Perfumania Coming to DC USA

14th Street between Irving and Park Rd, NW

A reader snaps the photo above and writes:

“Snapped this shot of Perfumania moving into DC USA in the corner space between Payless and the escalators. Didn’t even know the spot existed…”

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  • Oh, yes, a store full of horrible smells….that’ll improve CH

  • This should compliment the Target popcorn smell quite well!

  • I wonder what this will mean for the “essential oils” guys who hawk their wares outside of DCUSA.

    Also, has anyone else noticed that the space adjacent to WSC on the third floor is papered over? I asked the folks at WSC what was going on there, and they didn’t know. PoP, any scuttlebutt?

  • Well, hopefully it will do something to better the smell of hobo pee and trash on 14th.

    What they really need to do is open a broom and dustpan rental store, and give lessons on how to use them. Perhaps then I won’t be up to my ankles in trash when I walk the streets of Columbia Heights.

  • I guess “As Seen on TV” wasn’t interested. Another coup for DCUSA.

  • Add Kenny G music, and this is my hell.

  • Im assuming the perfume will be locked up tighter than bath soap and razors at CVS. our mall-dom is now complete.

  • Because the ONE thing that Columbia Heights is lacking is a perfume store!

  • I mean seriously. Can everyone get over DCUSA? It’s a mall, its convenient, demand shows that every other city in the nation has something similar. Personally, I think Georgetown shopping is snobby and annoying so I just don’t go there. Should DCUSA be more like Dupont or Chinatown and they can put in half a dozen Comfort One Shoes and Smoothie Kings? Get over it.

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