly “metro accessible,” but the Georgetown Running Company off M street may have what you are looking for.

    • shaybee

      Try Georgetown Running Co. in Georgetown – it’s right before the Key Bridge on M. I’ve tried both Pacers and Fleet Feet and Georgetown is far superior in terms of knowledge and service. They even have a treadmill in the store to analyze your gait and really explain to you what kind of shoes you need! That said, they’re sort of pricey, but I think that spending the $$ on good shoes is better than blowing out your knees or ankles down the road?

      • Second Georgetown Running Co. – they are fantastic. Pacers is good but the guys at Georgetown are both serious runners and more knowledgeable about shoes/feet.
        Once you get a shoe that works – you can then buy them online and $ave some money.

    • I’ve had good luck at Pacers on P Street and Georgetown Running Co. (but that’s close to Key Bridge, so not really metro accessible…sorry, not helpful).

      There’s also a store in Adams Morgan (I think Fenty’s parents own it) – I’ve never been, but have heard good things.

      • shaybee

        If we’re talking located right near a metro station, neither Pacers Logan Circle nor Fleet Feet are metro accessible either. But there are buses that stop right near all three :).

    • Pacers Running Store near Logan Circle, across from the Whole Foods. I’ve bought running shoes from City Sports in Chinatown as well, but wasn’t thrilled with their customer service.

    • Pacers, I believe there’s one in Logan Circle.

    • There’s a Georgetown Running Company store in Friendship Heights right by the Metro. There’s also a New Balance store as well.

    • Thank you all very, very much. The reason I said metro accessible was because I was going to go during lunch but it seems it may be a smarter move for me to just drive and go after work today. So with a car I take it Gtown Running Co is the best?I am seeing some good stuff about them so I think that may be the move after work. Hell, maybe I will bring my wife with me and have her drive home while I run home all the way to 18th and Benning NE 🙂

      • I’ve bought shoes at Fleet Feet for ages and would highly recommend them. I had a groupon for Potomac Running (Cleveland Park metro) and was also impressed with them. But when I need new shoes, I”ll go back to Fleet Feet.

      • I would just go to whichever one is most convenient. People’s opinions will be based on their personal experience, which will vary from person to person and visit to visit; I have my preferences too. But all the stores mentioned (except REI) are reputable running stores and should be able to help you.

        • True. I think I am going to check out all 3 and maybe buy online or wherever I can get the best deal.

          Thanks again.

    • Rant: There was a roach in our printer this morning! Just sitting in the paper tray! This is *especially* bad because the printer is on MY desk and I am ALLERGIC to roaches! Oh, and he got away before anyone could smash him. Perhaps this is Gregor from the Metamorphosis…

      Rave: Had dinner at Ping Pong in Dupont last night. First time for dim sum and first time I’d seen my friend in a long time!

      Rave: Reality TV. Don’t judge!

    • REI, but I don’t know if any of their local stores are Metro accessable.

  • Rant: Sick with a nasty cold

    Rave: Get to work from home because of it

    Rant: I actually have a lot of work to do, so it’s not like I get to lounge around all day

  • Rant: the woman at the park this morning who told me I shouldn’t walk my (small) dog there because aggressive dogs like hers like to be off-leash there and she’d “hate to see something happen.” She the proceeded to give me all sorts of unsolicited advice about what I should and shouldn’t do with my dog despite the fact that she was sitting politely by my feet while the woman’s corgi was off chasing other dogs and barking.

    • austindc

      What?! That lady’s dumb. I have a dog that gets aggressive. So I keep it on a short leash and stay away from tiny little dogs that look delicious.

  • Encounter with a jackass on the Metro at rush hour yesterday. McPherson Square at 6:00. I sat until the train stopped and then got up and was about 2 steps from the door when it opened, clearly visible to those getting on the train (a cluster of about 5 people). This jerk comes barging in and is a step into the train when I get right in front of him since I’m, you know, exiting the train. Instead of stepping back like a normal person, he starts walking into me and pushing and I say can you let me get off the train first to which he replied get out of my way (the car was crowded, had I stepped back, everyone behind would have flooded on and I would have missed my stop). He starts pushing me more and knees me in the thigh and then finally relents and I get off and say what an asshole on the way out (although shallow enough that I’m sure he didn’t hear). What is wrong with people? He was nicely dressed in a three piece suit–older maybe late 50s.

