Please Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Hermosa -Bernese Mountain Dog 4 months old

From an email:

Hermosa was picked up in front of 145 Rhode island avenue nw at around 3:40pm by a white middle age woman in a van with 3 children. She has not been surrendered to any of the humane society offices yet. Hermosa is very well behaved and unfortunately likely to not put up a fight If taken by anyone.

Please contact:

Verenice 301-704-6033
[email protected]


Ryan griffin 202-262-8921
[email protected]

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  • What kind of monster just swoops up a dog from their home?

  • This is so terrible! I’m so sorry! While out walking my dog I’ve definitely seen you guys and your adorable puppy. I hope your furball is returned to you asap. Will keep my eye out for her as well. Thinking of you!

  • ledroittiger

    I love watching her romp around from the tables outside Boundary Stone. And now I’m likely to kill all middle aged white women in vans on sight.

  • Do you have more description of this woman? Was she fat/skinny, tall/short, what was she wearing? Also, what color was the van?

  • Anyone who would do something like this right in front of her kids should have them (her kids) taken away from her. I’m not just saying that because I’m really sad and angry that someone stole your dog. I am saying it because anyone who pulls over an steals a puppy for their children or with their children has absolutely no moral compass and is capable of much much worse.

  • Can you tell us more details please? It sounds like your puppy was in your front yard and a car stopped and a stranger got out, walked over, opened the gate, came inside and took the dog? Clearly you were home because you saw the minivan – what did she do when you ran out? What did the police do when you called?

  • Sparta

    I’ve met Hermosa. I’m heartbroken for you.

    Did you see the locale of the license plates?

  • This is more common than people think. It’s why people should never do things like leaving their dogs tied up outside the Whole Foods while they go in to shop. Sad…hope he comes home.

  • There’s a big difference between leaving your dog tied up outside a store and letting it out in your fenced front yard for a few minutes while you are home and keeping an eye out.

  • Saw a cute pup that looked like this one waking by P street beach with a middle-aged white male around 7 this evening as I was coming back from the pool. May want to keep your eye out down there. Don’t know how many of this breed is around. I even stopped to pet it.

  • We need more info. Did the owner get to run after the van? Have they called the cops?
    Not that anyone would ever steal my crazy little dog, but wow. I cannot imagine how Hermosa’s family feels. That mother should be charged with whatever they can get her with. And as Coraline pointed out – if you’d do that in front of your kids, you are probably capable of much worse.

  • This is terrible. Hermosa is a fluffy ball of love! I hope she comes back to your family.

  • I once had neighbors (a lawyer and his pretty wife) who were moving away. They stole the male of a beautiful, registered breeding pair of lilac-point siamese, cut his balls off, and were planning on taking him with them when they moved. The realtor let him out and he came home with a tag with their address.

    My kids, wife and I were not very happy.

    Their reponse — “you didn’t have a tag on him — so legally he was just a feral cat.”

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