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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rant: asking someone you love to refrain from doing one thing and knowing that he/she is not.

    • Sorry to hear your rant. Depending upon your request, the person you love may not be ready to not do something either for you or him/herself. It’s so much easier to say you’ll do something then it is to take actions to do (or not do) something. Especially if person is not ready to make the change. Words say best intentions; actions are best intentions. Hopefully you’ll remain a support and see this person through the change.

      • Thanks for the kind words but this is not a “change” like smoking, cheating, porn, overeating etc. It is a simple request to not do something. It does not require my support, it requires that person’s respect.

        • It sounds as if s/he is not ready to make change for whatever reason, just not ready, being passive-aggressive, etc. If it’s a smaller issue like putting toilet seat up or down, cap on toothpaste (general preferences that don’t change the world but is like having a pebble in your shoe), maybe you need to think about how important the issue is for you and either live with it and drop it or if it’s important enough to you, hope s/he makes a change. If it’s a habit and a matter of re-training yourself, I’ve read that it takes 3 weeks for a habitual change to take hold (that and the desire or will to make the change).

          • I will choose the mountain upon which I will die carefully. This just pisses me off and makes me feel betrayed. /rant over/

          • OP, I’ve been there. I once dated a guy for years who kept doing something incredibly minor and incredibly easy to change that made me feel disrespected. My only regret is that it took me so long to see it as a symptom of things that were wrong (for me, anyway) with his personality. It now sort of sums up all the things he couldn’t give me in the relationship. If he couldn’t make that small effort, then why was I even in the relationship with somebody who cared so little (though swore up and down I was everything to him)? It’s true when they say actions speak louder than words.

  • Rave: Booked a trip to the Dominican Republic for the end of the month!
    Rant: Haven’t been to the gym in…a while.
    Rave: Job interview at the end of the week!

  • Rave/Rant: I love my weekends. They go by too quickly.
    Rant: Really, metro at Union Station? Only one turnstyle accepting smartrip cards at one of your exits, during rush hour on a monday? (Yes. I realize how ridiculous that sounds).

    • A special shout out to the tourist in front of me who stood at the single operating smart trip exit with his non-smart trip farecard for over a minute and a half this morning trying to figure out how it works while completely ignoring the agent or the 50 people waiting behind him offering help.

  • Rave: Awesome weekend – kayak trip in Annapolis and awesome pizza with great friends, mexican dinner at our place with friends on Sunday. All in all, tons of fun.
    Rant: Monday… and work…
    Rave: New pants and a tuned up bike.
    Rant: Bike grease on new pants despite my best efforts… ugh.

    • Do you cook Mexican food? What did you serve? Sounds delicious! Uh, yeah, I ate breakfast too. Sounds like I didn’t. Sigh.

      • I cook Mexican (native Texan)! I make some awesome homemade enchiladas and tacos.

        • I’m not Mexican but I do my share of Mexican-style food cooking. I do pretty well but thankfully one of my cousins married a woman from Mexico and until I see them again, I daydream about her food. Her knifework making salsa is magical (and a little frightening, as it goes against all knife wisdom convention). I love really good Mexican food.

      • I’d call it more “Mexican” food -not true mexican. Just tacos, burritos- sauteed peppers, portabella mushrooms, meat, cheese, avocado, etc. It was certainly yummy though.

    • At least your pants didn’t get stuck in the bike and had to be ripped free like mine did a few weeks ago.

  • Rave: Great Nats game on Saturday and awesome hubby winning a medal at the Stonwall race on Sunday!

  • Rant: Storm knocked our our FiOS and we’re still without cable, internet and phone. And won’t have it back at least until Thursday.

    Rant: Somehow water got into the exhausting tubing of our dryer, so now we have a bunch of wet clothes that couldn’t get dried.

    Rave: Parents found a house they liked in Annapolis and are going to put an offer in on it today.

  • alxindc

    RANT: Keep making the same mistake over and over again. Why, why, why…why are there people who love to be treated badly, and fall for assholes? Why, why, why…
    RAVE: Techno will save me, at least until the next time…

  • anon. gardener

    Rave: got in a trail ride on Friday before the heavens opened. It almost felt like fall, it was so cool in the woods.
    Rave 2: gorgeous Sunday, no ac needed.

    Rant: music at college reunion was too damn loud. spent 4 hours screaming at people, and I still feel deaf and mute.
    Rave: chatting with nice people I haven’t seen in ages.

    • I 2nd your rave. The weather was unbelievably awesome this weekend. I know it won’t last but I loved every minute of it!

