Fire at 14th and P Street, NW Thursday Night

Thanks to all who’ve sent word. One reader sends photos and writes:

“Not sure what happened but pretty crazy fire above Mid City Fish Market at 14 and P in Logan around 8:35.”

More info as it becomes available.

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  • I hope everyone got out safe!!! Maybe this will bring some much needed renovations to that building. It has been an eyesore for years. Marion Barry would probably classify this as a “dirty Asian shop.”

  • There was a Sunoco Oil Tanker just sitting at the intersection of 14th and P when we walked by at about 9PM. Seemed a bit…out of place at a fire scene!

  • whatever, bout the eyesore… i love this building, always have

  • diploj

    We were sitting outside at Commissary (halfway down the block) when the fire appeared. No idea what caused it, but the firemen were quick to respond, take charge of the situation, and had everything under control within minutes. Hats off to them.

    I didn’t see any ambulances so I don’t think anybody was in danger.

  • Hope there’s a good fire investigation – depending upon how much their fire insurance policy is for, arson could be a possibility!

  • Anyone know what is above this building? I think it was yesterday or day before yesterday I was walking down 14th St., and a door opened either in that building or the building right next to it, and the guy who stepped out looked almost homeless. I thought to myself, wait a minute, are there squatters living upstairs in this building? Interesting coincidence. Anyone know the story?

    • There are apartments above the Mid City Fish Market. I have a friend who lives on the second floor right below the apartment that caught on fire. He and his roommate lost everything due to water damage.

      • Oh. That’s awful. Last year my completely incompetent apartment management company set off the sprinklers in my apartment by accident. Needless to say, it was awful. There is nothing worse than water damage like that. It coats everything, and what people don’t understand is the water itself is dirty. I have never seen a mess like that. I hope they had insurance, and I wish them the best of luck.

    • I saw someone on the balcony of the burned out area this am as I was coming to work. Looked like he was going through bags. I thought it was odd for someone to be up there so soon?

  • So sad. No matter what you think of the building. I hope all the people are alright. That is to say nothing of the loss or devastation and the rebuilding that follows from a fire. Not surprised about the FDDC’s response. I think they are amazing and deserve the shout-out for the quick and efficient response.

  • My apartment building caught fire in 2010. Thankfully nobody was hurt. Also, thankfully I had renter’s insurance that covered cleaning every single piece of clothing and furniture in my apartment to get rid of the smoke damage and they paid for a hotel while I was displaced. Consider this a PSA for renter’s insurance – it can be as cheap as $100/year and you never know when you’re going to need it.

    • Second the renter’s insurance PSA- my friend lived in the Windsor House during the fire last year (no damages to his apartment, but he was displaced for a night) and it prompted me to buy renter’s insurance. It was more affordable than I thought – less than $80 for the entire year, and it covers hotel stays and damages up to $100K.

      • Who do you recommend getting renter’s insurance from?

        • If you have car insurance, you should see if they give a discount for adding on renter’s insurance. I have GEICO car insurance and their renter’s insurance is Travelers. They were incredibly helpful during my ordeal.

        • Allstate. Very easy to work with. Just called them up, answered a few questions about the number of units and age/type of building, and I was set. Had the option of a monthly plan or paying upfront for the year.

  • I think this building is awesome and laud the owner for not letting it turn into yet another fucking overpriced mixed use building where yuppies spend thousands for a “luxury” apt (yuk, yuk!) and a retail space priced to ensure that no business will survive more than two years. That building and Barrel House liquors are two of the only remaining buildings that ever made that area interesting. Once when I was in the now-closed Playbill (which was interesting in a weird way) I met a young couple who lived in one of the upstairs apts and they loved it. I always figured it would be a cool artists pad.

    • Groan. The only thing more obnoxious that the snobbery of “yuppies” is the snobbery of people who think they’re so much better than them. Yuk yuk! Indeed.

  • My husband biked past there this afternoon and there’s a “notice of apparent abandonment” on the door. It says the landlord inspected it June 7th and found it apparently abandoned. It says they will take possession of the place by the 21st if not contacted.

    Strange notice to find on an occupied building that’s home to an operating business.

    • Not really given that the place (presumably on of the apartments upstairs) caught on fire the other day.

      The owner/landlord likely inspected all apartments and spaces in the building, if for no other reason than to file an insurance claim.

      Upon finding an abandoned apartment they can just refurbish it, re-let it, and sue the prior occupant if they weren’t paying (although that would have likely happened much earlier).

      As stated above, this place whole place will be on the market soon.

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