Ireland’s Four Fields/4P’s Closing Party in Cleveland Park Tonight

3412 Connecticut Ave, NW

Back in July 2011 we first heard some scuttlebutt that the Ireland’s Four Fields, formerly 4Ps would be closing at 3412 Connecticut Ave, NW in Cleveland Park. In May 2012 we heard an upscale Irish pub run by the folks behind McFadden’s would move into the space though the anticipated date of opening is unknown. What is known is that tonight is the 4Ps closing party. Owner Frank Hughes writes:

“Wednesday June 27 – Closing Party. We are closing this location forever. Drink the Bar Dry!”

Farewell 4Ps!

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  • First went there during college with our priest before 10:30 pm Mass at AU in 1990!

    Really sad 🙁

  • What is an upscale Irish pub?

  • It is a great bar to check out if you want to be alone.

    It must have been quite a place in 1989.

  • So this is going to be a Claddaugh’s? Didn’t know McFadden’s owned them. I’ve been to one in Ohio, and while it was a huge leap up from the 4P’s in terms of food quality, service and cleanliness, it was really nothing special.

    • The Uptown Citizen newspaper said the new place is going to be “white tablecloth” and called the “Uptown Tap Room”

  • i just moved to the neighborhood in january and always wondered why this place was so often empty……..anyone know?…is it the food, service??? Placing two Irish bars across the street from each other is a bad idea, although I wouldn’t mind replacing Nanny O’Brien’s horrible service and attitude with nice servers on a patio. The new place must get the chicken wings right, though….the only good thing going for Nanny’s.

  • It’s a really huge space… hard to fill up.

  • Claddaugh is a decent pub, if a bit chain-like. It’ll be a step forward for the neighborhood.

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