  • Rant: Has anyone else noticed these tiny bits of Styrofoam floating in the air between 14th and 16th street around Columbia Road? It has been going on since Saturday, and looks like it is snowing there is so much of it. Where is it coming from? That can’t be good, right?

  • A serious rant: On Saturday I went into Big Bear for a large coffee and bagel and lox, I know you guys aren’t too generous with the lox so I ordered extra lox. I thought that was pretty straight forward. Things started going downhill when I asked for my receipt, the woman behind the counter, groaned, “she wants a receipt” Was I being unreasonable to ask for a receipt? The bill came to $14.85. $2.50 for a coffee, $6.00 for lox and bagel and $5.00 for the extra lox. I thought that was a bit excessive, but I waited for my food. My food was handed to me, the usual one piece of lox, I returned it, the woman behind the counter at that point had enough of me. She took it back to the kitchen where the ‘cook’ slapped ONE piece of lox on my sandwich and returned it to the counter. I spent a good part of Saturday trying to figure out why such a simple interaction went so wrong. I got the impression the woman behind the counter wanted me out of her establishment ASAP. Notice, I am not even addressing being charged $5.00 for ONE piece of lox.

    I try to support local establishments, but I got the impression, I wasn’t welcome and every effort was made so that I wouldn’t ever think about coming back. Message received.

    • I fear that Big Bear has seen its best day already. While it used to be a bit of an oasis where there was not much else in the area, there will soon be a wider variety of places up First St a few blocks and eventually on N Capitol Street as well. The rude service, insane pricing, and lack of a place to sit EVER will encourage casual diners to keep on walking.

    • Give them feedback on yelp and a handwritten letter. $5 for an extra slice of lox is excessive.

      • I have also found the service to be poor, and the staff very rude, like they’re doing you a favor by getting you a cup of coffee. Big Bear was a nice place to go to back in 2007 or so, when it was new, but has gone downhill ever since.

    • lol that is big bear for ya! I am not sure why they are like that, it must be a general mentality of the owners / staff and they are doing good business still so they can get away with it. It is always like they are doing you a favor when I go in there. I asked for an “Iced Espresso” once and the girl behind the register said “Um yeah we don’t do that” lol. I am like, You can’t pour two shots of espresso over some ice? I don’t go there anymore either. Try Uncle Chips now or hang out for the new bakery coming on RI Ave, they may have a customer first mentality that big bear lacks.

    • Very true about Big Bear. It is sad really that lack of competition solidifies mediocrity.

    • Then please don’t get a bagel, lox and shmear at Russ and Daughters in NYC, for the price will blow you away. The truth is, though, you get a lot for your money at R and D. It’s an institution and it is a great place. You’ll spend upwards of 14 dollars but you’ll get a gigantic NY bagel (the good ones) about a pound of cream cheese and about another pound of lox. If you’re not expecting that, you will be overwhelmed by price and quantity. Even sharing the masterpiece will take you through most, if not all, of the day. I know, different problem altogether.

      • going to r and d might add at least 20 minutes to your commute though.

      • Last of my rant, I emailed the owner, never got a reply.

        • msmaryedith

          I agree with previous posters–write a Yelp review. They pay a lot more attention to those since it affects how others will perceive it. But yes, that is insane. I hate that place. I have never had a good experience there.

    • they’ve definitely gone downhill. with uphill pricing.
      they started doing 50 dollar dinners too. 50 dollars! each!

      i like the place, and go occasionally, but i only get coffee.

      such a shame.

    • Gross. I’m sorry you were treated like that. That’s BS. There’s a place like that in my neighborhood. I always want to have faith that it will have changed so I’ll give it another shot and then it’s as horrible as I remember. From now on I do myself the favor of only going to establishments that have earned my visit by giving good service and products. I wouldn’t even waste my time trying to share your complaint with them… chances are they’ll just make your experience even worse.

  • Great pic Massoud Adibpour! Where is that?

  • Rant: People that don’t leash their dogs! I get that your dog is friendly, but the last thing I need is for your dog to approach the scared/aggressive leashed dog that I’m babysitting. It’s very difficult to break up a dog fight while you’re half a block away from your dog.

  • Rant: The Congressional Club located at 2001 New Hamphire Avenue NW (corner of 16th and U) has the worst-maintened landscaping in the area. There have been are dead trees/shrubs on the U Street side for several years. They also allow their shrubs to grow out to a point of blocking the sidewalk on U Street. This place is a total eyesore.

    • GiantSquid

      Do some guerrilla gardening. Show up with some rose pruners (small, easy to carry) and trim back the bushes until you’re yelled at.

      • No, you don’t mess with plants on someone else’s property, even if it is a mess. It’s trespassing, which is a crime, and it’s also a douche move.

