Hermosa, The 4 Month Old Bernese Mountain Dog, Returned Safely

Update: Hermosa was returned this morning! We couldn’t be happier. Our signs and listserv postings paid off and we were emailed this morning. Hermosa was safe and very well taken care off by this woman and her children. We are very lucky. Thanks so much for your help!!

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  • That’s it? No info on the woman being arrested? I’m having a hard time believing this story.

  • This is such great news!!! So what happened? Why did the woman take her in the first place????

  • Allison

    I’m thinking maybe the woman picked up the dog because she mistakenly thought the dog was lost/abandoned? Not getting full story.

  • you people need to get a life. the owners don’t owe anyone anything, least of all a “full story”. just enjoy the good news and have a good weekend.

  • This is kind of like a friend that calls you crying because their bf/gf broke up with her/him and at that moment in time, your full support, time and attention is focused on this person’s situation. Then a week later you realize you haven’t heard from this person and come to the conclusion that he/she is back with this heartbreaker.

    You have asked this community for help and then give us no information as to what happened. Thanks.

    • I agree with you and think john is an a$$ who is just trying to flame. Of course we are owed an explanation, for the very reason you suggest.

  • Given how hot it’s been, maybe the woman thought the dog was overheated? Still, I don’t know why she wouldn’t try knocking on the door first.

  • Nothing about this story makes a lick of sense.

  • Agree with those who think that the blog should be given an explanation of what happened, since the blog was asked for its help in resolving the situation. Many of us on this blog have dogs that play in our yards, sometimes not watched every minute if we go inside for a few minutes to do something. If there is someone potentially posing a harm to our animals in the community, it would be a common courtesy to let people know, particularly if you solicited the help of those people in finding your own animal.

  • Thank goodness the dog was returned.

    However, since so many people think and are afraid of evil puppy nappers walking among us and how the knee jerk reaction here is that a kidnapped dog is being sold into slavery or as pit bull bait – I think some additional details, if nothing else, as a public service so people better understand how and why this happened, is appropriate.

    No one owes us anything, but it would certainly be nice.

  • This makes me wonder whether Hermosa was wandering unleashed outside and away from of her owner’s property, and this woman, who we all thought was a horrible monster for snatching a puppy from a gated front yard, actually thought that she was rescuing a lost dog.

    This story feels like a “crying wolf” scenario.

  • That dog is a serious cutie

  • Wow. The poster sounds so shady. I thought they were being extremely vague before but now they are outright sketchy. I feel sorry for the puppy now, I hope its whole life isn’t this chaotic.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    From the OP:

    “I went out to weed the front garden for a little bit at around 3:30pm and Hermosa went outside the front door on Rhode island and tried to cross the street when I wasn’t looking. A woman stopped and picked her up, really it turns out to rescue her, I noticed only after she had taken her, literally a minute after. I did not see it because of cars parked in front of the house, but it happened right in front of our house. When I asked the people across the street , who we do not know ( I should make a point to know all my neighbors ) , they told me what had happened and that Hermosa would be taken to the Humane society. She was not, so we put up fliers and posted in many online listservs. Fortunately for us , she had not intended to keep her and looked in Craigslist this morning and emailed us .

    She was very nice to Hermosa, I just wished she had left her info with someone , reported her to the police/ humane society and / or waited a little bit . It happened so fast.

    It was my fault and I have to say that I’m not leaving the doors open anymore when I go outside on Rhode island Ave.”

    • Glad to hear everything worked out all right! And for goodness’ sake, some people might want to think about taking a deep breath and dialing back a bit on the harsh comments and jumping to conclusions. Dog owners make honest mistakes like the rest of us, dogs get mischevious or curious and sneak away sometimes, etc….and it doesn’t automatically mean that someone’s shady or crying wolf or whatnot. (Perhaps the OP didn’t immediately respond to demands for more info. because he/she has other things going on and isn’t camped out on Prince Of Petworth 24/7, hm?). Sounds like this was a simple misunderstanding on the part of an owner who didn’t see the dog escape–and no doubt was sick with worry–and a decent person who just didn’t know to contact the Humane Society right away. I say let’s just be happy that an adorable puppy is back home safe!

