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  • May I suggest some landscaping? That exterior has all the charm of a culdesac in a Toll Brothers community.

  • Yeah, I was gonna say – it’s kinda nice, but if I wanted to live in a house like that, I’d move to Ashburn or something.

  • Wow, you people are so critical! Give these owners a break. Maybe they’ve already spent all of their funds on getting the house built/renovated that they don’t have any money right now for landscaping. I mean it’s clean, well-kept and looks like they keep the lawn mowed. Obviously these people like their house. I’m sure they’ll get around to putting in a tree or something in time.

  • This house was just recently completely rebuilt. It used to be a falling over dump. Landscaping or not, it’s a giant improvement and I am sure the owners will continue to improve it as time goes on.

  • I believe this is the 12th Street end of Park Street NE, a one-block-long street of wooden houses from about 1900. If you actually stand there, there’s no mistaking it for suburbia, big lawn notwithstanding. Even if there are some “townhouses” in Ashburn that sort of look like this, they aren’t back-to-back with and (as for these end houses) across the street from even older brick rowhouses. (I also doubt the Toll Brothers build such nice cornices.)

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