        If I caught someone trimming plants on my property I’d offer to cut off a few of their fingers as well.

        Or maybe a whole hand.

    • thebear

      Take photographs of the problem and attach them to a politely-worded note to their operations manager (with CC: to the ANC Single Member District commissioner for that location, and [email protected]). You might also want to bring it to the attention of the Dupont Circle Citizens Association, and the Dupont Current newspaper.

  • Rant: Being jolted awake by the alarm this morning, then thinking “it’s sunday, I don’t need to get up!”, then realizing that in fact, it is not Sunday. Then not being able to go back to sleep after hitting snooze.
    Rave: Had a great weekend. The weather was perfect.
    Rave: Another phone interview in the works.
    Rave: Things that get me out of my comfort zone. Why do I always forget how good these things are for me?
    Rant: Five long days ahead of me.

  • This is one big Mystery X for me. The photo is an amusement park!? No, just a whoppingly large ferris wheel. In the tropics somewhere, like Fla. or HI. But the colors in the light and the tents make me think of UAE. Where am I!!!!?

  • talula

    Rant: The weather made my trip to NYC this weekend an absolute nightmare. I think I actually spent more time on the train or waiting for the train than I did at my destination. I know one cannot control the weather, or the related track signal outages, but by Sunday night my patience with Amtrak was really wearing thin.

    Rave: Had a really fun Saturday afternoon with a good friend who I had not seen in months, and a great Sunday brunch with my boyfriend, which makes all the travel headaches and sleep deprivation worth it 🙂

  • Rant: I got a parking ticket on Saturday for $50. Now I am normally very good with signs and whatnot but got caught out there. The spot I was parked at was one of those that had like 3 signs with every conceivable combination of no parking/ loading zone/rush hour/no standing imaginable. Long story short on the loading zone sign there was one part that stated the hours and days (No parking M-F 7-9:30, 4-6:30…) for the loading zone but then in very small print under everything it said:

    Saturday – 10p
    Sunday – 6p

    I parked at 4:48 on a Saturday. My question is that don’t the signs have to denote a proper starting “hour” just like every other parking sign/permit and not just indicate a day? Even on their own statue it says:

    From Title 18 DCMR, Chapter 24:
    2402 Loading Zones
    2402.2 The director shall have appropriate signs placed and maintained indicating an established loading zone, and stating the “HOURS” during which the provisions or this section or applicable.


    My thought is that Saturday is not a hour and it is a day. I thought all times had to be clearly stated like 12:01 Saturday and not just Saturday.

    I know it is only $50 but I am not down with the treachery and trickery, lol. Anyone have any useful info for me?

    Rave: Outside of that I had a good weekend.

    • I totally agree with some of the parking restriction signs in this city, they are very tricky and conflict with each other or have very small print or the “catch” is somehow printed on the other side. Anyway, I suppose you could contest it on that technicality but it might not one even though Sat is a day as opposed to hours but it might be saying Sat hours included (as for Mon-Fri). I’ve seen those posted near K Street, very tricky little signs they have.

  • Rant: Basement flooded Friday night. No sleep.

    Rave: The weather plus no work made for an awesome Saturday and Sunday, cappped off with BeerCan Chicken, a pork shoulder, and beef ribs on the pit. BBQ for a week!

  • Rant: Just a bad day. No one in my office is capable of doing simple things, like checking a train schedule, themselves. I’m pretty sure it takes more effort to email me than to do it yourself. I also think it makes people in my office feel important to have the assistant do it for them. I know, I know, it’s my job, and I should be lucky to have one, but some days it’s just overwhelming how needy people are. And it’s only Monday….

    Rave: The weekend weather. Spent a great day window shopping in Georgetown with a great friend.

    • Oh my gosh YES! Okay, okay, I’m the assistant. But really? Can’t you make this damn call yourself? Can’t you look for the damn item yourself? Is it really my job to find out if you can change this certain procedure when really, I have absolutely nothing to do with it??

      Perhaps I’m just in a bad mood but this drives me crazy. Especially today.

  • Rant: I actually do have another rant. An old friend from high school was in town with his wife for a wedding in Alexandria. We went to visit them in Old Towne, had dinner at Red Rocks and then went for nightcap at some Lebanese joint down the street. Anyway, my wife and the other couple walk in while I am trying to put the umbrella away and as I am walking to my wife, I hear this dude say “I will kick your wife’s ass” to my friend. So apparently this guy asked what was in the to go container and my friend said “My wife’s food” and then he said what he said.

    Is this what they do in Old Towne? OK, I get being drunk but who says something like that? All I know, call me a hot-head or whatever but I promise you if had said that to my wife we would have had some problems, I don’t go for shit like that drunk or not.

