Papa Razzi Closes in Georgetown

1064-1066 Wisconsin Avenue, NW

Papa Razzi was located at 1064-1066 Wisconsin Ave, NW.

The building is very cool, it’ll be interesting to see who takes over the space:

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  • Never heard of this place. Anybody know how long it was there? I guess I don’t go to Georgetown often enough.

  • It’s been there at least 10 years. It was an institution when I was a college student at Georgetown. It’s basically impossible to believe, but the place once had an air of glamor about it. I don’t know if we knew it was a chain, but that wasn’t the stigma then that it is now. Used to be packed out the door on weekend evenings.

    It was clear business and quality tapered off in recent years though…

  • isn’t that where Houston’s was back in the day?

  • Funny, I’ve never heard of this place, either. With a name like “Papa Razzi” I know I wouldn’t have forgotten it!

  • very sad. Papa Razzi’s was a really good italian place. delicious food, good service. I worked at a firm nearby and we always went there for office parties.

  • If this is a part of the G’Town park mall series of buildings it is not surprising. That place has been at war with its tenants for some time. It is almost as if they are trying to empty it for some larger plan. Who has the scuttlebutt?

  • This is part of the Shops at Georgetown Park mall redevelopment. Bloomies?

  • i like it. it was a great place to go with a diverse group of people, especially out-of-towners.

    consistently decent quality italian and was one of the better places in georgetown.
    that said, i won’t miss it. the city has grown up a lot since this place was in it’s heyday and there are just more options.

  • I’ve been going to Paparazzi regularly since around 1994 (I teach at Georgetown). Lots of students worked there, not always with positive reports of their experiences. Michael, the manager, was quite a character, with all sorts of stories about both his history and his current activities – many rumors of both, as well. I liked him as one might like a character from Henry Miller. There was a terrific bartender who I’ll miss, too. Lots of tourists, lots of regulars, but also a lot less business in the past 10 years or so. The building is owned by the same guy who owns Paparazzi, and apparently it’s up for sale. Houstons, by the way, was across the street. Goodbye Paparazzi.

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