Hill Country Summer Barbeque Coming to the National Building Museum

The National Building Museum, 401 F St, NW, is on a roll. First they are bringing us mini golf inside the museum and now barbeque from Hill Country. It’s not too often you see a liquor license application attached to a tree but here’s a good one:

It says:

“New Seasonal outdoor tavern on the 5th Street lawn of the National Building Museum serving barbecue food and beverages with live entertainment.”


Hill Country is located nearby at 410 7th St, NW in Penn Quarter. You can see their menu here. More info on Hill Country Summer Barbeque as it becomes available.

401 F St, NW

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  • Overrated (and overpriced) food, served at an overrated museum. Meh.

    • Somebody’s got a case of the Mondays (still).

    • I actually like this museum a lot. And it’s great to see these places finding ways to bring in new visitors (like the new Tryst in the Phillips Collection). Museums have an undeserved reputation for being stuffy and boring, which is a shame because it keeps a large segment of the populatoin from ever setting foot in them.

    • Is that you, General Sherman? Anyway , this is great news. The Building Museum is one of the lesser-known gems in the city and although Hill Country isn’t the best BBQ ever, it’s not too bad.

      • +1, love the Building Museum. Never eaten at Hill Country, so can’t comment on the food, but if this helps them stay open, go for it.

        I highly recommend the tour of the building itself, which gives you the history of the structure and its interesting features. I’ve taken it several times and the volunteer docents have always been terrific.

  • I have taken my son to the museum and gone to Hill Country afterwards. Its a great place for small kids. Sitting on the lawn and eating it will be even better.

  • Incredibly overpriced food…especially for bbq…and the portions are small..

  • I guess I’ll be the dissenting voice here. I like Hill Country. It’s nothing to write home about, but I enjoy going there and think the food is pretty good. And the portions (of meat anyway) are based on weight, so I’m sure how size could be an issue. I usually get the one of the specials that includes 1/3 lb brisket, a side, and cornbread for something like $12.50. Not overpriced at all, IMO.

  • Food at museums is always overpriced. You’re not eating there to save money.

  • People with small kids love the Building Museum because it has a fun playroom and a lot of climate controlled indoor space. They do Lego events there sometimes. Now there will be a place for parents & nannies to get some lunch without having to go to that awful Burger King.

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