    Rave: He didn’t say it to my wife.

    • Neither your wife, nor your old friend want you to teach that guy a lesson, whether in DC or Old Town.

      • I am not saying it would have become physical but some things IMO need to be spoken to. Just because you are drunk, it does not give you a right to say whatever the hell you want. His friends needed to put him in check if nothing else.

        I don’t know where they tolerate that kind of shit but I was not raised around people that come out their mouth like that and don’t expect any consequences for their actions.

  • Rave: Taking my first summer vacation in four years starting tomorrow! I am off to Hawaii. Does anyone have any suggestions for what I should do? I’ll be in Oahu.

    Rave: Beautiful weather. Dry, warm weather. My hair like-y.

    Rant: Nothing that I can think of right now, but what irks me on occasion are people who complain about a job they don’t like, and then do nothing about it! At least look for other jobs, or find a hobby or something that puts a smile on your face most days of the week. While I abhorred my previous job, I was applying to various jobs daily as it was the only positive, saving grace. Come on people. If you’re miserable, YOU can DO something about it. My Oprah moment is over.

    • I hate my job. I am trying to fix that — actively looking for a new job, networking, trying to adjust my mindset while I am still here, looking for the positive things about this place, etc. — but until I find a positive and healthy work environment doing something I love, I think I’m allowed to bitch about my job. I bet most of the people on here who complain are looking, but haven’t found anything yet.

      I’m in a random field, where jobs aren’t exactly plentiful. I’m working my ass off trying to change my current situation, but I don’t think I need to say that everytime I need to vent about my job.

    • I’m glad that you were able to make a change from your unhappy situation because that’s a great thing and sometimes it’s not an easy thing to do and takes time, even when someone is actively trying to make a change. I also think I remember that (I think it was) you did some of your own “ranting” in this section for a while. I think it stopped when you must have changed jobs. Maybe remember how bad it feels to be in that situation and maybe you have some good insight for how to deal with/what to do that you could share with people in that situtation.

    • I really hate my job and have been looking for a new job for over a year and the job prospects out there are pretty slim, so I apologize for complaining about how my job sucks. Sometimes just ranting about how much your job, where you spend a good amount of your time, sucks helps. It’s not exactly a great job market out there.

    • But you don’t KNOW that they aren’t doing anything about it. Rant =/= inaction.

      • I realize my words may have been taken the wrong way and for that I apologize. My rant is not directed to anyone who is actively looking for a job AND putting their best foot forward on a day-to-day basis. If anything, THAT is commendable as I’ve been there… and it isn’t fun. By all means, everyone should be able to rant about their job on here! I still do it (thankfully, it’s rare) but that is not what I insinuated at all. My rant was me basically being rather annoyed with people who bitch about their jobs and then don’t seem to do anything whatsoever to change the situation (i.e., not applying to jobs, sticking it out ‘just because’, etc.)

        • Not getting on your case but I think it must have been poor timing. Your comment followed another commenter down on his/her job. I think the hard thing on a blog is to know whether or not someone is actively or not looking for a different/better job or trying to change things. Your comment read like you had information knowing that they weren’t looking or doing something proactive and I wondered how you would know that. Glad you took the time to clarify.

    • check out the Iolani palace – it’s very cool. And there are really good ramen places. If you want to splurge on a meal, Alan Wong’s in Honolulu is amazing. My wife and I are not usually ones to splurge quite so much on a meal, but we both agreed it was absolutely worth it – food, atmosphere, service, everything was absolutely top notch.

      Do you have the “Oahu Revealed” guidebook? That series of guidebooks is the best one for Hawaii as far as I know.


  • why does saying “pg county” offend people from Prince George’s County? i really don’t get it.

    • Haha! You will get a lot of people that will have their own thoughts but you can some it up to this – All of the fabulous boughetto folks (not saying everyone is but some of you know the ones that I am talking about) feel that they are above and too classy to be called PG County, it sounds to ghetto. I think I will just leave it at that but you really have to understand the make-up of PG county. I have family that moved to Mitchellville when it first became available long, long before it became what it is now. Let’s just say, it is a far cry from what is was or was supposed to be.

      • nah man, spell it out for me. i still don’t get it. i’ve been in an out of pg for the past 20 years and even then people corrected me.

    • It doesn’t offend me at all.

    • I get it, even though it doesn’t offend me. I think it’s because other counties aren’t shortened; and can just as easily be shortened. And Prince Georges sounds nicer. Which Prince George is PG named after anyway?

      And because it bothers me that it’s called BWI, when it is clearly Thurgood Marshall Airport. It iks me because Dulles and Reagan aren’t called IAD and DCA.

