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My friends have an awesome backyard patio. Some may recognize them from last year – they’re the ones who do the ingenious shower caddy plantings.

So in the extreme heat – how often are you watering your gardens?

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  • Moved into a row house with a rain barrel. I no longer wait until the last possible day to water my plants, in fact I’m filling my space with more soil and plants so I use up this “extra” water. Wonder if I’ll drain it at any point this summer. I highly recommend one!

    • Second the recommendation for a rain barrel. Really helps with watering, and with a long hose, we often just direct the trickle of water at the base of our young trees.

      We often drain the barrel (or really get the water levels down) when rain is predicted in the forecast- then the plants get an extra drink, and we still have a full barrel waiting for the next dry spell!

  • A better question is how in the world are you walking around in this heat?

  • The stuff that grows well around here actually thrives in the hot, humid weather.

  • mtpgal

    Self-watering containers, my friends. I’d never tried them until this summer and they are a revelation for growing tomatoes. The one I have holds 4 gallons so I only have to water every 5 days or so. I can’t say enough good things about it.

  • It’s natural to want to really pour on the water when it gets hot, but you don’t want to over-water which will cause blossom end rot in tomatoes, suffocate roots, and cause bacterial/fungal growth in the root system. It’s easier to bring a plant back from under-watering than it is to save a plant from over-watering, so I tend to be conservative in my watering, even in really hot weather.

    One or two deep waters per week is generally better than watering every day. Deep watering encourages deeper root growth, which makes the plants stronger/sturdier and more of the water actually gets to the plant (instead of evaporating). For my vegetable garden, I give 1 gallon of water per square foot per week. I usually water twice a week, giving .5 gallons per square foot at each watering. In really prolonged intense heat, I might add a third watering during the week, but only if the plants are getting droopy.

  • If you have plants in pots, you have to water at least every day, maybe twice a day.

    If you have plants in the ground, if they are new you need to water daily during the heat. If they are established I agree with the advice to water once or twice a week and deeply. Also, soaker hoses do wonders. I was amazed at how much better my garden did with soaker hoses.

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