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  • Love this garden. Thanks sooo much to the two dudes I met who are planting/raising it (growing it, whatever) out of the kindness of their hearts. They told me it was composed of the remains of the community garden behind the masonic temple. Rant: sad to see that go; Rave: kudos to the good neighborhood folks taking care of this little garden!

  • PoP, is that 14th and about Riggs I see as the cross street?

  • Ha! What a thrill to see our garden here. I was just thinking of sending pics in! We love it – and love to take care of it.

    Last fall my partner Hex had the bright idea of bringing over perennials from Temple Garden and planting them here, in front of my studio. We were so sad to see Temple Garden closed. A favorite spot to walk and linger and smell. It’s such a shame. So happy to have saved some of the amazing plants for everybody to enjoy.

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