Current Closing in Dupont June 21st to Focus on their upstairs lounge and Rooftop Patio, Rosebar

1215 Connecticut Ave, NW

From an email:

“June 21, 2012 will be the last time Washingtonian’s will have the opportunity to dine at Current, the Dupont restaurant that offers traditional Japanese cuisine in a modern setting.

The cutting edge sushi spot will be closing in order for the venue to focus on their upstairs lounge and Rooftop Patio, Rosebar.

Current Sushi is located at 1215 Connecticut Ave, NW.”

You can see Current’s dinner menu below:

Dinner Menu (PDF)

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  • To bad they won’t close the upstairs too.

  • I used to love this place when it was Dragonfly. When it shut down Dupont Circle was starting to go out of vogue, and I never did make it to Current.

  • This is a very loose use of the “Top Stories” tag

  • I was a regular at Dragonfly—the sushi was the best in the city—and was delighted to discover that the sushi at Current was the same as when the space was Dragonfly. Many of the same sushi chefs who were at Dragonfly work at Current. It’s a shame that they will no longer be serving sushi; their happy hour was one of the best. Don’t see myself checking out the upstairs anytime soon….

  • “cutting edge”. Now that’s funny.

  • What happened to FLY Lounge and DJ Dirty Hands? Is that still open?

    I miss Club Red from years ago, that place was legendary… I hope DC gets it’s wits back and starts sprouting speakeasy spots and unmarked underground music clubs again instead of all this French boutique/euro-luxury bullcrap.

    Every club now seems to be catering to New York wannabees instead of creating a new style. It’s depressing.

  • Current Sushi was/is delicious and they have some really talented sushi chefs and had an awesome happy hour! I’ll really miss it.

    Luckily, I found out that at least one of their sushi chefs (Nicky) will be making and selling his rediculously tasty sushi at Hana Japonese Market on U Street (&17th) from Weds- Sats…Go get some!

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