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  • Disagree. Could there not be a better arrangement? Looks more like weedy overgrowth than improvement.

    • Please post pictures of your preferred call-box plantings.

      Forest for the trees, brother.

    • Lame comment Design Team.

      • Fair point. The box at 16th and Park (1592 Park Rd NW on Google Maps gets you close) is great. It’s painted, and there is a little sculpture inset the box which is rather interesting. Small details, but good details.

  • I like the plants but wish someone would paint the callbox. It’s really drab and depressing.

  • Ah, you people are too picky. It’s a huge improvement! Now come do the one on my block 🙂

  • I’ve painted one of these before. So anyone who is wondering whether or how to do it, just buy a pint of some color of rustoleum at Home Depot for about $10 and paint it on. You’ll have plenty of paint to spare. Also, the cops drove by me several times and saw what I was doing and said nothing so I don’t think you have to fear the city complaining.

  • The one on the corner of First/V St. NW is looking really good! After housing various small plants (a cactus, fern, small fir tree) and graffiti, a V St. neighbor has painted it and added some nice plants. Will send in a photo one of these days.

  • I pass this arrangement often and it always cheers me up.

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