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Photo by PoPville flickr user Sanjay Suchak

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or rejoice about daily life in DC.

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  • I have got to say that this is one of the most interesting photographs I’ve seen in a while. Thanks!

    PoP, I love your new addition, “…no need to correct people’s grammar.” At last, I’m free to make all the grammar/typose that I want.

  • me

    Rave: Last day at work. Rant: It’s freezing in here.

    Rant/Rave: Moving in 2 days. Lots to do. Additionally, aside from a coworker and my husband, there’s not anyone I’ve met in DC that I will keep in touch with. While kind of sad, it’s also kind of liberating to basically start all over again.

    Enjoy your week, everyone.

  • God Bless Everyone Today. : )

  • alxindc

    Revel: National Running Day today
    Revel: 55F at 6AM

  • Rave: The Wire: The Musical. I can’t post a link, but it’s on Funny or Die.

  • Rant: Drivers who enter intersections without any room to get out of them. You people are the definition of gridlock. DC needs some strict enforcement of blocking the box rules.

    • +1,000

      Let the church say AMEN!!!!!!!! One of my biggest pet peeves with people that 1. Can’t drive 2. Don’t pay attention and 3. Just feel that they are that important and entitled to sit in the middle of an intersection blocking crossing traffic so that they can get to where they are going.

      This has been my rant for the last couple of years. Every time I bring it up on here people always make excuses for these morons “People don’t know, people make mistakes, have you ever made a mistake?” To all of that I say B F’N S! I have seen busses, cars, trucks, bikes, bicycles, you name it blatantly pull into an intersection right before the yellow light turns red time and time again. I mean WTF? The other day on 14th and F, I saw someone do it, the perpindicular car who had missed the last couple of lights because of those idiots had enough and pulled out into the intersection into oncoming traffic because he didn’t want to get stuck again, I thought I was going to see someone die that day before my brunch.

      I for the life of me don’t understand give tickets for this. Instead of putting up all those damn cameras for speed traps and red lights, how about you put some up for blocking the box? Oh, I forgot, Metro would go broke since their damn busses do it on the regular. Charge like $150 a ticket and I bet you people would cut that shit out and on top of that it would make life better for everyone.

      • don’t redlight cameras with also flash for blocking the box?

        • Heh. “Blocking the box” sounds dirty.

        • Not sure, you would think so though right? I am not sure where all of the cameras are but I can tell you, they are not downtown because it is constant box blocking all day. Also, it may just snap if you drive past after the red light and not if you pull into the intersection during the end of a yellow.

          I do know there is one on H and North Cap NW and I have seen people block the box there but no cameras snapped.

      • Let me also add that their need to be cameras getting the ass clowns making turns on H and 7th everyday when there are all kinds of signs glowing and regular that say you can’t. There are well as on H coming downtown at North Cap. NE. Everyday I go to work people are making that left that is for busses only when there are signs clearly stating you can’t. It pisses me off because it makes everyone behind him late and even others because people start trying to inch and rough into another lane. Just a mess. Start giving those idiots tickets please and things will get better. The signs have been up there long enough for people to know. Hell or get the crew you have at 14th and F NW pulling people over making that left from 14th onto F? I just don’t get DC sometimes.

  • Allison

    Rave: Work is interesting, and they fixed the air conditioning so we are no longer sweating in a stifling office.

    Rant: Neighbors across the street kept me up all night again hanging out and screaming on the corner. Only about 15 more days until I can move into my new quiet quiet corner in Southwest. *Pillows over ears* Quiet quiet quiet quiet quiet.

  • Rant: after $2,500 in repairs at the Land Rover dealership, they couldn’t be bothered to even do a cursory vacuum or remove the glass tape. At my girlfriend’s mechanic ( not the dealer), he always runs her nissan through the wash, vacuums, floor mats, etc. After repairs. Am I expecting too much?

    Rave: car repaired.

    • Could you take your car to your gf’s mechanic? Maybe the mechanic only does those extra niceties for, uh, girls!?

