House of the Day

As I was admiring this great house near H Street, NE the owners came home and were nice enough to give me a tour inside. I dream of one day doing a renovation this nice (and they have a roof deck!) They even had the history of the house going back to 1907 (a former negro league pitcher once owned the place.) So awesome.

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  • This doesn’t look good to me. The windows aren’t centered on the second floor, and I’m not feeling the stone work around the modern windows on the first floor.

    • I’m not sure I agree about the window not being centered on the second floor. If you include the raised section of brick on the right side on the second floor and include that as part of the section from which the windows are centered, it looks centered to me. The first photo makes me question the centeredness but the bottom one clears it up.

  • The “stone” on the top looks suspiciously like Formstone. It’s unfortunate that the real stone of the first floor has been painted, as painted stone rarely looks good. The fenestration IS oddly busy, and that strange bump-out on the the second floor makes me wonder if it had a partner house that was torn down. At least it’s clean and tidy!

  • I’m pretty sure it’s all Formstone.

  • I wish there was a before photo bcs this place looks incredible compared to what it used to look like. They also have a carriage house type building in the back….could be a garage w a 2nd story apt….haven’t toured back there since it was remodeled but these folks have helped that block big time.

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