Props to the Cops – Gun Arrest

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From MPD:

On June 7, 2012 at approximately 11:00 A.M. a citizen was walking in the area of 3rd & D Street, SE. He was approached by three suspects (juveniles), one grabbed his arm and pointed a weapon at him. The suspects immediately fled the scene.

First District officers were alerted to a Robbery by the dispatcher along with a lookout for three suspects, one carrying a red bag with a weapon in it. Within minutes, Officers from the First District who were in the area patrolling their beats observed the suspects running, (one with a red bag ) immediately gave chase and apprehended the suspects.

After talking with the complainant the suspects did not rob him or made any attempts to rob him. Nothing was taken and no injuries were reported.

After coordination and assistance with Detectives from the First District, one subject was placed under arrest.

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  • That’s so scary….Middle of the day, two blocks from the Capitol. It’s not even summer vacation yet.

  • I take it from the fact that three were apprehended but only one arrested that it’s perfectly OK to stroll around with the guy who grabs someone’s arm and points a gun at him as long as you don’t actually do it yourself?

    • This is frightening. I literally live around the block from 3rd and D and bike through this intersection every morning on my way to and from work. Something like this in this particular area is unheard of- I could see it happening about 10 or so blocks from here, though. Have to agree that a single arrest when there were a group of them is absolutely ludicrous. That little incident could have quickly escalated into something far worse than what happened. I’d hold all of the juveniles responsible. And for what it’s worth, if they’re doing this kind of thing right now, I can almost guarantee that the worst is yet to come where these people are concerned.

  • So were they just walking around and upping the gun on people? Practice?

  • Did the cops not even let their worthless parents know? stupid….

  • Smooth….carry gun in red bag.

  • Sadly, I saw the aftermath of this at about 11.30 — lot’s of cops on the scene and they had one of the young men handcuffed on the bench in the park. To paint more of a scene, this happened across from Cap Hill Country Day School and there was a lunch time party going on in the park.

    Also sad was the fact that I saw the kid that was in custody before. Last year around this time, I was approached by him and another kid at 5.30 pm on bikes. I could tell they were trying to sneak up behind me as I approached the park, so I stopped abruptly and the one kid ran into me. I asked him what he was up to and he said something stupid and I just stared them down. I seriously was in such a bad mood that day and they were so young and little that I wasn’t scared by them and thought they were on their first attempt of a bag grab. But DANG, fast forward a year and they now have a gun. Lesson learned here – don’t think that b/c of their age/size, they are not dangerous. Thank goodness no one was hurt. Thanks to the officers on the scene — there were many.

  • If there’s a silver lining here it’s that these kids were not very bright – they might as well have turned themselves in. Not only is that area just a couple of blocks from a police station, it’s also regularly patrolled by US Capitol Police. I would say they were brazen, but that implies they knew more about what they were trying to pull of than they probably did. Unfortunately, their stupidity is alarming.

    • I’m going to have to disagree – if the poster above is correct, at least one of these kids has been working this neighborhood for at least a year and obviously not been caught, so why wouldn’t he and his friends think they could get away with something this brazen? Until everyone from the politicians to the cops to all of us get together and do everything possible to impress on these punks that they won’t get away with it, things ain’t gonna change.

  • This is disturbing. It sounds from the write-up like you can point a gun at someone and be charged only with possession of a gun?? I really hope the charge was more serious than that and that this was just a bad write-up.

    • Not that I am disagreeing with you but what else could you charge them with at that point?

      • If they knew what the gun holder was up to then accessory – if they claim they didn’t but still took off after he accosted the bystander and pulled the gun, failing to report a crime. If they ran from the police when sighted, resisting arrest.

      • Couldn’t they at least be charged with threatening someone with a gun?

        It just seems to me like pointing a gun at someone is a lot more serious than just having an unauthorized gun in one’s possession, and that the charge ought to reflect that.

        • I get what you’re saying but I still think the charge can only be for possession, possibly with the intent to do harm. I’m not really sure.

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