J. Crew Opening in Penn Quarter This August

950 F Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

I saw the sign out front over the weekend and figured other j.crew devotees would be interested.”

Back in April 2012 we learned:

“J.Crew will occupy 3,044 square feet on the ground floor and 5,581 square feet on the lower level for a total of 8,625 square feet in the Atlantic Building.”

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  • so if they are taking the basement space in this building, that means I will be able to buy a chunky cable-knit sweater on the precise spot where I saw Les Claypool play both the guitar and bass parts of “Master of Puppets” simultaneously on April 20, 1996 after drinking a 40 out of a paper bag in front of a Doc Johnson’s ‘love products’ store downtown.

    how the district has changed!

    • That’s “Doc Johnson’s Marital Products” and they’re on Twitter @TheOriginalDoc. Took them months to burn all the dried goo off the floor of the porno booths before they turned it into the Spy Museum. Yessir, both money and time behave like loose quicksilver in a nest of cracks. Once they’re gone you wonder where they went! And what the devil you did with them!

      • Thanks for the info, I guess…

        Its pretty crazy to remember walking from the metro to the fireworks on the mall during my suburban MD youth just how seedy downtown DC used to be, considering how incredibly sterile and expensive it is now.

        • Walking to the fireworks from the Metro?? (Cue cranky old DC person) Then you really have no idea just how seedy downtown was.

          Nor did you have to listen to your parents repeat over and over again how you wouldn’t have been caught DEAD downtown without a hat (“man”) or gloves (“lady”).

          Seriously…of course DC has changed. And changed again, and again. And probably has several more reincarnations to go – if we’re lucky.

          • This may be a bit of an absurd question but, is there anyplace left in the district that reminds people of the “old” DC?

        • We were just watching “Being There” with Peter Sellers last night, which has great footage of DC in the seventies, including a walk up the 14th Street I knew back in the day.

    • Though the address is 950, I’m sure they’ll also have the space where the original 9:30 Club used to be–since it is the Atlantic building.

      Oh…the memories. Front Line Assembly, Contagion, Man, or Astroman! [sigh]

  • this is another building I will never re-enter just so the memories can linger.

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