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  • I have mixed feelings about this – on one I hand I always tried to patronize this place since it was local, but they were such a mess inside, lousy stock, unhelpful, that I’m not sorry to see them go (though only up the street). In my opinion, they missed a HUGE opportunity to do great business with the renovation/development of the condos right above them. They could have done some good business if they had cleaned up/stocked items that new owners need.

    • They might be moving because they cannot afford the new rent under the condos.

      • there was a posting about this a while ago. I think rent was jacked up too high to force the rif-raf retail out from the new fancy condos or they just didn’t let them renew their lease. If the motivation is to add some classier retail or dining to AdMo then I’m all for it.

  • So. What.

    This place has long held the record for the most pathetic excuse for a hardware store evah. The proprietors take “phoning it in” to new lows, with such crappy service and inventory that we just always assumed it was a front for illicit activity.

    Rather than set up in a new location, how ’bout the proprietors just leave town so that something of value to the neighborhood can occupy the space?

  • How does a business get prime real estate like this when their signs look like that?

  • One of the worst stores I’ve been to in the neighborhood. The owner is a world class jerk. I bought a small tool (under $10), which turned out to be the wrong tool I needed. I took it back–with receipt–with the plan to exchange it for what I needed. Their stock is so pathetic, they didn’t have what I needed, and the owner then refused to give me a refund. He claimed his store didn’t even sell the tool I had purchased, and accused me a scamming him. For like $7. With a receipt from his store.

  • Any rumors on what will go there? They knocked down the wall between this and the vacant business next door so there is a fairly large space available.

  • Yes, the stock and organization of this store was completely pathetic, but I actually found the owner/workers to be generally helpful here.

    It’s a shame so many others had bad experiences; maybe in their new location they’ll try a little harder.

  • It’s got to be better than Cooper’s, which in five years I have yet to see open.

  • Walked by there this morning and it looks like some kind of renovation is underway. Curious who the new tenant will be.

  • I tried to get a duplicate of my mailbox key made here. The first duplicate didn’t work, so I took it back and they made another one. That one didn’t work either.

    I meant to take it back and get a refund, but never got around to it. I still have the receipt (for $1.26, I believe) somewhere.

    People talk about how Home Depot and the like have pushed out “mom and pop” hardware stores… but honestly, when the “mom and pop” hardware stores are like this one, it doesn’t seem like much of a loss.

  • I’ll be the voice of dissension here. This store is good for hard-to-find things you might need while renovating an older place. The types of screws, nails, etc. are different than what is used today and I think that’s what this hardware stores was good for, actually awesome, instead of having to truck way across town to probably one of the other only places to get hard-to-find stuff for older homes. The prices far beat every other hardware store in the city and the service, while not warm and fuzzy, was courteous. The difference, probably, being that you actually have to know what you’re talking about. If you don’t, there’s a whole lot of room for everything else that people are commenting about here.

    • This. If you experienced bad customer service or stupidly expected that newly cut key to work it is because you are stupid, stupid, stupid.

      • I’m really sorry for expecting an even base level of competence or general human respect. If the guy who owns this shop wants to barely stock his shelves and insult his customers, then he deserves bad reviews and poor business.

        I’m not a contractor. Nor should I have to be to get acceptable service. Part of running a good hardware shop is helping customers who aren’t professional carpenters. Had the owner of the shop offered me anything but misplaced contempt, I would have become a repeat customer. Instead, any single person I can warn away from this jerk and his little shop of horrors is another saved soul.

        Now I shop at the Hardware store in Mt P. They are better stocked and very friendly.

        • MaryKate,

          Sorry for your bad experience there. For the record, I am not a contractor or professional. I am a regular person.

      • Really? It’s stupid to expect a business that copies keys to make keys that actually work? Huh? And just for the record, I’ve had keys made at this store that do work.

        • And I’ve had keys made at other hardware stores in this city (that you would probably find much more acceptable) and the keys didn’t work, had to be remade. You can be off by the tiniest fraction and the key won’t work.

        • Sarcasm, people.

  • At least Old School Hardware on Mt. Pleasant St is nearby and very helpful.

  • my experience here is in line with the majority here. unhelpful staff, poorly stocked store, and lousy prices. i originally went in hopeful, went back one other time for convenience (and was disappointed) and never went back.

  • I never had a bad experience with this store but then again I only went there twice. Phoned in to find out if they had what I needed ahead of time. My view is that if a local hw store has what I want and don’t charge too much of a premium (like True Value), then it sure as hell beats going to Home Depot which is a PITA and in a sketch location.

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