    • novadancer

      people suck. But that is also why I get out of my seat while the train is close to stopping so I am in front of the door when it opens. Give an inch and people take a mile…

  • claire

    Rave: Things are finally starting to calm down a little bit in my life.
    Rave: Summer! Love everything about it, even when it’s blazingly hot and humid. Love chilling on my front porch in the evenings while the sun takes its time setting. Love watching the plants in my garden grow. Love wearing skirts and walking everywhere.
    Rave: Counting down to my last day at this job (although the job has been rather good to me!) – only 55 days of work left!

  • Rant: As of this week it is official – Because of all you gentrifiers (insert winky icon here) there is no more reverse commute. I wouldn’t care except my dum6@$5 ex moved my kids out-of-state and I gotta drive my kids to school on I-66 every morning. At about 7:30 outbound traffic is consistently worse than inbound.

    • Sorry, this may be a stupid question…but what could gentrifiers possibly have to do with reverse commutes?

      • austindc

        Maybe some live in the city but commute to the big office parks out in the burbs?

      • Traditionally we think of city centers as places where people work, and those people mostly live in the suburbs. Neighborhoods like Logan Circle and Columbia Heights were in fact relatively sparsely populated for a long time. Now there is a crush of people all over inner-DC night and day and all weekend. My half-assed working theory is that so many of us are now driving “reverse commutes” that there really is no such thing anymore.

        • I think that has been true in Virginia for a long time because of all the folks who work out at Tysons and Dulles corridor. I remember thinking I had an easy morning drive to catch a plane at Dulles because everyone would be going the other way. Big mistake. Sorry you have to do it.

      • The traditional commute is into the city from the suburbs. With more people living in the city now (“gentrifiers”), there are more people who actually commute into the suburbs from the city. So the old “reverse commute” is now just a normal commute.

        Or I think that’s the theory; I don’t have first-hand evidence either way.

    • novadancer

      when was the last time you took 66 east during rush hour? it hasn’t been a true reverse commute in years!

  • Rant: Waiters everywhere now being forced to ask “Have you been here before?” and after you say “no” proceeding to explain to me the restaurant’s “concept.” Pleaase… I get it, I get it .. tapas = small over priced plates + leaving hungry.

    • annoying, which is why I always say ‘yes, I’ve been here before!”

    • shaybee


      the only type of place where this question needs to be asked is places where they serve “concept food” or have a really weird way of doing things (like Vapiano’s). Tapas/small plates are pretty ubiquitous at this point…

  • Revel: Coworkers who pass on their awesome used books to me!
    Rant: Boss is finally back and STILL has the world’s most annoying cough after 3-4 weeks! And our company doesn’t allow us to close our doors to work!

  • Rave: Germany game today!
    Rant: I’m stuck at work.
    Possible Rave: I may be able to sneak out…hopefully.

  • with all the runners on this thread, I’m wondering if anyone has given barefoot shoes a whirl – thoughts? I’m thinking of trying them, but hesitant to drop $100 on them if they are awful

    • shaybee

      I want to try them, too. However, I have really flat feet/weak ankles, so I can’t decide if they’d be beneficial or just absolutely ruin my legs. I’m going to talk to the people when I next need a pair of shoes and see what they say. I’d recommend asking them what they think re: your feet and the types of shoes you may need.

    • I have a pair of Vibrams – very very comfortable for walking/hiking. While I don’t run, I’ll jog for a bit when I’m out with my dog and the shoes feel fine/feet feel supported.

    • I tried FiveFingers, but I never really got the hang of it. You really have to ease into it slowly to acclimate your muscles, but I never really had enough patience. I always overdid it and was then really sore for about a week – eventually I stopped trying. (I do still wear the FiveFingers, just not to run in.) I do believe much of the ‘hype’ about barefoot running, although I don’t see anything wrong using a conventional shoe either as long as it’s the right one.

