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  • Looks great to me. They made the third floor look like a roof, but inclined it steeply to maintain as much liveable space as possible. Yes, People can complain about the roof access… But in all honesty you can’t do too much better.

  • I agree, this looks beautiful.

  • Front looks a bit awkward, but the side looks great

  • Not too bad. Again someone thought this through. I definitely think that the mansard roof track is one of the more successful tactics.

  • that’s actually one of the nicest pop ups i’ve seen thus far

  • Side looks great, from the front it is a bit odd

  • I actually think it looks a little bit crazy from the side with all those windows, but I’m sure it’s fantastic from the inside. Mansard roofs are definitely the least horrible pop-ups, in my opinion.

  • That’s really nice! Love that one. Out of random curiosity, does anyone have a sense of the price range for pop-ups? Obviously, like any renovation, it can vary widely. But are we talking $100K? $500K? I just have no idea….

  • Looks awesome to me, and probably increases the utility of that house immensely. Full third floor, plus upper level landing (probably with a neat minibar setup) and roof deck. Love it! Probably cost a pretty penny.

    • Two units under contract, one for sale (middle level) at $675K.

      I used to live across the street in a rental directly across Euclid and all I can do is laugh at that price. The units look beautiful, but talk about paying a premium for location!

  • Absolutely. Love. It.

  • I like the look of it and have nothing against it personally, but not sure how that is legal. Depending on the size and internal configuration of that top aerie, I’m counting 5 stories where 3 are permitted. Also, three units normally needs a variance; there is no record of a variance for this property. Maybe it was grandfathered somehow.

    • I haven’t looked at the zoning for this lot… But if it is R4 you are allowed one unit for every 900 sq ft of lot size. Note you can only build upto 60% of the lot (62% from the zoning administrator) without getting a variance from the zoning board. Even though you “see” 4 floors the lower level most likely does not count as it is 4 1/2 feet or less then above grade. They get around the roof popup as classifying it as a penthouse for access – rules on that as far as size goes etc… But from the looks of it they are probably within the zoning laws of the lot.

  • Nicely done. The mansard is a nice solution, and very acceptable in the DC vernacular. I especially like that they kept the peaked turret detail consistent with their neighbors. I will of course continue my usual rant that modern day windows have zero depth and look awful stuck to the surface of a facade, rather than being sunken into the facade to provide some shadow and articulation.

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