El Chucho’s Opening June 17th in Columbia Heights

3313 11th St, NW

Back in March we took a pre-preview of the new taqueria El Chucho’s Cocina Superior coming to 3313 11th St, NW. In addition to a new paint job out front you can see some great progress inside:

Light made of old torpedo casing:

Brick bar:

Stairs to the roof:

Roof deck:

Get ready for a June 17th opening.

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  • This place looks really sweet! I am looking forward to checking it out! I am very excited about the rooftop. I have never regretted buying a home near 11th Street.

  • austindc

    Where the heck does one get old torpedo casings? And now that I’m thinking about it, where is the rest of the torpedo. . .

  • Awesome! Love the paint job too!

  • Is this Jackie’s place? I’m sure it will be rad like her others.

  • Why is this tagged “Cleveland Park”? We we Columbia Heighters annexed in the dark of night?!??!? Wtf.

  • I am so excited about this place. Maple, KBC, yet to be named Tryst joint and the Room 11 expansion, 11th St. is doing quite well for itself.

  • kaboom! nice lookin’ space. But Cleveland Park? Really?

  • Been waiting for this place to become something for the over six years I’ve walked by it daily … after lots of false starts and overblown promises from several previous owners, and the various delays with El Chucho’s, it’s exciting to see the opening is finally, really, truly imminent. And by the way, beautiful job with the rehab, it seems like they are making the most of a very small and formerly very ugly space, simple yet creative design aesthetic. Two big thumbs up, I just hope the food will be as good as the decor!

  • Could not be more excited for this!

  • Is that area really so rough that they still need that ghettogate over the front window? It looks terrible.

    • Yeah, I am hopeful that the gate will be replaced by something less unsightly over the next two weeks (and presumably, the empty signage will either be taken down or filled with something new) … anyone know the plan for the exterior?

  • I want a whole torpedo and I like the ghetto gate look.

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