      There are many ‘minimalist’ shoes on the market now that cover teh whole spectrum from barefoot running to almost like a conventional running shoe. I’ll probably try again, but for now I’m still using the conventional running shoe.

    • No self-respecting human being wears these.

    • I don’t use these, but asked about them at Pacers the last time I bought running shoes. It sounds like if you want to get into Vibram-type shoes, its a good idea to start with just walking around in them to re-train your gait to adjust to them. I over-pronate so much that the guy told me I’d have to practice walking in them for at least 6 months before I could try running (which I totally believe). So definitely ease yourself in.

      Disclaimer: I am staunchly on the “traditional running shoes” side of the minimalist debate. 🙂

      • I’m on your side of that debate, too. 🙂

        However, to the OP, the Nike Free and the New Balance Minimus lines are trying to mimic barefoot running. You may want to try those out first before fully transitioning.

      • I didn’t really notice a difference in my gait when I started wearing Vibrams. Maybe my feet need to adjust more than I realize but I haven’t had any issues with wearing them vs traditional running shoes.

    • Jumping right onto the full-on minimalist bandwagon is a bad idea for a number of reasons. No need to spend $100+ on a pair of Vibrams if you’ve been in traditional support shoes for a while. There is a very good chance for injury until your body adapts (which will be a several months long process if you do it right, lots of 10-15 runs in “barefoot” shoes). If you want to go “minimalist light” spend $20-30 on a pair of XC flats and use those instead to see how your body reacts. Much less support than run trainers, will let your feet adapt to minimal support with *some* cushioning:


  • Rant: I no longer own a Chinese paper parasol.

    Rave: It’s a gorgeous summer day!

    Additional Rave: I’m reading a really good book right now.

  • Allison

    Rant: People who think the world revolves around them. The scene this morning at bus stop: Bus is about to leave stop, guy at very end of the block, many yards from the stop, waves to the bus driver like “hey, wait for me” but then proceeds to walk *very slowly*, sipping his iced coffee, towards the bus. When the bus driver clearly gets fed up that this man has no hustle whatsoever, and traffic is backing up, the bus driver pulls away. The man then makes a huge show of flicking off the departing bus driver for a long time (in front of small children on their way to school, I might add.)

    If you want the bus to wait for you, a pace at anything faster than a carefree amble might be appropriate. Don’t get mad that no one on the bus wants to wait 5 minutes for you to walk 20 yards. (And no, he wasn’t old, or sick, and didn’t appear to have any problems that would have prevented him from speeding up.)

    • Unfortunately, this town is full of people like that. 🙁

    • Ha! The good news is the jerk was left behind.

    • I hate when people do this, and I love bus drivers who just ignore them.

      Recently I witnessed a young woman VERBALLY ASSAULT a bus driver because he didn’t see her running after him two blocks away. At the last minute he was able to stop for her to get on, at which point she berated him for 10 minutes, in front of the entire bus and announced to everyone that she was reporting him for his “behavior” (even though he did stop for her!).

      I recorded the bus number myself and immediately submitted my own account–just to make sure the poor guy didn’t get in trouble for one hysterical passenger.

      • Allison

        Hah, despite the numerous oral anouncementson metrobus ending with “Never chase the bus. There’s always another one coming.” (Okay so the second sentence isn’t always true, but you get the point.)

  • Rant-Hate that District Cross Fit is moving out of Mt. Vernon Square. That location is really convenient for me and I love working out there.

    Rant2-Hate that there are no vacant spaces nearby for DCF to move to since there are nothing but condos popping up every few feet in that area.

    Rave-It’s less humid today than yesterday, which makes my hair very happy.

    Rave2-The day in which I become a first time aunt is swiftly approaching!

  • Rant: Girlfriend’s mountain bike was stolen yesterday, from under our stairs while she was at home. I know this is nothing unusual, but she’s pretty upset about it and I made her feel worse by mentioning she should’ve had it locked up. Trying to help her look on the bright side– the bike was in bad shape and she wanted to trade it in for a street bike anyway– and I offered to buy her a new one/let her ride mine in the meantime but I’m not sure what else I can do to help her feel better.

