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  • A DC Council member charged with a crime?!?!?!?! No way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • smh. please, no more corruption!!!!!!

  • If this is true, WOW! History in the making.

  • Change is blowing in the wind…………………….

    • This is a great day for DC, but if the voters elect another lowlife, then this won’t mean much. There’s still a lot of work to do. Get rid of Graham and elect a better mayor when Gray steps down.

      • What planet are you from? Seriously, you think Gray will step down? That’s too gracious. He won’t leave unless he’s forced to leave.

        • I’m from the same planet as you, but from your hyperbole one couldn’t guess that. Why do you think Kwame is resigning? Because he wants to? Obviously not. It’s part of a plea deal. The same fate probably will befall the mayor. Try thinking more before you type. You won’t look so naive next time.

          • Glad that we’re from the same planet. Where is my hyperbole? I was asking a question. If it comes to the mayor taking a plea bargain, where he agrees to step down, then he is being forced out. If you’re amidst scandal and don’t step down at that stage, you are essentially waiting to be forced out, which is what I think would happen (if it were to happen) with Gray. As a Barry progeny, I think it would require too much grace to step aside and step down unless forced out. Where do we disagree?

          • Beginning a reply with the question, “What planet are you from?” strikes me as being less than calm. Anyway, all I said was that Mayor Gray would step down. I didn’t specify whether that would come as some sort of epiphany or as part of a plea deal. If you agreed with me, why not just say so?

          • Fair enough. I don’t use emoticons but maybe that worked against me here. I think we agree on the end goal. I think you’re more optimistic than I on this specific subject. It sounds like you think Gray could step down either on his own recognizance or through a plea deal. I, on the other hand, do not think he would step down unless forced out, and that includes accepting a plea where he agrees to leave office.

        • Kwame Brown just officially resigned. Mary Cheh is head of the Council.

  • Bitch set him up?

  • Good luck with that whole “Home Rule” thing.

    • Even as a resident I would never vote for Home Rule until we get some decent representation at the local level. This place functions like a 3rd world country…all we need are pirates on the Potomac and we could be ‘Little Somalia.’

  • Oh, DC. Where would you be without all these federal jobs forcing ppl to live here?

    • what a silly question. we wouldn’t be anything without federal jobs. we would never have existed without the federal government to begin with. is your assumption that people don’t know that?

  • How soon until he says he refuses to resign? How is it we continue to elect such scumbags?

  • I see a bright future for Mr. Brown. With qualifications like this, he could be Mayor Brown one day!

  • About time. Just need to get rid of Gray, Orange, and Barry and we will be well on our way to solid governance.

  • I would love to see Anthony Williams return to DC politics!

  • This is why we will never get a vote in Congress.

    • I see this argument a lot and it frustrates me. Why should the corruption of our elected officials make one bit of difference as to whether or not DC residents get congressional representation?

  • And some wonder why they take a gentle approach to criminals.

  • Does this mean he has to return one of the Cadillac SUVs?

  • He lied about his income on a loan app? His salary was public information!

    • not all of his income was public. DC Council is “part time” and members can have other jobs. i have no idea if he did or not, but it is possible.

      ha! WAS possible.

      • You were right – it was his outside income he was lying about. He actually changed the number on a 1099 from 35,000 to 85,000. He also forged an employment verification form.

  • Yes yes, we are so corrupt we don’t deserve Home Rule. Please move out of D.C. if you think that.

    • I did. Couldn’t be happier. Keep enjoying your high as f**k taxes for nothing.

      • Then stop posting on a DC blog. I’m sure bumfudgeville has a blog all its own. Go make it greater.

    • The people who suggest this are either a) Republicans who don’t want to add Democrats to Congress b)Idiots c)Just kidding, only wanting to make light of such a stupid argument for kicks and giggles.

    • PDleftMtP

      + a whole bunch. My right to live in a democracy shouldn’t depend on whether you (or some Bible belt congressperson) think the right people are getting elected.

  • BOOYAH!!!!! don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out

  • Bring back Adrian Fenty, please!

    • please don’t

    • I voted for Fenty last time, and I would vote for him again. I didn’t vote for council chair because the choices were so dismal. I’m not the smartest person on the planet, but it was plain even to me that Gray and Brown would be bad news for this city.

      • That’s what blows my mind! How did they fool so many people into voting for them? I know some intelligent people who were blinded. Part of it was because they knew a teacher who had been fired (and probably past time) by Rhee and were pissed about it.

  • Tommy Wells – we need you for Council Chair or Mayor once Gray get’s booted out too!!!!

    • Councilman Wells sets a good example. I was just redistricted into his ward, and I couldn’t be happier to have his as my neighborhood’s councilman.

