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  • so out of place with the area. not a fan – regardless of color

  • What do they have against windows? Seems a little minimalist to me.

  • Terrible. Whoever this architect is… he should be banned from every designing anything ever again. 🙂
    No for real… no smiley face.

    • the architect is working and someone clearly is a fan….. said architect should not be banned. you may, however, need a muzzle

    • women design buildings too… female architects??? imagine that

      • LOL… you are clearly either the architect or the developer. I like how you have mosted double comments within a minute of each other on several negative comments on here. Face it… this design is bad.

  • Ummm, no.

    On a happier note, I do see that there appears to be a retail space going on … any idea on what might occupy that, or is it TBD?

  • are they going to be condos?

  • I’d say it’s butt ugly but that would be an insult to ugly butts everywhere.

  • Why can’t the city have a zoning option that’s between the over the top up-tightness of a Historic Preservation District and nothing? A good third option might be a class where you have to make the structure look like the ones around it externally but make allowances for more modern windows and other stuff? I don’t know, this isn’t a very well fleshed out idea but there must be something that can be done. I honestly don’t want development to be prohibitively expensive, but on the other hand I don’t want to look at this crap for the next 200 years.

    I think another problem is that people buy this crap. If it affected the sale price, this stuff wouldn’t get built. On the plus side, looks like 471 Luray Place still hasn’t sold. Maybe we are seeing people demand some class for their $500,000. I hope so.

  • The Google street view of Sherman just south of there is pretty cool.

  • I guess it could’ve been even worse, but this is definitely not attractive. I liked TG’s comment: “What do they have against windows?”

  • that’s a lovely lovely prison

    • Not in this case. I like the way they framed the retail entrance but beyond that this is not attractive modern this is just crap.

  • Oh this is ugly beyond belief. No redeeming qualities. So sad for people who end up living in this place.

  • Sherman Ave definitely needs more businesses to open up, and maybe borrow some charm from 11th St. I think this is a good start and hopefully it is commercial down below and residential up top. Although not ideally designed, the building is a huge improvement over what was there before.

    • Exactly – maybe not perfect, but a wonderful start!

      I’m also excited to see how the building across the way turns out. It’s been neat to see those go up.

  • The liquor store owner at Sherman and Fairmont had heard it might become a coffee shop.

  • the corner store that used to be here really sucked hard.

  • the corner store that used to be here really sucked hard. i will never shop there again!! 🙂

  • As a neighbor, I’m a little disappointed that it sticks out like a sore thumb – particularly since its’ taken FOREVER to get this far (and the interior still looks like it needs a lot of work).

    If it does become a (decent) coffee shop, I might be willing to forgive the stucco . . .

    • I live right up on 9th, I wish they’d put more windows in. But I am with the above – if we get a coffee shop right on our corner, they get my vote!

  • negative!

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