      • I think all we wanted was the full story, because the previous implication, whether intended or not, was that the dog was snatched in front of the owner or from the owner’s property, a cause for alarm. The story as originally depicted was vague and caused undue alarm for other dog owners. I don’t feel that any of the comments have been harsh, more so that concerned members of the community wanted the full story, because the original story wasn’t adding up (which lends to a shady feel).

        • I agree the details are beneficial for the community, and especially the dog owners out there, and I’m glad everyone eventually got the full story. But honestly, some of the comments came across as less in the spirit of “we’re concerned and it’d be helpful to know more when the OP has a minute” and more like criticizing the OP for not instantly supplying every little detail. This might sound hokey, but I guess I just imagined how I would feel if this happened to me–sad, worried, panicked, guilty about the lost dog; overjoyed, relieved when the dog was returned. In other words, kind of emotional and maybe not thinking straight about preparing the best, most detailed response. Maybe after a little while, when I’d calmed down and was thinking more clearly, I’d realize I should give more information and would do so…like the OP ultimately did.

    • Your dog should always have a collar on, with tags that have your phone number and address.

      • Hey, thanks – you know how accidents happen? People make mistakes. I bet you’re the type of person who tells people they really shouldnt eat so quickly before going swimming after that person cramps up in the deep end.

      • +10000. And as for “I just wished she had left her info with someone , reported her to the police/ humane society and / or waited a little bit,” are you kidding? You should be giving her a reward. She’s driving in a car with three kids, meaning she had a lot on her plate already, and she obviously had no idea where the dog came from or how long it was there. She saved your dog’s life, period. Bravo to her.

  • I’m sorry but the poster seems to be putting a lot of the blame on the woman that rescued her puppy. Are you aware of how busy Rhode Island Avenue is??? And how people fly down the street??! Even if your puppy was just “trying to cross the street for a minute,” that is a minute too long. This situation could have been much worse. And yes, a collar should have been on the puppy.

    • “Hermosa was safe and very well taken care off by this woman and her children” doesn’t sound like she was placing blame. To be fair, this sounds like it was a very stressful experience for the owner, that could have been avoided if the woman who took the puppy had done things differently. If I found a loose dog I’d hang around the vicinity for a while because the owner is probably out looking for it.

      • You might not have “hung around” if you had three kids in the car with you. The woman was BUSY and did the guy a HUGE favor.

        • It sounds like it happened really quickly though. She couldn’t have waited more than 30 seconds? I’m sure the kids would have enjoyed playing with a puppy for a few minutes.

        • She’s allowed to be in a rush, but she should have told the people across the street exactly what she planned on doing with the dog and how she could be contacted.

      • It could have been avoided if the woman never let her 4 month old puppy wander into a busy 4 lane intersection to begin with.

        • That was an accident. Taking the dog without telling anyone where you are going with it is was not. That’s what I meant.

          • As a dog lover I would have done the same thing as the woman – with clarification we’ve received. The thought of my Bernie puppy in the street brings chills down my spin. I probably would have stuck around for an owner but quite frankly w/out a collar not sure who to trust. Bernies are expensive dogs and adorable. Hermosa needs a collar and a tracking chip ASAP.

          • I don’t think the tracking chip would have helped (she might even have one for all we know) because the woman never took her in to be scanned. I’m guessing the collar wasn’t on because the dog had been in the house. It’s a good thing the owner put up signs all over the place!

          • As a dog owner I certainly wouldn’t take a loose dog. I’d hate to make the poor frantic owner know that someone has it but could be anywhere and cannot be reached.

  • After reading this litany of comments, including the delightful “anonymous” person who thought it was appropriate to call me an ass (oh, sorry, an “a$$”), I repeat my original suggestion: you people need to get a life. thanks. happy fourth!

    • “Get a life”… says the gentleman (not even the OP) responding half a week after someone insulted him. On a holiday, no less.

      The original insult was uncalled for, but why breathe new life into the matter now? Let it go.

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