    • Allison

      If you’re not using Auto Tech Services, you’re wrong! πŸ˜€

    • If you want something done at a dealership, ask for it to be done. “Hey, can you run my $65,000 suburban assault vehicle through the car wash and vacuum the carpets, please?” I’m sure they will oblige.

    • 100 virtual ebucks says you are talking about Rosenthal Jaguar Land Rover.

      They piss me off so much. Just incompetent yet I can decide if it is on purpose or what.

      • If they are at all related to Rosenthal Chrysler in Arlington, I am not surprised. They have one of the most incompetent service centers I’ve ever seen.

      • *can’t

        Not sure if they are related but they are out Tysons.

  • Quasi-rant: Sakuramen in Adams Morgan is not living up to my expectations. I’ve been twice and was disappointed both times. Between me and my partner, we’ve tried four different bowls. Ramen has been overly salty and lacking in flavor, and the buns are just okay.

    Toki may have an insanely long wait time and it’s not convenient for me, but their food rocks, and that’s what it’s ultimately all about.

    Anybody know the Sakuramen owners and/or chefs? Do they know they’ve being handily beat by the incument H St NE establishement? Do they care? They could be so much better.

    • Well that’s a bummer. I live nearby and was hoping that it would be a good place for mid-week dinner. Is there one of the 4 you tried that you recommend the most?

      • Try either the Gojiramen or Shoki bowl if you eat meat. Vegetarian options are limited to the Sakuramen, which is super (lip burning) salty. All have been “meh” overall.

    • Ugh, so disappointed. Oh well, not that surprised. Mediocre buns are the WORST!!! sorry for yelling but I had to get that out.

    • Dude, I seriously doubt they care. Most people who are hanging out in Adams Morgan are not going to schlep all the way across town to less-accessible H Street Northeast for a bowl of noodles and broth that they have to wait 90 minutes for, no matter how good it is.

    • Funny that you mention the ridiculous line at Toki Underground. These are undoubtedly the same people who wait in line forever at Pasta Mia, only on the other side of town.

  • Rant: Some people are soooo rude. I called a new doctor today to schedule an appointment. The rude receptionists was a complete turnoff and I will try to find another doctor. What ever happened to manners? Instead of saying “May I have your name” the woman said “NAME??!!!” Call me old-fashioned, but manners come first if you answer the phone for a living. If you can’t be polite to a new patient/customer then maybe you should get a job stocking shelves at Safeway on 3rd shift where you have no public contact.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Safeway stocks during shopping hours and their employees get huffy if you ask them to move things out of the way so you can get by and shop. The world no longer cares about being nice.

      • Agreed. People suck.

      • I think if you lived in DC all your life, you might think that nobody cared about being nice. However, the attitudes I get from customer service here in DC are in sharp contrast to what I encounter in Wisconsin or Iowa (my home region). In fact, everytime I visit those two states, I always catch myself wondering, “Why are these people so nice and efficient?” I would be depressed if all I knew was DC attitudes. I’ve lived here for a while, but thankfully not long enough to forget what nice and competent service is like.

        • I think this is one of those cases where you are seeing what you want to see, and in black and white. Sure, people can be rude, but I have also experienced some of the best customer service in DC. (I mean, really? If you’re complaining about customer service anywhere in America you should go to another country!) Also, I used to live down south and while people may have been better mannered and oh so “polite”, they also tended to be more fake and judgmental.

        • “City of southern efficiency and northern charm”
          – JFK

        • The thing with Wisconsin and Iowa is that you can work a minimum-wage job there and not feel like a complete loser. In DC everyone seems so ambitious and successful that it’s hard to not be resentful if you’re stuck working as a receptionist. Plus it’s impossible to make ends meet on that wage alone, so those folks are likely working multiple jobs. I’d be grounchy too if I didn’t get any free time.

          • At the end of the day it is the customers that keep these people employed. I’m not taking up for anyone because I have been on both ends….as an employee and as a customer. Some customers would walk in the door with a chip on their shoulder. However, I have also been on the customer end of a rude receptionist. Some of them are just plain rude. I hate for them ask one word questions such as “NAME?!” or “Social?”–when they are needing a social security number. When they do that to me I tell them I do not answer one word questions and if they can not make a complete sentence I can take my business elsewhere.