    • That’s really nice of you to try to make her feel better, and I’m sure she appreciates it. It’s an upsetting thing to have something stolen, and to feel like you have had your personal property violated, regardless of whether you were ready to trade it in for the next model, or otherwise get rid of it. Sorry this happened 🙁

      • Thanks– she’s lived in the suburbs her whole life so I guess she’s not used to things like this (though her mom and brother both had parts stolen from their vehicles in VA, which I think is a lot more violating, so maybe this would have happened there too).

    • It’s not your job to make her feel better. Sure, she’s pissed, but its her life to live and learn. You say, yes dear, that sucks, and then she learns how to deal with it. Your her boyfriend, not her therapist.

  • Rant: Still fuming over the idea that women in my firm think that a “Women’s Gathering” is a good idea.
    Is this 1970? They should get a mommy blog if they need to “bond” with other women in the company. Blech. And also, grow up.

    • Maybe they need a gathering to discuss dealing with irrationally hostile male coworkers?

      • The men in my firm are not irrationally hostile and that is not to say that there is still sexism in the workplace. Still no reason for a “gathering,” the whole concept is entirely unpleasant in my view.

        • I should add that I think that for the business that I am in, the men are rather more supportive than at many other firms. I have been with them for over 10 years (and in the “biz” for over 25 so I have seen serious sexism) and never once felt that my sex in any way was a handicap. The people organizing the “gathering” are the same people that grew up getting trophys at the end of the soccer season just for showing up.
          You know who I’m talking about?

        • You’re reacting irrationally hostilely to the idea, which suggests that they may need a place to discuss issues they have in the workplace. Overt sexism is much less common than it used to be, but mommy-tracking, pay disparities and more subtle sexism are all major issues that continue in the workplace for many women.

          • I am a woman and a mommy and am fully aware of the issues. I have seen it first hand for many years and have certainly had my share of discussions with management when I felt I was not being dealt a square deal.

            I don’t think that getting togather in a sex segregated forum (“gathering” – G-d what an irksome phrase) is the best way to go about adjusting the problem. If there is a problem with the man, talk with the man don’t gather with the woman. It’s fine if you want to go out with the girls for drinks and shoot the bull but don’t have a special forum set aside for you at an all hands meeting for pete’s sake.
            I am not hostile. I am disdainful.

          • I have not read all the back-and-forth on this particular line of ranting. I am responding only to your mention of the absurdity of a sex segregated meeting for women. Although I’m sure people can offer other reasons for having sex segrated colleges/universities, one of the benefits to such an environment is that it gives women, who may not be as outspoken as you in situations, an opportunity to learn how to be confident, speak up, stand up for themselves in a “safe” environment (without men, for example). Once they practice, learn, embrace their confidence levels, they can go out into the real world and be confident, successful and assert themselves (not necessarily with daggers but with the confidence to stand up for what they believe). That’s not a bad thing, how you get there shouldn’t matter. It is great if you have been raised in an environment, self-taught or happened to be born with this gusto, but many women don’t come to their adulthood with this confidence. If by having a sex segregated forum or schooling to foster an environment then isn’t that a good thing. Yay for your already being there so don’t go. Or go and you might surprise yourself and learn something, something you never knew that you might need to/want to learn about yourself. I’ll go out on a limb and say kudos to your firm for doing so. Sounds like a progressive firm. I’d say you’re pretty lucky indeed. There is always the possibility that the women gathering will kvetch, but the truth is, that can and will happen, even in or with the company of men.

          • Surprise! My daughter attended an all girl high school!
            If you can’t play with the big dogs when you get put on the payroll, too bad for you, how did you ever make it through college?

          • Surprise! I never had to go to a sex-segregated school ever. You’re making an awful lot of assumptions about me, of which you are wrong. Why the insulting tone: (“If you can’t play with the big dogs when you get put on the payroll, too bad for you, how did you ever make it through college?”). I gave you a reasonable response and you fire back with insults? Surprise!

