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  • if anyone knows who the architect and / or builder of this were, please post them. we are looking to do almost exactly the same thing, in a way that (like this one) is as consistent as possible with the original materials and design of the home.

  • Nice pop-up, nice house, except that the open floorplan does not work for me here. However, I think the price seems a bit exhorbitent (sp?). I would think in the 800k or 900k.

    Also, I’m not a fan of putting the master bedroom in the attic. I just don’t want to go up two or three flights of steps to go to sleep.

  • Very nice job!! I love all of it. Does anyone know where the lights hanging over the kitchen bar can be purchased?

  • I’m a little surprised they put no windows in the side. I hope that was their choice and not forced upon them.

  • $1,195,000 for this? Seriously?

  • Really nice popup on a great house. I’m coveting.

  • orderedchaos

    Thumbs (popped) up! Looks terrific.

  • For $1.1 million don’t you think there would be doors on the showers – or at least shower curtain rods?

    • I never understand with staged flips why the decorators go to so much effort to have fluffy towels, baskets of towels, etc. in the bathrooms, but don’t put up shower curtain rods, shower curtains, and most especially toilet paper.

      • Well the easy answer especially with respect to the lack of toilet paper…they do not want to encourage open house lookers to use the facilities. You’d get every Sally, Joe, Jane and Fido from off the street. Ugh! As to the fluffy towels, it’s the trick of hotels, if you have plush towels you feel welcomed, at home, spoiled. Although I have wondered about the lack of shower rods and shower curtains, I think because they are kind of personal decor decisions. You could say that about a basket of towels but that’s easily removed. What if you prefer one type of shower rod and they have another. Not that it’s not an easy cosmetic fix but some people would probably prefer not to have to do a single thing when they buy a place.

  • Some careful thought went into this one. They went for modest instead of grandiose and it turned out well.

  • Saw the house, it’s great. Not 1.2 great, but still, pretty awesome house. The funniest part is that there are signs on every floor where the well for an elevator could be put in. So you could theoretically just take the elevator to the top floor if you’re hanging out in the basement.

  • Looks great! I often find these rowhouses to be uninspiring but I really like the pictures (except if I had re-done the house I would have tried to make the staircase wider, and put windows on the side of the top floor as someone else noted before me). As for climbing flights of stairs to get to the master bedroom, there is a reason why people who live in the city tend to be thinner than people out in the ‘burbs!

  • PDleftMtP

    $1.2MM? Seriously?

    I’ll freely admit that I don’t know the Hill market at all, but that would get you a hell of a lot more house in, say, Crestwood.

  • For $1.2 mil I’d like a friggin backsplash in my kitchens

  • Completely overpriced….
    For that kind of money you could get a nice homer closer to (or on) East Capitol, not to mention other areas of the City. That area is not that desirable.That home is close on 11 and E north east, close to H Street NW (two blocks away) The interior details are conspicuously absent, the deck looks like some sort of home depo el cheapo special and the shower is not that attractive. And still, top dollar is asked for this house!

  • So, yes, this is lovely. But for LESS $$, there is this: http://www.johnedwardsproperties.com/DC-Real-Estate/Washington/2025-Trumbull-Ter-Nw-Washington-DC-20011-DC7864729.html
    Now, this one is I believe Jeff Thompson’s old place, so it is, ahem, priced to sell. But still…

  • Very nice, dig it.

  • Some of the finishes are not great, but this house is gigantic. I don’t think it’s terribly overpriced.

  • 1.1 milliion to live in NE…that sh*t cra cra

  • Not only $1.2 million, but appears to have been bought a year ago for $550,000. That’s a pretty big flip

  • For almost $1.2 million, I’d want ceiling fixtures that weren’t 2 for $19 at Home Depot.

    I know that’s how much they are because that’s what I have in my hallways. They’re fine for hallways… but for bedrooms?? In a $1.2 million house???

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