Good Deal or Not? “Charming 2 bedroom” edition

This house is located at 984 Florida Avenue, NW:

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The listing says:

“Charming 2 bedroom 1 bath row house in the heart of the city. Beautiful tree lined street close to everything! Galley kitchen, carpeted floors, small rear yard and good sized bedrooms. Property is sold strict as is, but should pass FHA inspection. If you are dreaming of a owning a home in the city, act now!”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/1 bath is going for $416,000.

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  • I’m sorry, but are you serious? I know it’s a free-standing home, not an apartment but 2 bed/1 bath apts that have been re-done are in that price range. Also the “as is” and “should pass FHA inspection” are not good signs.

  • I have friends who live on that block. The houses are either very cozy or Procrustean, depending on your stature. Convenient for 930, Solly’s, or the Metro.

  • This place is in rough shape but could be flipped inexpensively judging by the pictures. Still 416k is way to much, especially with that disclaimer on the post!!

  • Yikes. That place makes my skin crawl. I wonder what it would cost to complete gut and redo the place.

    It doesn’t seem to have much natural light and I think that stretch of Florida is covered in trees, so I think it would be a depressing place to live, even if it was all pimped out.

    • I was just thinking that that stretch of Florida has some great trees, and that’d be the only redeeming factor.

  • Muhahahaha… Keep on coming north with that craziness.

  • houseintherear

    My best guess on the right price is $350k. I wonder if the back yard is park-able.

  • That block of houses is very cute, but this seems overpriced considering how much work it needs.

    Not that this is one of the bigger things needing work, but did anyone note that the toilet paper holder in the bathroom is mounted vertically, rather than horizontally??

    • Or how about that washer/dryer conveniently located right in the middle of the freaking living room.

      …that whole house just looks weeeeeeird.

  • I was looking at houses on that block and the block of 10th behind it in 2006 and a few were in the 250k range, which I thought was a lot back then. Apparently not.

  • This is crazy…
    I mean the location is great and is worth a bit extra but this place has no basement so all your utilities need to be on roof or in living room area. Backyard is small and will need work and I agree with other posters about the lack of natural light.
    I would agree with a settled price of $350K.

  • Looks depressing as hell

  • I’d pay more money for a list of people willing to buy this for $416,000 than I’d pay for this house.

  • Yes, those bars on the windows certainly ARE charming.

  • The interior is ugly and needs some serious updates, but I don’t see any major problems like the others are alluding to. Of course, there could be problems we don’t know about, but if you only need to redo the kitchen/bathroom and get rid of the carpeting this seems like a good price. It’s a very desirable location and could easily be flipped for a profit.

    • People here seem to think that you have to live in listed houses EXACTLY how they appear in the photos — with the W/D in the living room, wall colors, etc.

      • No, but they think it is insane to pay hugely inflated prices for a place that appears EXACTLY as horribly and obviously in need of a gut job as it does in these photos.

        • A remodeled comp on the same block is under contract for 515+, there is room for profit with under 100k of work. I’m sure an investor would be happier paying under 400, but anything that close to U is going to have a big price tag. You’re paying for the shell and address.

  • Did this one end up going for asking?

    Not listed as sold on Redfin, but it didn’t stay on the market long at 515k. Today’s house might be good for a person or couple good at doing some renovation work on their own. Strip everything out and put in new flooring, tiling, landscaping/decking. Bigger investments would be a central A/C system and better kitchen.

  • A little depressing, but seems livable. the small size of the rooms would be a negative.

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