Good Deal or Not? “Coveted 5th ST SE” edition

This house is located at 20 5th St, SE:

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The listing says:

“NEW PRICE!! Coveted 5th ST SE, five blocks to the Capitol! NO expense spared Custom renovation included rebuilding the house from the ground up while maintaining the footprint and historic facade & character. The design & construction quality of this house make this a “must see” & rare opportunity for a Turnkey Purchaser. Bonus: Connecting stairs to Stunning One Bedroom In-Law Suite”

You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/3.5 bath is going for $1,095,000.

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  • “The theme we’ve chosen for the decor is: Cellos.”

    Strange layout, but I like all the natural light. Seems like a good deal for that amount of space in that area.

  • I was initially concerned from the description that the home may not have a place for my string bass. Luckily the photos allayed my fears.

  • Coveted by whom, other than this real estate agent?

    • Ha. I seized on that word choice, too. Plus, does that make it off-limits to our most observant religious buyers, the ones who adhere to the rules about “Thou shalt not covet …”?

      • Fear not. We are commanded not to covet our neighbor’s wife or ass. Doesn’t say anything about real estate.

  • No expense spared…except the expense of landscape and basement kitchen appliances.

  • That bedroom with all the windows is just fantastic. I’m not crazy about the kitchen and living room layouts, but the laundry room is a nice perk. The in-law suite looks really nice, as far as these things go. I’m guessing there is not much backyard to speak of, or else they would have mentioned it or included a photo.

    Seems like a good deal for someone with the money!

  • I would buy this in a second, if I had a million bucks. I might even take music lessons.

    • For something so coveted you might have to pay asking price, or more, so a million bucks comes up short.

  • how did the exterior modifications make it through the HRB?

  • Not sure about “coveted,” but 5th is much quieter than the nearby north-south streets since it runs into a park before it gets to Penn. The parallel stretch of 4th is regularly used by commuters as an NHRA qualifier.

    • How so? The lights on 4th are timed so that you get a red light at every controlled intersection, no matter how fast or slow you go.

      Actually the lights on any north-south street on Capitol Hill are timed this way (heavily favoring east-west traffic). Don’t get me started on the lights on 8th, which create absurd north-south traffic jams during rush hour.

    • If you covet that quiet suburban cul de sac the Hill is not really your speed.

  • If it had been coveted wouldn’t it have been bought before this new price?

  • I wish I had a real estate budget of a million dollars! There sure are a lot of gorgeous and EXPENSIVE homes in this town. My husband and I are both college and grad-school educated people with decent jobs, as are the majority of our friends, yet no one I know can afford a place like this. Must be nice 🙂

  • Not worth anything close to asking price. I went to an open house and the photos are very misleading…very small for the price!

  • LOL @ “no expenses spared” when the “in-law kitchen” doesn’t have a refrigerator or stove. Clearly designed for people who hate their in-laws. LMAO.

  • Location is fantastic and being on 5th is MUCH better than on 4th or 6th. The proximity to Eastern Market and the Capitol is priceless.

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