Good Deal or Not? “charming vintage home” edition

This house is located at 1033 Irving Street, NE:

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The listing says:

“Welcome to this charming vintage home! Located blocks from the Red Line Metro on a quiet tree-lined street, this home has it all. Newly renovated kitchen w/ granite counters & s/s appliances. BA has sep shower & jetted tub. Basement includes kitchenette, BA & new carpet. Newer 2 car garage offers tons of storage. Walk to metro, Brookland Main Street shops, restaurants, new RI Ave development.”

You can see a virtual tour here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $375,000.

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  • We toured it this past weekend and it is an odd duck. Cute curb appeal and nice kitchen, but the floors are original and in rough shape, the basement stairs are only accessible if you fold yourself up like an accordion, the master bathroom looked like a bizarre/cheap afterthought, and the main staircase was actually kind of dangerous without a hand rail at the top. Even as an avid DIY-er that loves this hood, no thanks.

    • THANK YOU!! I saw the price, got crunk, and was moments from emailing this listing to a friend so I could arrange to go and see it. You may have just saved me some time.

  • i love Brookland

  • Looks charming enough, but $375k? I hope you have another $200k on hand to fix it up. Me, I’ll continue to wallow in my depression about being priced out of this city.

    • jim_ed

      May I recommend upper Petworth to you? We got in for <350k in a home that was totally move in ready, already had central a/c, and is on a nice street of well maintained homes.

      • When did you buy? I know of several people looking in that area and it is slim pickins’. There are very few places even under 400K.

        • jim_ed

          last week. I know there are several homes that can be lived in, but need some serious updating for slightly more or less than 300k in the neighborhood right now for sale. real estate prices in the hood are really schizophrenic, with some people asking 400+ for unrenovated homes, so it definitely takes some digging, as there’s very little consistency to pricing from what I can tell.

  • We saw it this weekend too. There are some oddities. There are two bedrooms on the second floor, but accessing the bathroom requires you to walk through the master bedroom. Also, as A notes, the staircase to the second floor is narrow and dangerous, and the staircase to the basement is very low (I am only 5 ‘3” and hit my head on the way up). The “in-law suite” portion of the basement is also more of a laundry room. That said, the kitchen was recently redone and it looks very nice; there’s a nice-sized back yard; and the garage provides great storage. We thought it would be a good deal for a single person, a childless couple, or a couple with a young baby (the second bedroom upstairs would make a nice nursery but would not be useful for an older child due to the bathroom issue).

  • To the people who saw it this weekend, are my eyes correct that you have to step-down into the upstairs bathroom? If so that’s got disaster written all over drunk or sober!

    • I just peeked into the bathroom and didn’t notice the step, but that’s what it looks like from the photo. But with the two dangerous stairways, this is definitely not a house for people who drink a lot. Or klutzy types.

    • Correct. It’s a major, unnatural step down into that upstairs bathroom. It feels very detached from the house itself. And then there are the odd bath fixtures and vinyl tiles on the floor. It’s just strange.

  • I haven’t seen this place in person, but I’m having a hard time buying these comments. The place may have quirks but it’s a nice looking, very livable house — with land — walking distance to the metro for less than $400,000.

    As long as the buyer doesn’t move in the next few years, great investment.

    • Please explain, as long as the buyer doesn’t move in for a couple of years.

      This house seems priced correctly for the quirkyness of it. if it weren’t for those few odd details this would definitely be around 400. Every house that has been sold recently in the few blocks around has been around 400.
      This is a cute block that is mostly completely turned. Other than 2 or 3 houses on this block its a great street with many great neighbors, plus the round house on the corner.

      Brookland is definitely not a place that you need to buy and wait to move in. There are many great families new and old around these blocks and looks like with a little bit more money put in to change some of the odd things, you have a great house within a good distance from lots of new retail, right around 400

      • I think what Bloomingdude meant by “As long as the buyer doesn’t move in the next few years” was “As long as the buyer stays put for a few years.”

        (If the buyer was going to delay moving in, there would need to be an extra “in” in the original wording.)

      • I think Bloomingdude meant that the buyer should plan to live there for at least a few years before trying to sell (to allow time for appreciation) – not that the buyer should wait a few years before moving into the house.

        • +1 Yes, I meant that the house will very likely appreciate in a few years. So this may not be good for a quick flip, but it’ll most certainly be good for an investment as well as good place to live.

  • Hard to tell for sure, but it looks to me like the upstairs bathroom is in a portion of the house that was built as an addition to the original structure. (If so, I wonder where the original bathroom was!)

    It sounds like either you could use the front bedroom as the master bedroom, and have to walk through the guest bedroom (or kid’s bedroom) to get to the bathroom… or you could use the next-to-the-bathroom bedroom as your master bedroom, but then any guests/kids would have to walk through YOUR bedroom to get to the bathroom. To my mind, that’s more than a quirk; it’s a major drawback.

    The fact that the basement stairs have no railing is bad enough, but the fact that someone who’s 5’3″ could bump his/her head going up/down the stairs is even worse. And with the laundry area in the basement, you’d (presumably) have to figure out how to duck while carrying baskets full of clothing!

    • Oh, and that also looks like a hot plate (!) in the basement kitchenette. I get that a full-on stove/oven can be hard to add in (because of the need for 240V), but it seems like the sellers could’ve at least installed a cooktop (i.e., burners but no oven).

  • I wanted to love this place as it’s a fine location and has a great kitchen but it’s narrow and there’s not that much one can do to rearrange the bathroom configuration or the totally dangerous stairs. Not sure why they built that garage out back as i don’t think they will get their $$$ back on that one.

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