Radius Pizza Closed For Vacation Until July 2nd in Mt. Pleasant

A reader tweets @PoPville:

“what’s the deal with Radius in MtP? Went there tonight and blinds are down and door locked.”

Looks like they’re just closed for vacation. Radius is located at 3155 Mount Pleasant Street, NW. You can see their menus here.

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  • Whew……

  • mtpgal

    Whew! I think the Rave/Rant about this nearly gave my husband a heart attack!

  • Isn’t Radius about 1/3 of Mt. Pleasant’s restaurants?

  • Is this a trend DC beat New York to? Closing down your restaurant for a week while you take vacation? Sounds pretty trendy to me!

  • talula

    I was just ranting about this! Heard rumors they were closed for good, but so happy this is not the case.

  • Here’s a summary of my last Radius experience:

    I had about 20 of those magnets on my fridge and decide to cash in 10 for a free pizza. So I call them up to cash it in, and they won’t deliver because of the delivery minimum. So I walk my happy ass over there to pick up the pizza, only I forget the magnets and don’t realize it till I get there. They won’t give it to me, no “bring them next time,” no nothing, pay for it or bugger off. So I bugger off pizza-free and order from Pete’s on the way home. An hour later the manager calls to ask why I’m not coming to get my pizza, I explain what happens, and they go “oh, that wasn’t communicated to us” *click.*

    On a side note, anyone interested in ~20 Radius magnets, e-mail abefroman329 at yahoo dot com.

    • Really? You’re really complaining about this? You may not have intended to be a dick, but many others would try to cheat them for as much as possible. -Please let me use my coupon (that I don’t have with me) for a free pizza. If that worked, every time I went into that place I’d say the same thing, free pizza every week/day.. How long could that last before unscrupulous “customers” drive a hard working guy out of business? You do like their pizza, or you wouldn’t have 20 magnets! I’ll take them if you’re seriously gonna boycott them now over an imagined slight.

      • “You do like their pizza, or you wouldn’t have 20 magnets!”

        Yeah, which means I’m really, really likely to make good on a promise to bring them next time, or later, or give them to a delivery driver, or whatever, doesn’t it?

        Or was, anyway.

        For me the kicker was the manager calling and having anything to say other than “no one told us you weren’t picking up the pizza back in the kitchen.”

        • c’mon man, really? In a perfect world, yes you’re right, but this isn’t Mayberry.
          Just wondering, did that work with Pete’s? “I forgot my wallet, but give me a pizza now and I promise, I really really promise, to come back and pay you later.” I’m guessing not.
          The confusion on their part about the order, pickup, whatever, is really beside the point. You’re still in the wrong to expect them to pay for you’re mistake. You forgot the coupon/magnets, make another trip back home to get them or get over it and admit it was your problem not theirs.

          • Never said I wasn’t “in the wrong,” but that’s also besides the point. If I buy a coffee at Starbucks and drop it, I’m “in the wrong,” but whether they go “mistakes happen” and make another one for free or tell me I have to pay for a second drink is going to influence whether I go back.

          • I did forget my wallet at Pete’s once, and they did tell me to pay them later!

      • “I’ll take them if you’re seriously gonna boycott them now over an imagined slight.”

        And I’d have given them to you if you hadn’t crawled up my ass just now. Ya catch more flies with honey than vinegar, ya know.

  • Do restaurants normally close without advance notice to go on “vacation”? Did the owners take the entire staff with them for a “group vacation” leaving no one behind to run the restaurant?

    Or is this really “We are on “vacation” and can’t pay our staff & suppliers until we can reorganize our finances …. or find a new buyer.”?

    • “Did the owners take the entire staff with them for a “group vacation” leaving no one behind to run the restaurant?”

      It’s certainly possible – the owners of the Mill took the staff on vacation with some of the money they made renting it out to film that baseball movie a few years ago while the bar was closed for the filming. Of course, rumor has it THAT whole episode just happened to coincide with a temporary suspension of their liquor license, but still.

    • Yeah, I heard they were having some cashflow problems. I’d be surprised if the same owners come back from this “vacation.”

  • I feel like this confusion / lack of notice is pretty typical of my customer service experiences there.

  • I love Radius but I always felt like it didn’t get enough business. I assume it will close. Meridian Pint is my new place.

  • Rumor has it they are closed for good due to something shady.

    I am really, really sad because it was my very favorite place in the neighborhood, and one of my favorites in all of DC. 🙁 Not sure what my replacement will be!

  • I’ve heard from numerous staff they can’t cover payroll, I’m sure this is related.

  • Radius is doneskis. Tonic will be reopening a resto in that space within the next few weeks. The owner of Radius (the dude) cleared everything out on Thursday afternoon, walking by staff of Tonic and said not one word.

  • Bring back The Red Bean!!! Errrr, nevermind

    • Damn it Mike, I miss that place. Y’all catered my birthday party years ago and people still talk about how good the food was.

  • If they really have left I will be really sad. I love Mt P, but it really doesn’t have any good dining choices if Radius is gone. I have grown to really enjoy the staff and Todd is a great chef. If tonic takes over that place it’ll be a sad day in Mt P.

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