          • “Some customers would walk in the door with a chip on their shoulder.”

            “When they do that to me I tell them I do not answer one word questions and if they can not make a complete sentence I can take my business elsewhere.”

            I see what you did there.

    • I have also encountered quite a bit of attitude from receptionists/staff at doctor’s offices in DC – I’ve wondered how they get what seems to be a good job in terms of admin positions and then get away with being so unpleasant (and occassionally incompetent) in terms of customer service.

      • I’ve had some bad experiences as well but I have to give them the benefit of the doubt- they deal with hard to track doctors, upset and long-suffering patients, and annoying insurance companies all day. That’s tough stuff- I don’t think you could pay me enough to take that job.

    • Emmaleigh504

      By the way, Washington Medical Group has a super duper nice receptionist. I like everyone I’ve ever talked to at that office. I don’t know why you need a doctor, but see if they have one you can see. They are awesome people, from the doctors on down.

    • I just got major attitude at the City Sports on 19th & L for trying to use my student i.d. to get a discount. Yes, I’m in my 30’s — people can go back to school at any age — is that so hard to believe?? Yeesh!

    • But a good percentage of the people who answer phones are rude, unfortunately. Drs offices can be one of the worst offenders. I’ve changed drs because of rude customer-facing staff.

    • It’s not just you, I’ve noticed this too. I’m from Iowa and have lived on the East Coast for 8 years. When I was in Iowa recently to visit, a woman that was coming towards me on the street started smiling at me, my first thought was, “WTF is her problem?!” Then I remembered that I was in Iowa and its common to greet every person you pass whether you know them or not. I’ve also noticed that there are frequent arguments around here over who was in line before whom (who?). In Iowa would this wouldn’t happen, we’d be falling over ourselves insisting that the other person go first.

  • Rant: Didn’t sleep well again. This is getting, well, tiring.

    Rave: Getting ready for a work trip to a city I’ve never visited before. That’s always fun.

    Rave: Being snarky on the Twittahs with my sister. πŸ™‚

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I’m in a bad mood.

    Rave: People here at PoP can be very nice, thank you.

    Weird: I still pronounce PoP as Pope in my head. Forget Prince, he’s the Pope of Petworth!

  • Rant: Stupid clouds have now made me miss not only the super moon but also the Venus transit last night.

    Rave: Watched the Venus transit it on the internet and see some really cool shots.

  • Rave: celebrated my birthday at Little Serow last night. Wait wasn’t too bad (lined up at 5:20, got in at 5:30). Food was awesome but also the spiciest food I have ever had. Definitely hit my heat limit!
    rant:whoa, that heat did a number on my innards this morning….

  • Rant: Looks like I’ll be missing most of summer in DC due to work travel (and a little vacay!).
    Rave: Work travel is shaping up and it looks like it’s back to Tunisia for a bit and to Benin later in the summer!
    Rave: Beautiful weather – hope to venture outside today.
    Rant: IT is fixing my computer – it was supposed to take 10 minutes but I’ve now been squatting in a friend’s office for an hour and a half!

    • Guess ranting helps!
      Updated Rave: Got a new computer from IT because they couldn’t figure out the issue!
      Additional Rave: Veggies and soba noodles for lunch. Yum.

    • Can I have your job, please?? Or maybe just sneak into your suitcase.. I’m small!

  • Rant: Super expensive month, with getting a crown from the dentist, building a deck in the backyard of my rowhouse, and having exterminators come out.

    Rave: Get to spend tomorrow at the JDRF real estate games. Should be fun, and get the day off of work!

  • Rave: My D800 is on its way to me!

    Rant: Credit card is not happy about it.

    Rave: I am actually doing it and getting my photography business up and running.

    • pablo .raw

      36.3 Mp! What kind of photography you do?

      • thats a big file! I used to drum scan (50-60 meg files) but didn’t see the quality difference in screen and small scale printing (16×20 and under). Now i just flat scan for a 5-7 meg file and find life is much easier.