      • Except that BWI was called Baltimore Washington International before it was (fairly recently) renamed it to Thurgood Marshall – so BWI was in fact an abbreviation for the name (the same can not be said about IAD and DCA.)

        • My Mom still refers to it as Friendship from her 60s/70s stewardess days.

          • I remember when “Baltimore’s airport” was named the magnificently innocuous “Friendship Airport”, as well. When the name was changed to the sterile “Baltimore Washington International” it was clear to me, then as a child, that the world was generally heading downhill.

      • Actually, I refer to DCA, IAD and BWI. I’m not being a smartie but I refer to airports by their short-hand code. I guess that makes me lazy.

      • Reagan? Where’s that airport?

      • Didn’t you mean Dulles and National?

      • Prince George’s County is named for Prince George of Denmark (1653–1708), husband of Queen Anne of Great Britain.

        The Wikipedia article says, “It is frequently referred to as ‘P.G.’ or ‘P.G. County,’ an abbreviation which is viewed as pejorative by some residents,” and links to the following Washington Post article on the abbreviation controversy:


      • it’s right next to a place that 9 times out of 10 gets shortened to “d.c”.

      • You can tell how long someone has lived in the DC-area from the way they refer to airports.

        The full name of BWI airport is Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport, but for a long time it was just BWI.

        If you ever hear anyone referring to National Airport as ‘Ronald Reagan’ Washington National Airport, there’s a good bet they aren’t a local, or have lived here fewer than ten years.

        BTW frequent travelers often know the three-letter designation of many an airport. For example, plenty of people know that LHR is London Heathrow, and CDG is Charles de Gaulle, and FRA is Frankfurt International.

    • I don’t get it either – I grew up in Calvert County and we always referred to it as PG County so I always thought it was how the locals (including many of my friends whose parents moved from PG to Calvert because the schools were better) referred to it. (I refer to DC as DC and not Washington DC, does anyone get offended when I call it DC?)

      Oh, and it irks me when people refer to DCA as Reagan, but it doesn’t bother me that people refer to BWI – it wasn’t renamed for Thurgood Marshall until 2005 (I just looked at it’s wiki page), and it had been known as the Baltimore/Washington International Airport (wouldn’t you rather just call it BWI?) since 1973 prior to that.

  • Rave: Interviewing people for my job today.
    Rave 2: T-minus one month until I’m abroad in the new job!

  • Rave: Had a work emergency over weekend and had to come in the office at 6am this morning. Three coworkers came in early to help too!

  • Rant: Was flown for a job interview at a college 3 weeks ago; called to ask when applicants would be notified and HR said they’re “in progress” notifying applicants….eek does that mean I didn’t get it? So nervous; it’s my dream job!

    Rave: GORGEOUS weather this weekend! Couldn’t have picked a better day for my first visit to the National Arboretum; totally worth the long/surprisingly expensive public transit 🙂

    • No way – keep your chin up. It might take awhile to get a response, esp given that it’s at a college and right now it’s the end of the term/beginning of another. Good luck! 🙂

  • austindc

    Rave: Finally went to Mama Chuy’s, which is like a maternal wookie themed mexican restaurant. Anyway, it was friggin amazing. So stoked to have such cheap and tasty eats in the neighborhood!

    Rave: Grew some purple beans which turned green when you cook them. Now taking bids for my magic beans.

    • Are you cooking them the right way? Why are you draining your beans of the royal color?

    • Cooking purple beans will change their color – you might try soaking them in vinegar or lemon juice (something acidic) and then minimizing the cooking time. Or eat them raw.

      The same thing will happen if you cook purple peppers or other purple vegetables. It has to do with the chemicals that lead to the coloring.

      • I was actually joking in my comment. No way to know that unless you know me. Anyhow, you give good advice about the preparation of these beauties.

    • We planted those this year too! And just picked our first handful of beans this past weekend 🙂

    • thebear

      if you’re cooking them fresh, DON’T add salt or acid (like lemon or vinegar) until they are done cooking. Also, don’t boil them…keep the water at a medium bubble. Use a heavy stainless or cast iron pot (like an enameled Dutch oven) with a tight-fitting lid. Never cook them in a bare aluminum pot. Use a silicone or nylon spatula to stir them instead of a spoon. And, I always mix up whatever I’m dressing them with before adding it.

      • Soaking them in lemon/vinegar prior to cooking will result in purple beans not turning green when cooked. If you don’t mind the beans turning green then you can use your preferred method for cooking.

  • Rave/Rant: Put it an application on an awesome apartment with my fiance! We were the first applicants so we are good to go if the owner approves us pending our credit check. However, I am SO nervous about it. I can’t imagine that anything is wrong. My fiance has a secret clearance and we both passed credit checks to get into our current places. I guess I just love to worry.

