PAUL opens 3rd Bakery in DC at 1000 Connecticut Ave, NW

PAUL’s newest location is at the corner of Connecticut and K St, NW. The first two locations are at 801 Pennsylvania Ave, NW and 1078 Wisconsin Ave, NW. You can see their menu here.

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  • Conveniently across the street from Weight Watchers!

  • Finally!

    Seriously? There’s a weight watchers across the street! Where?

  • Sorry, I’ve grown fatigued with them. Some of their staff are just too rude for my taste, they try to work the line like McDonalds (at Whole Foods prices) Even though the items are all labeled in French, don’t go there, not to mention many of them are unfamiliar with the food, “What type of Quiche Lorraine” she asked annoyed.

    • Agreed, I’m not too thrilled that they’ve imported a lot of the labor from abroad when the employment rate in this city is frightening. Hopefully they can improve in that area, because I do love their ham sandwiches. There is nothing better than a good French ham sandwich slathered with butter.

  • how about le caprice at 14th and newton in columbia heights. support local. this morning i had their $5.99 egg/cheese croissant, fruit cup and coffee special. delectable!

  • They are also supposedly opening in 2000 Penn. NW (Tower Records old space) before the end of 2012. The building management sent out an announcement to tenants of the building last month.

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