District Crossfit Closing New York Ave. Location in Nov. (to be replaced by large office building?), Opening Near Nationals’ Ballpark in Sept.

635 New York Ave, NW

From District Crossfit:

“As many of you have probably heard by now, thanks to the Washingtonian, we are very happy to announce that District CrossFit will be opening a new location in the Southwest Waterfront. The new gym will be located on 1525 Half Street SW in eyeshot of the National’s Ballpark.

The new space will be 10,000 square feet. To put that in perspective, our New York Ave. location is just shy of 3,500 square feet.

Barring any major setbacks, we plan on opening the doors on September 1st of this year.”

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“Unfortunately we also have some sad news:

Potentially as soon as November 1st, 2012; we will be forced to close our doors at 635 New York Ave. While planning a new space (even back while we were at 624 NY Ave) we have always had every intention of keeping two locations up and running; Andrew even moved to the City Vista apartments 3 weeks ago in anticipation of DCF being in the Mount Vernon Triangle neighborhood for a long time. However, a few days ago we received notice from our landlord that they intend to re-develop this block with a large office building. We are hoping to negotiate our way into a few more months at 635 but unfortunately our time here is more limited than we want. Seeing as DCF was born on NY Ave this news is absolutely heartbreaking to us. We’ve tried (and continue to try) to fight for every extra day we can.”

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  • Can they relocate the GOD AWFUL DC Eagle too? Can’t imagine that with the redevelopment of that entire area that Eagle will survive. I like the new BEACH BAR…but that’s just a temporary thing anyway. Marrekesh can go and so can that other seedy place. That area is changing very quickly since City Vista, now they condos and offices are popping up along NY Ave. That one particular block is EXTREMELY outdated.

    • What? Eagle is awesome.

      BEACH BAR is terrible: $5 shit beer and only two portable johns.

      Shame the gym is going away, though. Seems like it was a bustling little community. Always see people in there when I walk by.

    • Marrakesh is the best authentic Morrocan food in DC, it needs to stay.

  • Nothing wrong with the DC Eagle. But I won’t morn the loss. Traveling to another part of the city for a bar isn’t a big deal. But it is more disruptive when your gym, which you go to 3-5 times a week, and need to embed into your routine, move miles away.

    At the end of the day though… as long as Douglas does begin development shortly after evicting these businesses I can still consider it progress. If they stall out and the properties sit vacant for years that would be crap.

  • Sorry to hear that guys! A quick note, Primal Fitness will still be open just 2 blocks away (we’ve been in the neighborhood for over 5 years now) so if you’re lamenting losing a local, independently owned gym you should come check us out!

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