    • me

      Congrats, but having a Secret clearance is just basically passing a law enforcement check, i.e. checking to make sure you haven’t had any egregious run-ins with the law. Not only can just about anyone get them, but you can’t put that you have a clearance for things like apartment applications. You’re not supposed to advertise you have a clearance.

  • Rant: Forgot to put on makeup this morning! I don’t keep any at work and the nearest CVS is 30 minutes away.

  • Damn, I thought my rants were over but there is one more.

    So I was at 1909 K st NW this weekend for a rooftop deck party. I ordered Ciroc and Tonic (tasted horrible) and a Chardonnay for my wife. My total came to $24 which made think twice. I mean I get that it is DC but damn, $12 for some cheap wine? Anyway, I go back to order again and I ask for a Ciroc and Tonic from another bar tender and she tells me that they do not have it, only Belvedere. Long story short the Belve was $15 which is crazy so then I question the original bartender about what he gave me and he gives me a song and dance until I put him in a box from which he cannot escape. He finally apologizes and says that he thought I ordered Vodka and tonic so he just gave me Aristocrat which totally blew me. Paying $15 for Belvedere (which I don’t like, I am a Goose guy) is one thing but to charge people $12 for Aristocrat is highway robbery, at least use some vaseline, feel me? I could not believe it. $12 for Aristocrat and the thing is most people never caught on. And on top of that they had a $25 minimum for cards and if your total was over $50 they added a 20% gratuity automatically.

    You have all be warned. $12 for freaking ARISTOCRAT!!! GTFOH!!!

  • Did anyone hear what sounded like very loud gunshots on Saturday night around 2:30 in the morning? Wondering where they came from but I was woken up (had my windows open) in Shaw.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: being thanked for something I did decades ago
    Rant: memories of war

  • Rant- some jerks tried to steal a scooter last night and left in in my neighbor’s parking.
    Rave – if your white scooter was stolen last night it’s with the police, not a chop shop or a ditch.

  • Rant: Stranded at National (not Reagan, not DCA) Friday during the storm for 8 hours before my flight finally left at 12:30am.

    Rave: Waiting at the other end was my husband who’s on work travel for a month. Better late than never! Great 36 hours with the hubs!

    Rave: Work colleague just had a life-changing experience on vacation well off the beaten path. So excited for her and the adventures yet to come!

    • Oof, 8 hours? Hopefully you weren’t sitting on the plane, on the tarmac for any of those hours.

    • thebear

      Ouch. At least your flight got out. Whenever I was flying out on US out from DCA and there was a ground stop, we’d be trapped until 11:30 or midnight, then told it was too late, we had all been automatically booked as standby for the 6AM flight…meaning we had to be there then to either get on or get a new flight assignment. Fortunately, I live here so I could just go home…it really sucked for everyone who then had to try and find a hotel or somewhere else to crash.

  • Random: What is the appeal of Cleveland Park? I don’t mean to diss CP, and I know that it’s quiet, away from the city while being part of the city. It feels suburban to me. Every time I am there, it gets more suburban-like. I am really surprised by my reaction every.single.time I think I am in the burbs. Maybe I’m doing something wrong but I’m not sure I get it.

    • Yeah, it sounds absolutely horrible. Who would want a quiet suburban feel with all the conveniences of living in a city? I can’t believe they’re not all trying to move to Columbia Heights.

    • Have you been to the DC suburbs? With a few exceptions you can’t walk anywhere, or get anywhere without hopping in a car, and you’re surrounded by horrible people who hate their lives because they spend hours sitting in a car every day. Cleveland Park is kinda boring, but at least it’s walkable and more like the city in tht regard.

    • While I don’t live there, it’s much more “suburban”, yet the city’s giant chain stores are in Columbia Heights, which is largely a disgusting hole (in my humble opinion)

    • thebear

      I guess you’re under 30 going by your not being able to appreciate having trees and quiet outside your windows instead of a 24/7 carnival. Not everyone wants or needs to live in the heart of Party Central. One of the great things about living in a quieter neighborhood is how quickly you can get over your day, or how you can wake up refreshed and ready to take on the next one.

      • Hey! I’m not the OP but I am under 30 and would LOVE to live somewhere in the city with “trees and quiet” outside my windows! Just can’t afford it quite yet, thank you very much! Not all 20somethings are annoying white hipsters from Columbia Heights 😉

        • thebear

          No, not all under-30s (35s) are hipster party children. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of those here in DC are like that. It’s not common encountering ones whose lives don’t revolve around partying or hanging out after work. It’s funny how these kids don’t understand that dropping at least $50 for happy hour and eating out or take-away every night is why they lament having to live with shitty roommates or are dead tired all the time…and they get indignant if offered the suggestion of something as simple as “just stay home one night a week and make dinner yourself will give you an automatic $200 a month more.” You’d think someone took their phones away from them for 10 minutes!

