Former Tropicana Eatery to Serve Pizza by the Slice near U Street

725 Florida Ave, NW

Back in Jan. 2012 Tropicana Eatery closed at 725 Florida Ave, NW east of U Street. Thanks to a reader for sending word:

I was walking to work and there is a “Pizza by the slice” neon sign on the outside of the building. I walked inside since the door was open and there was a guy inside who confirmed it. They had boxes of mozzarella cheese in the fridge and a number of pizza boxes already built and on the counter. He said “maybe it will open tomorrow or the day after”.

I’m not thrilled that it’s another pizza place, but I’m happy to finally see something in that space!

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  • Oh I’ll park there!!

    • I wouldn’t do that if I were you! If it isn’t obvious by the sign he made, this place is owned by a caveman, and they take this sort of parking business seriously!

    • thats fine. just don’t parktow.

  • Yea, more pizza! Shouldn’t we get a bingo thingy each time a pizza place opens in the Shaw/Bloomingdale area? We now have: Little Italy, Rustik (which is great!), Baccio, Pizzaro and others I think I’m missing. But not a burrito to be found.

    • claire

      Yeah, I’m with you on this. There’s only so much pizza I can eat, and I’ve already dedicated my pricey-but-so-delicious slot to Rustik and cheap-and-great-when-drunk slot to Italy Pizza. Give us cheap tacos/burritos and I will be there all the time!

    • You seem to often bemoan the lack of burritos in Shaw, but isn’t El Rinconcito in Shaw?

      • Good point. My bemoaning is about the lack of a burrito place more in the vicinity of Bloomingdale-Ledroit. I include Shaw because Shaw snakes its way across such a large area and touches on Bloomingdale and Ledroit. El Reconcito is much more Logan Circle, as I see it, than Bloomingdale-Ledroit.

  • It’s open as of last night.

  • cue sad trombone

  • Given that U street is just an extension of the Adams Morgan strip, this place makes sense. I’m not saying it’s a good thing, just that it makes sense.

  • Pizza served directly outside Town? Let the shame cycle continue! 😉

    • And, what’s wrong with Town? I wouldn’t have used the club’s name and “shame” in the same sentence, unless I’m just not getting your humor, which is possible.

      • I took his comment to be more in the line of the Town patrons would be shameful if they were caught eating pizza…..kinda like the “walk of shame.”

        • Um, considering that they have a free pizza buffet at Town every Friday night, I don’t think this is an issue.

          And, I’m thrilled that there is finally a pizza slice place in my hood. I moved here from NYC 20 years ago and was always baffled by the dearth of slice places in DC. It’s hardly improved a bit.

  • I was hoping for maybe a Shoney’s Big Boy or Bonanza to go in that space.

  • I bought some late-night pizza here this past Saturday after leaving Town. Given my drunken state, I’m not really in a position to say how good or bad the pizza was, though! The cashier lady was really friendly, which is always nice.

  • kouzina angelina’s they have great late night big slice pizza

  • got a large 18 in pizza late night so good

  • This place will do well on the weekends considering it’s right next to Town but then again, like someone said, why go here when you can go to Bear Happy for unlimited free pizza? I mean, I’m a skinny black guy and I go to bear happy hour just for the free pizza. TIMES ARE HARD PEOPLE! But I agree that there’s too many pizza places…I was hoping for something more original and was hoping they’d demolish the building altogether and put in something that engages the street more.

  • how would ya’ll feel if they served beer by the pitcher and installed picnic tables all over the parking lot?

  • thats some good pizza i think the name is kouzina angelina’s

  • open late night that was very good pizza

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