          • Anon 7:43 please accept my most honest and abject apology. I did not mean “you” I should have said “one” damn internet and my poor posting skills.
            I think once “one” gets out of college they should have the skills necessary to play nice with both sexes. If they don’t, then my firm should not hire them until they gain them somewhere else. Yup, I’m a crank. I’m sticking with the statement in my original post – grow up.
            Not you Anon 7:43, I have no opinion about you whatsoever, I mean how could I maybe you have a mastiff and work for Goldman?
            I mean that the women in my office should have grown a pair before they got hired.
            Oh, and btw Anon 7:43 my daughter didn’t “have” to go to a single sex school, she choose it of her own free, strong woman will. I frankly was shocked.
            Once again I apologize that you felt that I meant to take a shot at you, I didn’t.

          • Chose, not choose. gah. And I’m all okay with mentoring and such I just want it to be co-ed. Man I sound like a bitch. Could be the cankles getting to me.

          • Schweeney,

            Thanks for your apology. I used the wrong word when I said I never *had* to go to a sex-segregated schoool, I meant to say I never went to a sex-segregated school. I knew buried in the long debate that you had valid points and in an ideal world, yes men and women should be able to work together, play together and communicate with each other. That works really well for people who have no problem dealing directly with people. Male or female, there are people who are not good at that. It’s amazing to see young women come into the work world with a lack of confidence, some of that will change with them once they understand their work environment. I’ve watched it, specifically remembering one lady who seemed pretty insecure, it was surprising to me. With the support of co-workers, more time getting comfortable in the environment, her ability to deal with her colleagues (male and female) was improving and later became impressive. This may have not been the case for you at all where you needed that growing period but sometimes when people enter the workforce, their life experience is pretty green, which could include not being as confident or sure of oneself as you appear to be. My point being that not everyone comes to the workforce or playing field with the same tools but I’d like to be respectful for people who make decisions that are not my own because I think people gain confidence, skills or whatever in their own ways. If that means a sex-segregated forum, go for it. If you think they are non-productive, you are probably right, very much like meetings. (Of course, some meetings are productive; many are time-wasters). It sounds like your firm has the resources to support this womens gathering, which is great, so let them. All the better that they are not mandating that you go. As for your daughter choosing an all-girls school – nothing wrong with that. There are plenty of reasons to choose a sex-segregated school and it doesn’t mean that she is weak and in need of learning how to be confident. I was noting that that is often argued as one possible benefit.

    • We had a women’s retreat at my last job. It was actually quite enjoyable. There were only 11 of us surrounded by male co-workers and male clients. We spent two days just chillin’ at a huge house on the water at Lake Anna, watching movies, sun bathing, cooking, etc. Perhaps it was a different atmosphere (as we were a small non-profit and not a firm) but it was good for us to bond for a few days.

    • Why? Presumably your firm isn’t the only place in the country where women don’t deal with harassment and get paid and treated fairly relative to the men in the country. It is probably a good idea to have a safe space or whatever for women to talk about the issues they’re dealing with and to get everyone on the same team to tackle these issues.

    • “Is this 1970? They should get a mommy blog if they need to “bond” with other women in the company. Blech. And also, grow up.”

      You sound like a misogynist.

      • Maybe (probably) I am, but mostly I don’t like bit*chfests and whiners.
        Also bonding, I don’t like that, except for with my husband. Certainly not with people with whom I work.

        • talula

          I understand that sometimes women’s retreats and similar safe spaces can turn into bitchfests etc., which may be unfortunate. But remember that people handle sexism (or racism) in different ways. One way is get together in a safe space that does not include men and just vent about it. Similar to what goes on here in the “rant” section of PoPville. Sometimes it feels good to just let loose and complain without having to apologize for it.

          Obviously not everyone thinks these types of retreats are a good idea, which is fine. If you’re forced into going, you should bring up your concerns and maybe the group can focus on more proactive ways of handling sexism in the workplace. It’s important to hear everyone’s opinions. (Note I am assuming you’re female since you mentioned your husband)

        • So don’t go. Jesus. Also, what would you call this little tirade if not a b*tch-fest / whining?