          • Thanks for not stereotyping. Does this mean I’m the 1% of white nonhispter 20somethings in the District? Ha!

            On a more serious note, while I do understand the critique of partying, there’s nothing wrong with single (or attached) young adults looking forward to socializing after work. How responsibly they do it is another matter entirely. And as someone living off a shared grocery budget ($90 per person, per month) living with 3 roommates who each cook dinner nightly, yes, I do think it’s silly that people don’t realize how much money they’ll save…. but then again, it’s their lesson to learn. Isn’t that the joy of our 20s/life?

          • thebear

            @anon 5:09 lots of folks in my generation blew their money on partying when they were in their 20s, too. The difference today is it is “the norm” whereas 40 years ago, it was the exception. I couldn’t tell you how many times I have watched hipsters berate others in the demo for being cheap because they make their own meals, or being anti-social because they wouldn’t hang with them every time they declared happy hour. A number of times, I have seen the office culture force-out really great people just because they wouldn’t “fit in” with the social cliques. (I have read several rants in here that I swear were from those folks pushed out.) That is a huge, huge difference from when I was in that demo in the 1970s. Cliques and such are not new, and will always be around…but when they openly go “Mean Girls” (be it guys, gals or both) on others in a business setting, that is just wrong. So, that’s why I tend to regard the 20-something demo with a great deal of skepticism and disdain. That and spending most of the work day kvetching about how they hate their roommates, not having enough money to live somewhere else or buy nice things…yadda yadda. 😛

          • Whom are you hanging out with? I think you need new friends. I would if I were around that crowd. Ugh.

          • thebear

            @anon 5:33 You misread what I wrote. I’m not hanging with these folks: I was just recounting what I see happen rather often at clients. I’m a management consultant so I am usually not approached about socializing or hanging out by the younger staff. 😀

          • I was actually speaking to the general, throwing out the question at-large. I can see how that might have been read as if I were asking you.

        • You should look towards Brookland or Michigan Park.

    • Hmmm, I am the OP asking this question. Apparently I need to explain myself. I love trees and quiet and I love city living (I have lived in the most exciting places and the most boring places) and can do either very well. If your answers all ask about the notion of trees and quiet, why not live in parts of Dupont or the Hill or even some quiet streets in Logan. They have trees and quiet (depending on the exact street) and are pretty neighborhoods. The question came because walking down the strip of where the restaurants and shops in CP are, it really reminds me of a strip mall (hence the name strip mall) and that surprised me how suburban it is. It is really the commercial strip that makes it seem like suburbia. Dupont, the Hill and Logan have all those same qualities but none of those neighborhoods have those strips for commercial fronts that give the neighborhoods a suburban feel. And you get trees (and some quiet, depending on which streets).

      • There are a finite amount of places to live in Logan and Dupont, plus rents are more expensive. If you spent some actual time in Cleveland Park, you’d realize it’s not suburban at all. (This is from someone who has lived in all 3 neighborhoods.) It seems like that one Sam’s Park n’ Shop or whatever is what’s got you hung up. There are a lot of 1/2 block strips in other neighborhoods that might “ruin” them for you too.

        Why not just say that CP isn’t for you instead of making some argument that it’s something it’s not?

      • Different people have different preferences. CP is a nice neighborhood. I don’t want to live/work/party there but I can believe other people do. I’m not sure what the mystery is here.

      • thebear

        Here in Dupont you are never more than a block or 2 from “civilization.” Most every “beautiful” street can see the nearest commercial thoroughfare. We also have lots of nighttime pedestrian traffic going to and fro, not to mention the main streets cutting through with their endless traffic noise. CP, the Hill once you’re east of 9th, and other sections that have 3 or more blocks before you hit a main drag quickly take on a “not in the city” feel. The quiet, and the uninterrupted rows of big, old trees and lots of gardens give it that feeling, along with those little “strip mall” shopping areas here and there.

        I love Dupont because of its location (I can walk, bus or subway to just about all of my local clients in 30 minutes or less) and I can walk to just about any cuisine or nightlife I’m in the mood for. Nonetheless, I often find myself these days musing living in one of the quieter sections because it has become many times louder late at night than it used to be, and the neighborhood feeling is becoming increasingly hipster/unconcerned about quality of life issues (until, of course, there’s a problem that directly affects this building; at which point people come to me in droves, all outraged and demanding something be done about it).

