Dear PoPville – Converting Blighted Community Library Kiosks

1300 H St, NE

Dear PoPville,

I’m sure you’ve noticed the District’s “Community Libraries” or Kiosks before. There was one on the 1300 block of H St. NE, called The R. L. Christian Community Library, which was repurposed, at least temporarily, into some sort of pop-up laboratory… There are a handful of these blighted buildings still around the District, and the Department of General Services is hoping to sign license agreements with groups for the “use and reactivation of the properties.” I know personally that the Sursum Corda Kiosk (135 New York Ave., NW) is especially dilapidated, and unfortunately, is adjacent to a newly refurbished playground and community center. Maybe PoPville can spread the word and spark interest in these properties, so they can stop contributing to urban decay:

DGS request for Short Term Property Use

Ed. Note: The H Street NE location was previously used as a Temporium.

135 New York Ave., NW

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  • I’ve long been puzzled by the security screens installed on these portable library structures, because the one sure way to ward off a thug in this city is to whip out a book of any kind.

  • over a year ago, i asked the then department of real estate services if i could teach zumba in the H street location. They said no…that it was slated for redevelopment. Guess that fell through.

  • I think it’s a wider problem with small temporary structures in general. Look at how long the temporary Eastern Market hung around.

  • While interning for the Office of Planning I helped do a best practices report to help the creative class find space in the city. One of the recommendations was to use underutilized or vacant space. You might want to take a look at the Creative DC Action Agenda. Its on page 72. If you are looking for a contact, try the economic development planner in the Office of Planning.

  • It doesnt take a genious to recognize that the DC Gov should sell off these locations and let development happen! What is wrong with them? The location on NY Ave is a clear eye sore and has been sitting blighted for way too long. Its embarrassing if you ask me.

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