      • My passion is architecture and cityscapes. My business will mostly be natural light photos of babies, kids, families, etc as that is what people pay for. I’m moving to Hong Kong in September and know there is a demand for this kind of work within the expat community. Mostly taking photos of what people will pay me for so I can pay for my addiction to photographing the things I love. πŸ™‚

        • pablo .raw

          I wish you success w your business and trip, I would like to see your photos of chinese architecture, please if you are on flickr contact me!

  • Revel: Dinner at the Pinch last night and it was great! The prices were good for the quality and amount of food we received, and the staff were awesome and seemed to really care that we enjoyed ourselves. It will be added to my rotation of low-key neighborhood staples (Adam Express, Radius, El Rinconcito II, etc).

    Revel: I am only 5 months away from my savings goal, which is a good motivation to keep an eye on my budget! After that I guess I’ll…invest? Or something?

    Rant: All that money is gonna be eaten up by grad school eventually. πŸ™

  • I called the DC Tax office after receiving a notice saying I owed an extra $243 in business taxes and I was put on hold for 75 minutes before speaking to someone who said I had to call another person for help (I called the number listed on the form I received for assistance).

    Also, the Tax office assesses penalties even on the sum that you have ALREADY paid, if you have even a portion unpaid.

  • thebear

    RANT: Damn, er, Dan Snyder’s latest snub of DC. Why can’t he wrap his brain around *WASHINGTON* Redskins does not mean Richmond, Ashburn, or even Largo.

  • Rave: Gave notice at work today! Two weeks and I’m outta here!

    Rant: Giving up a GS 14 salary to start my own business in GA with no guarantee that I’ll make any money – scary.

  • Today is the 68th Anniversary of D-Day. Does nobody care? I know my 91 year old grandfather does.

    • Mine too. I think your question can be answered by a visit to Google’s homepage, which has elected to celebrate the 79th anniversary of the Drive-In Theatre instead of D-Day. A pretty telling (and sad) sign.

    • I care. A lot, actually. But 68 is not really a milestone number and it was a long time ago, so don’t expect a whole lot of fanfare from the general public.

    • People are too busy eating cupcakes and updating facebook. Just got back fr WWII Memorial. Bunch of old dudes with sad faces. Freedom ain’t free people.

      • I made a point to run by the memorial today and said a quick prayer for all of the buddies my Greatdaddy lost on that day. Even his friends that survived that day have since passed and now he has close connections to reflect on that day with.

    • Emmaleigh504

      My grandfather served in the South Pacific, so I don’t always remember D-Day. Thank you for the reminder.

      My grandpa fought in the Battle of Fort Bragg before he was discharged for medical reasons.

      My famous “grandpa” was a POW, I should remember him more often.

  • Since I’m indecisive today (can’t decide if I should be ranting or reveling), any lunch spot suggestions? Neighborhood, downtown. Thanks!

  • Rave: Giving my $150 rice cooker to a friend who I’ll miss.
    Rant: I’d rather give it to a friend than a snoz on craigslist who only wants to pay $5 for it.

  • Rant: Feeling totally demoralized at work today. Also bad feelings about getting that job I’ve been hoping for, and have convinced myself that I would have heard by now if I got it.

  • Hello,

    Wondering if anyone has a recommendation for someone to re-sole their shoe. I have a wonderful, broken in pair of rainbow sandals that I’d like to save!


  • Rave (I guess): At one point today I had bags of Catholic hosts (Communion wafers) on my desk and Jewish Shabbat candles right next to it. Days like today I enjoy my job simply for diversity sake!

    Rave/Rant: Had a really great lunch but it was a farewell lunch for an awesome colleague.

    Rave: Took myself to see Snow White and the Huntsman. Sometimes its liberating to see a movie by myself.

    Rave: So far, 30’s not so bad.

  • “Dr. Life” – the weird muscly old guy in the advert for I don’t even know what – creeps me out every time I visit PoP.

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