Despite Best Efforts DC Noodles on U Street Closing for a Year After All

1410 U St, NW

Back in April the owners of DC Noodles at 1410 U St, NW were adamant that they’d stay open despite major construction at 14th and U St, NW. Sadly, despite their best efforts to stay open they will be closing for a year. Their facebook page now says:

DC NOODLES is temporarily closing on July 1st. We will reopen in July, 2013.

We wanted (and tried) to remain open during construction but the new structure requires us to temporarily close. Good news- menu will be temporarily available at Rice [1608 14th St, NW] until Noodles reopened its doors next summer. Thanks for your support.

Stem, located next door to DC Noodles at 1412 U St, NW will also be closing for a year.

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  • The U Street streetscape project is going to have a devastating effect on some of the smaller businesses in the area. It doesn’t have the density of bars and restaurants that 18th Street has.

  • Off-topic. Why is re-doing the 5 block roadway stretch on U street (9th to 14th street) going to take almost a year to re-do? That sounds ludicrous. It took just over a year to build the Empire State and that was years ago, so I would have thought technologies and processes would have only gotten better and more streamlined.

    • It’s not just a simple repaving. They’re redoing all of the infrastructural elements as well (pipes, electrical etc), reconfiguring the sidewalks and more. That’s why it’s slated to take so long.

      • Yes, I know that. Still, that doesn’t address my question. It will take almost the same amount of time (and probably with “unforseen” delays) it will end up taking the same amount of time or even longer to do this work on a 5 block stretch. Don’t you think it’s amazing considering that the Empire State building was constructed in just over a year starting in 1929?

        • Empire State was impressive yes, but entirely dissimilar to be able to make any comparison. Road construction is a different animal from building construction. Plus, one assumes the Empire State had a slightly larger crew, budget, and didn’t have to accomodate with people, traffic and operating businesses through the middle of the worksite.

          • But I would think constructing what was at the time the tallest man-made building would be more challenging. You also had issues of pipes and electrical not to mention issues of stability. The project was slated for 18 months and was finished in just over 2/3 of the projected time. I’m sure they had appropriate number of crew for the team and really no budget is ever big enough but as a general contractor isn’t part of the responsibility to make sure you have enough power (crew and money) to do the job in a reasonable amount of time, especially if so many businesses are impacted by the work?

          • austindc

            Also with roads, you need to coordinate different groups, like the utilities and DPW. Schedules might not always align well. And work can’t proceed until one group has done their thing. Building a large building, you will usually be coordinating under one development company, and different crews can work simultaneously on different floors doing different things.

        • You should also take into account the loss of life on the Empire State Building. Also, whether you believe me or not (I have built several large scale projects) buildings are simpler than large scale public works projects.

    • It probably has something to do with the unions.

  • It’s unfortunate the some smaller businesses are going to struggle through this period, but it’s worth it for U street and the city as a whole. U street has a thriving but somewhat downtrodden and ghetto feel because of the crappy sidewalks and nasty lights and broken pavement. It needs to be classed up a bit. It’ll mean some short term pain and discomfort but the street’s and businesses and residences are going to be benefit a lot in the long run.

  • It would be even better if they were going away permanently. The place reeks of attitude and overpriced food.

  • They’re super friendly and also have great, efficient delivery.

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