Good Deal or Not? “perfect for entertainment” edition

This house is located at 538 11th Street, SE:

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The listing says:

“RENOVATED CAPITOL HILL HOME-Buy for cheaper than rent. This gorgeous home newly renovated by Brookland Homes is just 3 blocks from Barracks Row. Located between Eastern Market and Potomac Ave metro stations and right off Penn Ave. and 295, transportation options abound. Lovely front porch and wrap-around deck makes this home perfect for entertainment.”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/2.5 bath is going for $799,900.

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  • Only in DC would someone describe an 800k home as “buy for cheaper than rent”

    • My partner and I bought a similar sized house for $25k less, in a slightly better location (1 block north of the Eastern Market metro). She thinks there is no way in hell it could ever be rented for as much as our mortgage payment, but I’m not sure that’s true these days.

      This seems like a decent price given the location. I walk by this house every day on my way to work, and it looks very nice. The only thing I hate about 11th Street is that it’s a fairly busy road and the houses aren’t set back from the sidewalk– it’s not nearly as quiet or as charming as some of the side streets. I’m really not crazy about the layout on the first floor, either. It looks like all the original charm has been erased.

      • Isn’t this the general vicinity of the recent stabbing of the Trusty’s bartender? Always amazes me when people are getting close to $1M in asking price for a smallish house in verifiable stabbin’ country. God bless ’em if they can get it, I guess. Seems high to me. I do like the Youtube tour, though.

        [Cue the “that was 4 blocks away” response, followed by the “it’s block-by-block in this town.”]

        • Oops, that was supposed to be a general comment on the string. (I think the numbers are really close on rent-to-mortgage point, btw … but a pretty low return rate on the down payment.)

        • Yeah. . . crime is really out of control around there. Even if you include the Trusty’s incident which occurred to the east of Potomac Ave Metro on Penn, this is still a safe neighborhood by any measure in DC

        • Well to be fair, in what neighborhoods could you NOT find history of a shooting or stabbing within a 5-block radius?

          Regardless, one recent incident hardly makes this “verifiable stabbin’ country.” It’s one of the safer neighborhoods in DC.

        • That stabbing happened over five blocks away.

        • and let us not forget the daytime armed robbery of the Papa Johns on 11th St 2 blocks south a couple of years ago. I’d order a pizza from them but it doesn’t fit through the security gate, I’m too scared to open my door to receive it, and I fear for the driver’s safety, even if he carries nothing larger than $20 bills

  • looks really lovely — no idea about the price, but seems very nice, although it was hard to get a sense of the bathroom(s).

  • this has congressional fundraiser venue written all over it

    • Fundraisers require people. People can’t fit into a house the size of a matchbox.

      • I don’t know how many people are involved in a congressional fundraiser, but this house really isn’t small. Maybe by McLean standards, but it’s normal-sized for Capitol Hill (and my neighbors and I seem to be able to have parties in our houses without problems).

  • I think the price is a little bit steep for a house that small. Seems to me that $725k would be closer for a house so small, even given the pretty good location.

  • nice reno, but price seems high for what looks like a 2 BR + what could be generously described as a den. Backyard has lots of potential, but for that $ I’d expect some landscape design. The footprint would make it a tight 3 BR, so the 2 full baths upstairs were a good idea. Location is good.

    I think it’s not a deal but wouldn’t be surprised to see it go within %5 of asking

  • binpetworth

    Seems tiny. I’m not familiar with Capitol Hill/SE real estate, but is $534/sq. foot the going rate?

    • Some of the nearby properties on the market:

      244 9th Street is asking $511/sq ft
      325 9th Street is $590
      216 10th Street is $545
      538 11th Street is $400
      419 12th Street is $575
      912 I Street is $410

  • I went to this open house and I think the house feels a lot larger than the pictures indicate. The side deck in the back and all of the smaller details were really well done. The price didn’t surprise me, but I wouldn’t say it was a steal.

  • I went to the first open a couple weeks ago. The renovation seemed rushed, as there were a few things that were left unfinished (the deck had not been finished/sealed, the fridge wasn’t level, etc.) but it was nice aesthetically. That being said, one of the bedroom was pretty small and there’s no possibility of parking. Live in the neighborhood so I’d love to see it sell for this much, but probably overpriced by 50-75k.

  • We also saw the initial open house– We liked this and would have considered it if it wasn’t just after we bought a nearby house. The kitchen renovation was nice and the rooms were larger than the pictures make them seem. The backyard was a bit tight for me and no parking (other than street) but I’m a bit surprised it hasn’t been snapped up–so must be a tad overpriced. And you’re around the corner from Fragers.

  • Agreed– 50-75K overpriced without parking. I would seriously consider this home at 725K. At 800K– I don’t feel compelled to consider it. Seller is expecting a lot. Also, I don’t get the 3BA? I think I only saw pictures of 2?

    • Right– and agreed about the matchbox size, lol. Not for 800K. For less, yes, ok. Also, although it is near Eastern Market… it is not in one of the more desirable school districts on the Hill. No “deal.”

  • Price has been reduced to $774,500 – and this home is larger than a matchbox!

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