Hydrangeas Blooming All Over Town

It’s the hydrangeas turn. I think last year someone said it is either pink or blue depending up on the acidity of the soil. So how does one bush have both pink and blue?

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  • the color comes from the acidity of the soil. You can alter the colors by adding supplements to your soil.

  • Soil acidity is not always uniform. You can find veins of acidity or alkalinity in some types of soil.

  • There are different species of Hydrangea, with one producing white blooms. The other, which may produce blooms of varying shade blue/purple, red/pink and this species produces colors depending on the acidity of the soil.

  • Mine aren’t even closing to blooming. Last year, they finally bloomed in August and then lasted for only a week or two. I was careful not to prune them last season. Any other theories for why my hydrangeas are late bloomers?

    • Mine didn’t bloom at all last year and this year they started blooming about a month ago and have lots of flowers. I have no clue but maybe it’s just a fickle plant.

  • In Czech Republic, it is said no women will be married in a house with hydrangeas in the front garden.

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