New Columbia Heights Bar – Kangaroo Boxing Club (KBC) Releases Menu

Last week we took a sneak peek of Kangaroo Boxing Club which opened in the former Acuario space at 3412 11th St, NW in Columbia Heights. Now have a look at the menu:


Hummus and Fluffy Pita- housemade, spicy and delicious, ’nuff said *v 6
Bacon Date Crostini- bacon, date, almond, goat cheese, walnut raisin ficelle 7
Black Bean Dip- with sliced radishes, pita, Greek yogurt and feta, ‘lil heat *v 6
Meat Board- 3 options per plate, blueberry habanero salsa, pickled collard stems -Pulled Pork -Smokey Joe -Pastrami (+$1) -Merguez Sausage 8

Soup- served with toasted bread
Carrot Soup- creamy carrot soup with parmigiano reggiano *v 4
Spicy Brisket Chili- Smoked brisket lovingly enveloped in spicy peppers 4

‘Cue and Sandwiches- served with vinegar coleslaw and a side

Make it a platter for 2 bucks (no bun, more meat, two sides)

Pulled Pork- slow-smoked over hickory and applewood for 16 hours, PORC’s #1 (also available as a 3 Little Pigs with ham and bacon on top ) 9

Smokey Joe- our take on the sloppy joe with smoked Angus beef and our delicious sloppy joe sauce 9

Pastrami- traditional hand-cut brisket served on marble rye with a caraway Guiness mustard 11

Flat Top Burger- Angus chuck, served pink or brown 8

-Toppings: lettuce, tomato, onion, bacon ($1), provolone ($.50), cheddar ($.50), blue cheese ($.50)
-Big Bad Wolf: topped with Pulled Pork, Ham and Bacon (plus $4.00)
-Chicken Little: The Big Bad Wolf topped with a heart-healthy fried egg (plus $4.50)

HRC Sammie- spicy hummus, cherry mustard, spring salad, sliced radishes, cucumbers and tomatoes on a kaiser. Invented in the early days of PORC experimentation and we can’t get enough of it. 8

Club Options

Veg ‘n’ Egg- A tasty medley including carrots, beets, mushrooms, roasted garlic, sliced almonds, spinach and quinoa then topped with a fried, local duck egg, balsamic reduction and vegan bbq sauce 9

Farm Salad- a seasonal salad of balsamic-macerated strawberries, arugula, candied ginger, toasted pecans, feta and a tarragon dressing 8

Crab Cakes- two crab cakes stacked on johnny cakes and collard greens with a sriracha mayo 16


Side Salad- spring mix, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, balsamic dressing 4
Tots- great for mopping up extra sauce 3
Collard Greens- spicy with lots of good ol’ apple cider vinegar 3
Gorgonzola Mac n Cheese- gorgonzola, rosemary, optional bacon 4
BBQ Beans- smoked beans with pulled pork 3
Johnny Cakes- cornmeal pancakes with maple butter 4


-Margarita Pie 5 -Variety Plate: 5 for $7, 10 for $12, 15 for $15 -Strawberry Marscapone Tart 6

Sound good?

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  • YES. Yes this sounds excellent. I will order three helpings of Gorgonzola Mac n Cheese with a nap on the side, please.

  • Yum! I’ve never been to the truck, but this looks delicious and the prices are reasonable.

    When does it open? Also, whatever happened with that 24hour diner that was supposed to be opening near there?

  • Allison

    Wow, it’s actually affordable! I have no idea what that bacon date crostini is, but I wanna eat it!

  • Hooray! A hot vegetarian sandwich that involves neither frozen Gardenburgers nor eggplant nor portobello mushroom caps! See, DC, it can be done!

    The HRC sounds good, too… and the gorgonzola mac n cheese… and the margarita pie… I could get fat here.

  • They were open on Friday night, a soft opening, and the place was packed. Great, dive bar feel, cool vibe. Had the pulled pork…the meat was cold; had the Mac n’ Cheese it was cold and too rich, cole slaw was nothing special, fries were good but, again, not fresh.

    Guys I know it was a soft opening and I’m sure things will fall into place but someone should keep an eye on the food that leaves the kitchen. The menu looks great but thats a lot of items to make well, stick to a few and make them outstanding. Will be back, looking forward to the place improving.

    • Hence the term ‘soft opening’.

      Relax anonymous…they’ll get it down.

    • You tell them Anonymous! Rant away you nameless face!


      But seriously, it is a soft opening for a reason.

      • part of the reason why they have a soft opening is to get feedback on their food and service.

    • We’re very sorry to hear about your experience. As others have said, we were ironing out some of the kinks and plates were not going out fast enough. We have rectified that problem now and really appreciate your feedback. See you soon!


  • What is the logic behind a sandwich that involves a duck egg and vegan BBQ sauce?

    • Many BBQ sauce recipes call for Worcestershire Sauce (which has anchovies); specifying vegan sauce lets the lacto-ovo vegetarians know it’s safe for them.

  • I couldn’t be more excited about this place, especially the pastrami sandwich. However . . . WTF is a “heart-healthy fried egg?”

  • non kangaroo on the menu?

  • Could be great.

    But (minor rant)… someday I hope we ditch the trend of cutsie, kiddie names for food (“Sammie”, “Cue”, “3 Little Pigs”). I’m 45 years old and don’t feel like telling my waiter that I want a “Sammie”.

  • I’m confident your server will get the point if you order the HRC “sandwich” and to all the people questioning the heart healthy duck egg, you do realize this comes on a burger that’s getting pulled pork, bacon and ham added to it right?

  • So, is it truly open at this point? What are the hours, etc? It’s clear they had a soft opening but when can I go?

    Sounds awesome.

  • tonyr

    Instead of Marscapone Tart, how about one made with Mascarpone instead. I wouldn’t normally remark on this in the comments, but presumably this is going to be a printed menu too.

  • I may be the only person not excited about this place. The name is juvenile & the menu uninspiring. Maybe I hold a grudge because I loved Acuario. I’m super excited about Margo’s Chair & the Mexican place across from Room 11.

    • … seems odd to hold a grudge against KBC because a restaurant you loved couldn’t stay in business. KBC just took over the space, didn’t push Acuario out with torches and pitchforks. Would you have preferred the space remain empty and unused as an homage to your preferred dining experience?

  • Ok….majorly awesome dinner tonight. 6 of us were the first customers – pulled pork sandwich with baked beans and mac n cheese – great. Baked beans will be on order every time. Pastrami with a side salad and mac n cheese – pastrami was as awesome as it is off the PORC truck. Pulled chicken with collard greens and mac n cheese. So so chicken but I would have bathed in the collard greens. Sloppy joe with chili was just the right kind of spicy. Kids shared a meat plate with a side of salad and mac n cheese. Mergeuz sausage had to be repeated it was so yummy. Tried the dessert sampler – bacon peanut butter cookies, smoked meringue, mini pecan tarts, brownies with chocolate dipping sauce. So we ate our way through about 1/3 of the menu. Definitely a ton of keepers and we will come back to try more. We came early so the kids could eat as well and the guys were great to bring them a side of bacon to nosh on.

  • I went yesterday and it was fantastic. I had the pulled pork platter with johnny cakes and the mac and cheese. It was all delicious. The drink special, which if I recall correctly, was called grandpa’s revenge was also fantastic. I’m definitely going back.

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