Looks Like Buddha Bar Closed

457 Massachusetts Ave, NW

Washington Business Journal reported yesterday:

“The high-profile Pan-Asian restaurant Buddha Bar appears to have abruptly closed.

The restaurant was not answering phones during business hours last night or this afternoon.”

I stopped by yesterday afternoon and a guard in the building said they were closed too. Buddha bar opened at 457 Massachusetts Ave, NW back in May 2010. We judged them here. If they are indeed closed it’ll be interesting to see who takes over the gigantic space.

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  • I waited sooooooo long for them to open and once they did, I never bothered going. I was excited to see something in that stretch of Mass, but it seemed really pretentious. Oh well.

    • Me too. I’m glad I trusted my gut and never bought one of those Living Social/Groupon/whatever deals for this place.

  • So now there’s that space and a huge vacant retail space at 4th & I Street behind it. Can we pretty please get a Trader Joe’s in the neighborhood?? Safeway just does not cut it for me.

  • Good! Their stupid valet always screwed up the traffic on Mass. Ave. I’m soooo impressed you have a Hummer and are basically hanging out in a chain bar.

    • +1000. How in the world did DDOT and/or MPD decide it was appropriate to block a major commuting artery with a valet service for a bougie scenster restaurant? Glad they’re gone.

      • +1million.

        I couldn’t agree more – my evening commute just shaved off, seriously, five whole minutes now that this traffic annoyance is finally gone! I don’t know which moron with the city said it’s okay to leave valet cars blocking one of only two lanes on a major diagonal thoroughfare in the middle of the freaking evening rush hour, but we had to queue up behind the damned valet stand every freaking day to merge, single file, into the left lane and then right back to the right lane.

        I could not be more thrilled that this place is finally gone. I only ate there once and knew it was overpriced and doomed. Happy days!

  • figby

    This place was so pretentious, rude and pleased with itself — I went once and the terrible service, overpriced everything and too-cool-for-DC attitude never lured me back. Would much rather go across the street to Sixth Engine.

    Good riddance, but I suspect another arch, themey, faux-chic super-club will just spring up in its place.

  • I’m so sad this became a chain and we got the worst version. I won’t be sad to see them go and will fondly remember Buddha Bar in Paris in the late 90s/early 00s when that sh*t was still cool…

  • Looks like the Loree Grand curse strikes again. Buddha Bar was supposed to be catering the “Taste of NoMa” resident event tomorrow. I guess they’ll be searching for a plan B. Hopefully it is TruOrleans and they close as well so a real bar can come in and utilize that space.

  • That place was waaaaaaay too big and the staff way too pretentious for that crappy location. It was always empty. That neighborhood is growing but I don’t think it’ll ever be the type of place to support something like that.

  • They had a gay night for a while….that was always decent. Oh well. See ya Buddha!

  • Pretentious & overpriced mediocre food. Don’t over charge me for mediocre food and act like you have a stick up your @$$. Glad to see them go

  • They went bankrupt!

  • Just to pile on, count me as another vote for the food being overpriced and mediocre. Last time I went was at prime lunch hour (12:30 on a Thursday), and there were a grand total of two tables occupied. People are not stupid.

  • The prices would have been more reasonable if they didn’t bring stuff out really slow and in the tiniest sizes possible

  • Will. Not. Be. Missed.

    Went there for a couple of events and they added gratuity without letting anyone know and basically got double tipped all night long. Not cool.

  • My office is right there and I still hadn’t gone. I hope something good moves in. As well as into the spaces at 4th & I!

  • Overpriced yes, but I loved the music and DJ’s. Damn.

  • I went there once and would never go back and told everyone I know how horrible it was and to stay away. Not to mention, Asian fusion is my favorite type of food and I was way pumped for it to open up, but it clearly was a disappointment to all based upon the comments. Service was AWFUL, the scene was questionable and completely agree, way way overpriced even for DC standards. Good ridence, its about time!

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