Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – U Street

This rental is located at 1901 16th Street, NW:

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The listing says:

“Well maintained and light-filled second level open apartment home. This home features two closets, an open kitchen with stainless steel appliances, great views overlooking trees and the front yard onto 16th Street, NW. This home has wonderful charm and is located in the center of NW DC.”

This studio is going for $1,450/Mo.

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  • Good deal given the location. The interior pictures would be much more appealing if there wasn’t so much clutter everywhere.

    • Wow…I’d hate to see what you have to say about my house. A few shelved and out-of-the-way books, a few plants, and a coffee maker = “so much clutter?” I swear people aren’t allowed to have furniture anymore, because their house is “cluttered” with those pesky beds and chairs littering up what could be “spacious rooms.”

  • Looks tiny with an awkward layout – but it’s a roof over your head in an excellent location.

  • I’m sure it’s tiny but it’s in a great location and looks very charming.

  • I love the repeated use of “apartment home” instead of calling it a studio. I can’t believe that’s what studios are going for in this area now! When I first moved to DC in 1999, I got a basement studio at 16th and U for $600 per month. I just saw that unit renting for $1350 – crazy!

    • Which is $57 increase a year for 13 years. Not that awful, but, yes. The rents are too damned high.

    • It’s over 9% a year in increase – that’s pretty amazing to me.

      • Actually, yes $57 is over 9% of the initial $600 rent, but that isn’t how rates are calculated since they are compounded over the 13 years. It really works out to just over a 6% increase annually for 13 years – which is pretty reasonable.

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