      • You make a point about rents but CP is pretty expensive (home ownership), not sure about rentals. I think it’s a pretty neighborhood and is a nice compromise to live close to the city (it’s a pretty far walk to city center) but I could do it. It wouldn’t be a selling point for me. Anyway, I guess you think I’m bashing CP, I’m not. I am surprised by how the commercial fronts sit on a strip, giving it a strip mall/suburbia feel. Given that other pretty neighborhoods don’t have these strips (or at least it doesn’t seem that way) I am surprised the CP does. Anyway, I still think that commercial strip feels like a strip mall and that’s fine if you don’t. It just struck me and I was “talking out loud.” Nice to have your different perspective on it.

        • Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, Cleveland Park probably was “the suburbs” when that commercial strip was constructed.

          • So you know the strip that I’m talking about. That’s what I’m talking about.

          • Like GDopplerXT, I suspect that the “Sam’s Park’n’Shop” (or whatever the exact name is) probably dates back to when Cleveland Park _was_ fairly suburban.

          • @Anonymous 5:40 – if you’re the OP, yes I know the strip you’re talking about. Still not sure why you would be confused about the appeal of it. Some people like a “suburban” feel. Personally I don’t think it feels suburban, but then again I grew up in a place that is way more suburban than CP.

          • Yes, almost certainly it was. Petworth was one of the first suburbs in the District as well.

        • Gdopplerxt,

          I’m the OP. I know that some people like surburbia, though you wouldn’t think anyone here does given that when people talk about living in NoVa, the outcry that follows about living in NoVa. Lots of people talk about CP as one of the most desirable neighborhoods (up with or exceeding Dupont, the Hill and sometimes Logan) and the home prices seem to reflect that desire as well it seems. CP is quiet, tree-lined and probably has a great community or neighborhood feel. Some of the homes are quite large and I’m guessing that many of the large homes aren’t split up into apartments (as they are in other other neighborhoods that I mention). If I were paying upwards of a million dollars for a home, I don’t think I would be excited that the businesses sit on a commercial strip mall (but you’re right, that’s me and a personal aesthetic for sure). Given that’s it’s not an easy walk to the city center, it holds less appeal than some of the more central neighborhoods. It’s possible as I age even more I will appreciate that businesses close to my home sit on a strip.

  • Rant: The pointless on-going blather over the name of the airport. It is Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) no matter what anyone says to the contrary. It doesn’t matter if you think the late president was the best or worst ever. It doesn’t matter if you think the Congressional renaming was the best thing ever or the most dastardly deed ever. The name is the name. You are certainly free to call it what you want but please don’t think it matters. Especially when there are a lot of other examples of Congressional disrespect for the District and its citizens – why don’t we focus on those for a change? How about some real budget autonomy? How about Congressional voting rights? How about something that matters?

    • For me it has nothing to do with politics. Rather it is the fact that for several decades I lived near and traveled in and out of National Airport.

      I knew it as National Airport for more than twenty years. Why should I call it something different now? It’s still ‘_____ _____ Washington National Airport’ and I see the first two words as superfluous.

      • Why? Because the name has changed. Dupont Circle used to be Pacific Circle – do you still call it that? But the OP did say call it what you want, just stop going on about it as if it matters.

        • To roll with that thought…Logan Circle used to be Iowa Circle. Now how many people refer to it as Iowa Circle? How come people didn’t complain about that name change? You have a choice, call it what you want.

          • Maybe some of the old timers who were around in 1930 when the name was changed to Logan Circle still complain.

        • This was in the 1800’s – we didn’t grow up calling Dupont Circle Pacific Circle.

          • The point is the same, no matter what year the change took place. Maybe people in the 1800s just rolled with things instead of calling out every change in horror.

  • Rave: Had a backyard BBQ yesterday afternoon–what a fantastic day for it!

    Rave/Rant: Today is my birthday! Which leaves me feeling depressed. The expectations I had for myself at this age have been shot to hell.

    Rave: Good friends

    Rant: Obnoxious housemates

  • thebear

    Rave: The chicken leg quarters deal from Market Poultry at Eastern Market. (Ditto for their whole roasters.) They are so much better quality than the stuff from any of the supermarkets.

  • Rave: An INCREDIBLE last weekend with my friend before he leaves! Eastern Market flea market on a lovely Sunday afternoon.

    Rant: He’s leaving for 2 years!

    Rave: One last meal with him tonight and a new travel destination. I’m happy for this opportunity and what it will do for his career.

  • rave: found dream rental on craigslist

    rant: the dogs are too big. the dogs are always too big 🙁

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