  • I wish Michelle Rhee still lived here so she could run for Council Chair. I think she would do a good job at retsoring order in the Wilson Building AND it would piss off Marion Barry because Rhee is Asian.

    • I’m starting to hate living in this city and giving my tax dollars to these crooks. Kwame, Marion, Harry, and Vincent Gray make me wanna puke!

  • he misstated his income and net worth on a cc application? that is the basis for him losing his job? sure, we hold our leaders to a higher standard, but this is not grounds for dismissal.

    look at brown compared to graham:

    graham interferes in contracts that his favored donors dont win
    graham has stunted development on fla ave because there was no payoff
    graham pays for flights to vegas for him and staff with our money
    graham violates laws by not reporting a bribe as part of an fbi sting, then insults our intelligence by saying it was a gift.

    brown wants to live large and in debt.

    • also, graham is white

      • It is not about his color.

        Graham was investigated by the FBI for over a year. His CoS wore a damn wire trying to get the goods on him and they got nada.

        Graham is a crooked scum, but he ain’t dumb. Kwame was just plain stupid.

        • “Graham was investigated by the FBI for over a year. His CoS wore a damn wire trying to get the goods on him and they got nada.”

          Maybe this means that he is not a crooked scum. You have no evidence to the contrary. You may not like him, but your charges fall flat.

          • I have made no charges against him. I have however stated my belief that he is crooked scum.

            Or do you often receive “gifts” from the taxi cab industry?? That is scum behavior.

    • and i think about 85% of readers here would be happy to see him resign.

      • Then I guess I am in the 15%, and I guess also that this blog doesn’t reflect the opinion of Ward 1.

        • 2014 can’t come soon enough for w1.

          most of the developments described in this blog (DCUSA, GA Ave) have been in spite of him. look at the empty parcels on fla ave if you want to see his handiwork.

          our best hope is that the opponents do not split the vote as it was in 2010.

          • Vote splitting didn’t change the result. Graham got 57% of the vote. I live in Ward 1 and I’ve been happy with his performance.

    • Now, now.

      Can’t we see both of them out on their asses? I’d be perfectly fine with that.

  • Prosecutors let folks plead guilty to second degree murder, out in 14 years, but waste their time on simple stretch of income statement on a loan? Waste of our taxpayer money to even pursue it. Get him for a real crime, not this.

    • As a DC taxpayer, if the Council Chair can not manage his/her own money I sure as heck do not want them managing money I give the city.

  • Kwame and Harry needed to learn that you make your money AFTER you’ve been a politician, not while you’re one. I feel bad for him really. This is some petty stuff to get caught up in and lose your career over. We also need to start actively recruiting good people to run for office in DC.

  • Perhaps each D.C. resident can contribute one dollar into a pool in an effort to entice Corey Booker to move from Newark to D.C., and run for office here. Dude gets things done, and seems to have more integrity than anyone in D.C. Gov’t.

    • +100. i loved the clip of him last month talking about not putting civil rights to a popular vote re: same sex marriage.

  • Goodbye Kwame! Hopefully Jim Graham and Vince Gray follow you out the door soon.

  • Kwame has been planning this for weeks. What frustrates me is that council member who is the softest on juvenile crime, Mendelson is taking over. What a nightmare for City.

  • While its getting alot of attention, jokes, and being celebrated, this is really depressing and as a 10 yr resident I really hoped stuff like this would’ve been cleaned up in this town by now. I moved here from Detroit and feel like I’m still there. Kwame Kilpatrick / Kwame Brown. These a-holes make me sick.

    • PDleftMtP

      Maybe we just shouldn’t elect anyone named Kwame. (I moved here from the D too – probably way before you did, but my family is still there.)

  • Kwame will be on TV tomorrow saying “I love Jesus.”

  • Harry Thomas……….Down on Strikes!!!!
    Kwame Brown………Down on Strikes!!!
    Vincent Gray…….You are on Deck!!
    Oh Yeah,……..Marion Barry……You are in the hole!!
    Jim Graham.,…..dont go far….you may be a pinch hitter!
    PLAY BALL!!!!!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i know a lot of people are very happy to see Kwame fall from grace in such a scandalous fashion, just as there were many that cheered the demise of Harry Thomas.

    To me it is very sad. Not that i like Kwame, he lost my respect after the fully loaded incident. But i have respect for representation of the people in governance. i have respect for the office and what it can be. Kwame and Harry did not just make us lose confidence in them, they made us even more bitter and jaded about our city, and that to me is unforgivable. it’s disgusting to shake the faith of people and public trust in this matter. May justice be served but it will be a decade before we recover from this shameful stab at the people.

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