Props to the Cops – ATV Arrest

Photo by PoPville flickr user KJinDC

From MPD:

In response to the community’s concerns of ATVs and Dirt Bikes, members of the Fifth District midnight shift arrested an adult male for driving an ATV in the 1500 block of W Street, NE. He was processed on June 5, 2012, at approximately 2300 hours (11 PM), and the ATV was removed from the street. Officers were advised of the community’s concerns during the Midnight Roll call and they responded and took action. We will continue to monitor and make additional arrests as needed.

Previously MPD had written about the difficulty of making ATV arrests:

“…we cannot pursue the people riding the dirt bikes and atvs, as to do so would create a more dangerous situation than they already present.”

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  • bfinpetworth

    There is a group of guys that ride around Petworth sometimes on their very loud and obnoxious dirt bikes. They ride fast and sometimes on the sidewalks. I’ve called 911 a few times about this because quite frankly it is frightening when it happens. I don’t think they’ve ever caught them though. Nice to see them trying though.

  • Yeah MPD! Thanks for taking this seriously – we residents hate these SOBs!

  • The other Sunday afternoon, I was coming back into the District from Maryland and there were two teenagers riding around on an ATV, running stop signs and everything. (I think I first saw them at the intersection of New Hampshire and Missouri/Riggs, and then saw them again a couple blocks south of there.) I called 911, but I’m disheartened to see from the above that the cops might not have been able to do anything.

  • My WWII veteran father used to tell me about how the Germans would string piano wire across roads so that the enemy would be decapitated or injured when they road through in open top jeeps. When some idiot on a motorcycle would fly by us at three times the speed limit, my father would say, “Nothing a little piano wire can’t fix.”

    Just a thought.

    • brookland_rez

      Right, so let’s execute people for speeding. Very Nazi of you. Anybody that goes three times the speed limit is asking for it, but I don’t think it’s up to you or anyone else to kill them. Just a thought.

      • Lighten up, Francis. Really? Execute people for speeding? How’s the view from that high horse? Learn how to take a joke.
        And to the original poster, thank you for your father’s service in WWII.

  • I’ve seen some ATV’ers around Emory Recreation Center Madison ST & GA Ave.. They are really annoying and one day one almost got hit comming out of an alley..

  • Come to Philly if you really want to see the ATVs/dirtbikes in action. It’s out of control.

  • I’ve seen people ridong motorcycles and scooters on some of the (Maryland) paths I ride my bike on. Drives me nuts! Next time I see one I’m going to call the Park Police (I think that’s their jurasdiction.)

  • brookland_rez

    They ride around Ward 5 all the time. I saw one on a dirtbike going down the street in front of my house last night about 11pm. No lights, no helmet, nothing. Running through lights and stop signs. I ride a motorcycle and know how the risks. To ride like that is just asking for it. One got killed last summer on Eckington Pl NE.

    I saw a pack of ATV’s on the road behind the Home Depot on Sunday. They caught this one on W St, which is right over near there. It was probably one of the ones I saw.

    Last summer I was in the back of my house cleaning my bike and an ATV came through the alley and a cop came through right after him. So they do apparently chase at times. I’ve heard from several sources that they don’t chase unless they suspect it’s stolen. From what I’ve heard, a lot of them are in fact stolen.

  • We called the cops a couple of Saturdays ago because our repeat offender was going up and down New Hampshire and the sidewalk every 15 minutes or so for a few hours. They promptly responded and caught him upon their arrival. He was back at it the next couple of days, but I haven’t seen him in a week or so. Hopefully they impounded the bike.

  • Let me guess how this will turn out:

    1) Youthful offender finally caught after weeks of doing this.
    2) Youthful offender promptly released pending trial by juvenile court.
    3) Youthful offender tried in front of judge who couldn’t care less, and is given DYRS supervision.
    4) DYRS employees do nothing, because their supervisors don’t like it when a kid is put in trouble.
    5) Youthful offender, back on ATV, accidentally kills someone because of his reckless behavior.
    6) Victim’s family sues city and wins.
    7) I move to Maryland.

  • In early April my car was surrounded in the Florida – New York Ave intersection by a pack of dudes on ATVs (dirt bikes and four-wheelers). It was dusk and they had no lights on and their faces obscured, apparently up to no good, though I didn’t wait wait around to find out. I gassed it and they got out of the way.

    A friend of mine said he saw a group with the same description on H St. They were screaming at people. Another friend recently saw a pack of guys with masks on ATVs flying up and down 14th St near R St.

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