          • +1. you sound pretty awful. the women will probably be relieved if you bow out.

          • I have no intent to attend, nor am I required, the firm I work for is very tolerant.

          • This little tirade is a bitch fest, I have nothing against bitchfests, I just don’t want to do it with a room full of women and I guess I didn’t make my point clearly enough, I don’t think we should segregate (create a “safe space”), I think it sets a bad example. If you have issues take it to the person/manager.
            I will rant here, not with co-workers, k?
            I am not really awful btw I just think this idea sucks and I wanted to rant. Please don’t hate me because I think “gatherings” are goofy. I think corporate retreats and team building suck too (not as much). I don’t mind business meetings.

          • “but mostly I don’t like bit*chfests and whiners”

            “I don’t like bitchfests”

            well, which is it?

          • second quote should’ve been “I have nothing against bitchfests”

          • I apologize, I was unclear. I have nothing against bitchfests, I don’t think they should be work sponsored and I would not want to engage in them with my co-workers (well maybe one or two).

        • Admitting that you hate women (especially as a woman) probably qualifies you for some intense therapy.

          • But I love men!

          • Perhaps I should dial back on the misogyny comment. I prefer the company of men, I deal with the company of most women and thoroughly revel in and enjoy the company of a select few. I don’t think that makes me certifiable. Quite the opposite. I think your comment was a bit odd. Why should I need therapy if I, as a woman don’t particularly like the company of people of my own gender? I respect them, just don’t want to hang with the majority of them.

          • I’m not sure that I’d say that it’s enough for you to need therapy, but I have to say that you do come across as misogynistic… and also as really negative. I know this is a rant/revel thread, but you seem REALLY by this women’s-gathering thing. Like, disproportionately so.

            Cut the other ladies some slack. Not everyone is as much a self-starter as you seem to be — some might not be brave enough to directly confront men they’re having problems with, or might not know what to say and how to say it if they do. The gathering might allow them to seek ideas/advice from other women.

            I get that the stereotypical millennial attitude of entitlement can be annoying… but you seem much more annoyed than this situation warrants.

          • Oops, omitted a word there after the “REALLY”… I think I intended that to read “REALLY upset.”

          • Perhaps my responses have been a bit harsh, as some have been back to me directly. The ladies will do whatever they want, I wish them well and hope they provide love and support and good vibes and kumbayas for each other. Empowerment for the girlz!

          • I mostly object to the name and the same sex nature as I have repeated over and over.
            The use of the word “gathering” is most egregious failure and what really really gets my goat. How Age of Aquarius or Group Therapy!
            I agree with the comment from the Old White Guy further on down the thread, to be a gathering it need music, hippies (both sexes) and weed, I show up for that in a nanosecond. I also feel that this gathering is going to fit into his second definition, they don’t even have an agenda.

    • Do they have a stated purpose for the gathering? Like advocating for women specific facilites (lactation rooms? better tampons in the bathroom vending machines?)? It seems to me a good way to waste time on the company dime. What is the bossman going to say “No you can’t have a women’s networking group”. You might even be able to get the company to pay for the catering!

      • The purpose of the meeting from an e-mail sent to me appears to be to find a purpose :
        “everyone will introduce themselves and then we will break into small groups to come up with a few issues/goals for the women’s group that each group thinks would be helpful. Then each group can share their ideas.
        The purpose of the gathering at the summit is for people to meet each other and to find out how the group can best serve the women at the firm. We have a lot of younger women who have started working with the firm and they do not know a lot of the long timers. The other main purpose is to find out what people would find useful in a women’s group”
        Spank-off B-Fest whatever. They should be talking about business strategy, not how to juggle work and home life. You think the guys are doing that?

        • talula

          I totally get your point that the men at your work probably don’t purposeful set time aside to get to know one another and talk about how to balance work and home life. I don’t hate you (I don’t even know you!) because you don’t want to attend. But I wanted to point out that your viewpoint is a valid one to bring up at this women’s gathering and would probably spark some interesting discussions that go beyond the superficial “getting to know you” stuff.

