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  • I was there Saturday picking up calzones and they already were serving ice cream.

  • Hooray…much needed and I imagine will be quite popular. Milkshakes and malts too maybe?!?!?

  • i’d eat all those flavors

  • They’ve sold Mooritos by the pint before, but this looks scooped, which is awesome.

  • The ice cream is made with local dairy products.

  • Mooritos Cookie Overload is amazing!!!

  • Sounds great! Can’t wait for the new bakery and the new restaurant at 1st & Seaton. Bloomingdale keeps getting better and better…

  • Hi, folks! Lisa here from Bacio. Yes, yes, we have a new ice cream freezer and we’re super excited! Just fyi, we’ve given out a few cones here and there as samples but haven’t started officially selling them yet — still working on getting the temperature right and working out a few other kinks. But we’ll make a big announcement soon, and we’re also hoping to do regular weekend ice cream socials, which I hope folks will join us for! Our all-natural ice cream is from Moorenkos, made locally (by a woman in Silver Spring). We currently serve it in pints (and will continue to still) and we’ll have the same flavors in cones. I strongly recommend the salted caramel – omg! Anyway, thanks again for the support and we’ll be sure to let you know when the cones are officially rolled out!

    Bacio Pizzeria
    81 Seaton Place NW
    Washington DC, 20001

    • I saw this list and i thought there are Moorenkos flavors! They stole their names! Then I saw your note! Yeah for supporting local business! Moorenkos is awesome!

    • awesome! i LOVE moorenkos pumpkin. i’ll be a frequent customer if ya get that in the fall 🙂

      • Amy, we make pumpkin ice cream all year round. Attila can order some for you or you can contact me and we’ll get you some.

  • Hooray! My prayers have finally come true! Thank you, Bacio!

  • A pregnant woman in Bloomingdale’s fantasy… if only they were open 24 hours…pizza and ice cream… ummm.

  • Will there be vegan options?

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