Major Renovation Coming to 1140 19th Street, NW

Back in May we learned about Tandoori Time and Via 19/Pho DC closing in the retail spaces of 1140 19th St, NW. A reader mentioned a major renovation was on the way and now we can see some renderings. From Showcase:

“New multi-million dollar renovations planned in 2012-2013 including an all-glass façade, private terrace overlooking the bustling retail corridor, and a modern two-story marble lobby.”


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  • I like the new version. It does a good job with what the architect has to work with. It’s plain but fine.

    Ironically, the old version looks a lot like the horror we discussed a few days that’s being renovated on K or L or something like that and is going to house a college or university. Squatty, boxy, out of proportion and with that weird overhang.

  • Better but … What’s the old saying? A mule in horse harness is still a mule. This is still a mule.

  • I would say it’s like putting pearls on a pig. Oof.

  • >the horror we discussed a few days that’s being renovated on K or L or something like that and is going to house a college or university

    You mean the satellite of New York University at 1307 L Street? It’s brand new!

  • Much better, but I wish Tandoori Time could’ve found another location close by. I miss their cheap Indian buffet!

  • That’s swell. But as a former tenant from about four years ago, if it’s still the same ownership group running the building, it’ll probably be a dump within a few years.

    So many memories. My favorite was when they rented out the first floor to bike messengers, who when they weren’t spitting on the floor would pick fights with you.

  • This seems like a major improvement to the block with a much more modern design. I’d love to get a couple of new restaurants here close to my office. Glad somebody is finally fixing another eyesore!

  • I dunno, a little bad 70s/80s office architecture here and there isn’t so bad. At least this building isn’t a block-killer and I’d wager it’s even visually interesting. Not to mention the recladding will look equally horrific to people in 30 years. Alas…

  • The existing structure is so damned ugly, I’m surprised DC Preservation League hasn’t applied to have it landmarked, and HPRB hasn’t approved the application, saying it meets the standards and they have no choice.

  • FOX Architects is the architect – they also designed the renovations/vertical expansions of 1129 20th Street, and 2175 K Street.

  • Great job FOX Architects!

  • We have done a little bit to beautify the southern facing wall…

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