          • Thanks Talula, I appreciate your comments. I have already shared my thoughts with the organizers. They were taken gracefully (as I hoped I presented mine to them). As I mentioned earlier I work for a tolerant firm.
            There is quite a bit of sexism in my industry but not so much in my firm (I would know, trust me). I think the “girls” have their heart in the right place, but I think if they want to address sexism, they should do it with the men in the room. On the other hand if they just want to get all touchy, feely, girly, wah, wah, giggle, giggle I think they should get out of Dodge or grab a bottle of wine after work and share their same sex woes out of the office.

        • schweeney, you sound like you’ve been blissfully ignorant to women’s issues and for your sake I hope it continues to be that way. however, you also sound completely clueless.

          • Yeah, I guess I am clueless.
            You think women’s issues can’t be addressed with men in the room?
            I’ve spent over 30 years working with them, some are pigs but most are not. I don’t think it’s necessary to go to a conference to discuss it. I have girlfriends, mangers and CEO’s for that.
            As far as pay disparity is concerned that’s another discussion to have with the higher-ups, not a bunch of women in a conference room.
            I think the women should be asking both men and women how to be more effective in their profession (if that is really the point of the conference and not the lady-fest I anticipate) not just women. The firm entirely embraces women executives, paternity/family leave, lactaction assistance etc and I know that there is pay parity so I would be surprised if any of these subjects are an issue. If they want to talk about how to balance their lives they should buy a book, see a shrink, get a drink or get in touch with Dr. Phil. They should not spend my firm’s money.
            Yeah call me clueless. Again 30 years of work in a man’s business (in the beginning), 2 kids and a great marriage. I hope the same for many of you.

          • This is in no way to say that other workplaces don’t have serious issues that need to be addressed. I just think this is really not necessary in my workplace. Ladies of Walmart UNITE!

      • As an a middle-aged white male, I’m probably disqualified from having a valid opinion, but having been in progressive politics for almost 30 years, I have to say that there are two kinds of [Identity] Groups. One kind addresses specific issues, does hiring outreach and such, has real, tangible goals and gets a lot done. The other meets out of a vague sense of grievance and does little. There are also informal networking rituals (golf, spas, drinking) that tend to break down along demographic groups, are fun, and accomplish a lot without being all Human Resources Professional about it.

        If I’m at anything called a “gathering,” it better have good music, hippies and weed.

      • just so you know, when women have lactation rooms at work their children not only have better outcomes because mother can breastfeed, but they also perform better at work. I know you’d like to think these things are a waste of time, but you’re dead wrong.

        this thread is depressing me. looks like we’re post-sexism the same way we’re post-racial. which is to say not at all.

        • I pumped at the office. No problem. Guess that was lucky for me. I asked they said yes. That was 23 years ago.

    • I wish your workplace’s women’s gathering well. It’s clear that they’re dealing with a lot of hostility and pernicious stereotyping (“bitchfest,” “giggle giggle,” “girlz”) from at least one female coworker.

    • Schweeney, I completely understand where you’re coming from. This women’s gathering sounds very silly and I can’t see it accomplishing anything of value. I work in a male-dominated industry and honestly don’t feel a need to reach out and connect with other women in my field.

      • Thanks for getting my back EG. Don’t get me wrong, there are valid issues to be addressed in many workplaces (and in many womans’ minds) I just don’t think they should be wrestled out in this manner (an unfocused “gathering”).
        Somehow I was unable to make that point clearly. Oh well. I’m sure I will have something to rave about soon!

      • This from somebody who still refers to herself as a girl.

        • I was kind of expecting this. It’s a moniker from high school, but since I’m in my 20’s now I might as well update it for the sake of people like you.

  • Rant: Not sure which city department to complain to about horrible landlord situation. Friend of mine (intern) rented a place in a house on capitol hill for the summer but had to leave after a couple of weeks due to filth, lack of hot water, roaches, exposed electrical wires, lack of fire alarm, blocked emergency exits, etc. Is there some gov’t agency that would shut this place down?

