DGS Deli Coming To Dupont Showing a Good Sense of Humor

1317 Connecticut Ave, NW

A few weeks ago a What’s Shakin’ in the Makin’ requested by a reader looked at DGS Deli coming to 1317 Connecticut Ave, NW in south Dupont. At that time the owner wrote:

“We are still on schedule for summer opening.”

And to show they have a good sense of humor – now written on the future storefront:

“For 40 years the Jews wandered the desert. We promise it won’t take that long.”

And their Web site says:

“DGS Delicatessen will brine, cure, and smoke all of our meats and fish in house. We will be open for brunch, lunch, and dinner, with an all day to-go market and 85 seats inside the restaurant serving beer, wine and spirits.”

I’ll gladly wait a few more months for that!

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  • Sounds pretty ambitious, since nobody’s really been able to make a go at a real, full-service deli in this city since before most of your readers were born.

    • The humor makes me suspect it’s operated by real Jews who know what they’re doing.

      • Good. There had better be lots of yarmulkes and complaining about the humidity behind the counter 🙂

    • Comet Deli was a great place to get homemade whitefish salad and H&H bagels.

      And Sid and Bernice were awesome. RIP Sid.

  • Oooh, I hope they are so successful they open another location in Penn Quarter – Dupont’s too far from my work!

  • They’re going to be kosher-style but won’t buy kosher meats. No pork/shellfish.

  • So excited for this place to open!

  • Just wonder how much things things will cost. Authentic, true delis are not cheap. Combine this with a location in Dupont, I imagine we will be seeing $16 for a sandwich & drink. Oofa.

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