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  • I’ve never understood the “No Drug Zone” idea. Does that make it leagal to possess drugs in areas where there is no sign?

    • nah, it means you get hit with a double whammy if you get caught…posession of drugs, and possession of drugs in a drug free zone

    • Agreed. Seems more like a gimmick that does nothing except waste money.

      Whats next…a
      “No murder zone”. These things are illegal already, so what is the point?

      • austindc

        Or we could just make one sign that says “No Breaking the Law” and post it everywhere. But it would to be on every post and vertical surface to be effective.

    • This sign is great! I used to have all sorts of problems with my car running red lights, but now that they’re up my car has stopped hitting pedestrians and we get along just fine! Thanks DC!

  • thebear

    I wish they’d put up an actual enforcement zone around the full perimeter of Dupont Circle. They’d make a freakin fortune from that.

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