    • Hate to say it, but it kinda comes with the territory of being a DC summer intern.

      Tens of thousands of people converge on DC looking for housing all at the same time. To make it worse, they are looking for short term housing which is hard to come by anyway, and they are all looking from afar without a chance to tour the place.

      The result is you end up paying a fortune to live in someones closet and sharing a bathroom with 6 people.

      As long as DC remains the intern mecca, this is gonna happen, and frequently.

      • I certainly understand the reality that summer interns are going to pay through the nose for less than ideal conditions, but this was a situation in which the building was a health concern and a fire hazard. This building should not be allowed to be rented out to anyone, even interns.

  • Revel: Trying Great Wall tonight for the first time–hoping their Szechuanese menu is reasonably authentic, ’cause I could really use a source of real Chinese food in NW DC.

    Revel: In a great mood for absolutely no reason this morning.

    Rant: Good mood is making me not care about getting stuff done at work, which I will probably regret in a couple of hours…

  • Rave: Guy walking down Warder St this morning picking up other people’s trash along the way. Thanks neighbor!

  • alxindc

    RANT: The AC in the building is not working, and the fan in the office sounds like an airplane taking off.
    RAVE: Going to the pub across the street for the second half of Germany vs. Netherlands.

  • Rave: Cannot wait to go on our first official house tour on Saturday. I hope none of the properties we’re going to look at go under contract! On the edge of my seat!

    Rant: My cat’s got this new habit of jumping up on my dresser in the 3 am – 5 am time of day, jumping up to touch a picture frame and MEOWING super loud. Normally, something kind of cute. But, dude, STFU, I am sleeping.

    Rave: With my boyfriend traveling for work, I get to drive our shared car to work. Getting to work at 7:30 am is the best!

  • Rave: Time for vacation.
    Rant: Delayed gratification.

  • Allison

    Question: If you were a landlord, would you fix this?

    I am about to move into an apartment, and I noticed something wrong with the bathroom lighting fixture. It’s one of the “Hollywood style” ones with numerous small round bulbs across the top. One of them is permenantly out (I tried changing the bulb.) Is it too much to ask for my landlord to fix the wiring so that *all* the lightbulbs are on? Am I being too perfectionist that one out bulb is going to drive me berzerkers?

    In my favor, I might also say I am terrified of the thought of an electrical fire, and when I know there’s current in a fixture that’s not going where it is supposed to, I get nervous.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I would def ask them to fix it. 1, you don’t want them to think you broke it when you move out; 2, it could be a sign of a larger problem with the fixture; 3, it annoys you.

  • jim_ed

    Rant: Some idiot girl mistakenly banged on our door at 12:30 last night, thinking it was her friends house. We were in the shower, which meant I had to sprint sopping wet and covered in soap to find out what was going on. Seriously, if you’re going to someone’s house that late, take 30 seconds to call if you’re unsure which house it is.

    Rave: The dog earned his paycheck last night. He promptly lost his mind when she banged on the door and made his deepest and most aggressive barks and howls. Always reassuring to know that anyone trying to break in would have to think twice about what kind of dog is on the other side of that door.

  • talula

    Rave: busy/productive morning at work made the time fly by

    Rant: am clueless about what to get my dad for father’s day and I’m running out of time

    • I got my dad tomato-infused olive oil and blackberry-red pepper vinegar from Sapore. I’m thinking it will par nicely with the summer produce he grows and the fish he catches.

  • Rant: How do I file a complaint for an intern who makes the most bodily noise possible and sucks down coffee in a way that’s like nails on a chalkboard?

  • Yesterday my faith in the kindness of my fellow DCers was reaffirmed. I had a nasty escalator accident at the Columbia Heights metro and as I was standing–in a bloody panic–on the street so many people rushed to help me (especially one wonderful woman on her way to Target and the manager of the Starbucks who really saved the day with a first aid kit, water and a chair)! When I mentioned to the police-woman who drove me home how appreciative I was of all the help she said “of course, honey–you don’t live in New York!”…Indeed, I don’t live in NY, and amen to that!

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