Cleveland Park Looking to Launch a Farmers Market

Thanks to a reader for sending from the CP Listserv:

The Cleveland Park Citizens Association (CPCA) and the Cleveland Park Business Association (CPBA) have been collaborating for several months to co-produce a Farmers Market along Connecticut Avenue. We have been working with the manager of the Palisades Farmers Market to replicate that model here in Cleveland Park. It is a small, intimate, friendly, local neighborhood-serving model. It is intended to compliment our existing bricks and mortar stores, not compete with them. We are about to submit our permit application for Public Space use. (There was a small glitch in the DDoT on-line permitting system that caused some confusion.) Pending DDoT approval, here are the particulars:

* Every Saturday from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm
* Located on the west Connecticut Avenue sidewalk between the Four Fields and
USPS year round
* Starting as soon as we get our permit, hopefully later this month!
* 10 vendors and 2 tables to showcase local organizations and/or existing local

We are appearing at the ANC3C meeting this Monday to seek its approval and endorsement. If you are so inclined, it would be wonderful to appear in support of the Market! The meeting begins at 7:30 and is in the 2nd District Police headquarters on Idaho Avenue. The meeting is held in the community room.

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  • This is great! I’m often disappointed by the local and organic produce at the grocery stores across the street, so this will hopefully fill a void.

  • Are there any farmers markets that are open on Sundays after 1pm? I’m guessing the reason why there aren’t any has to do with the farmer’s schedules but it would be really nice for slackers like me who never seem to make it out of the house before noon on the weekends…

  • Puerly selfish, of course, but Sunday seems like a much better date, given that many people in the area already have multiple options for FMs on Saturday. A little choice would be nice.

    • …you mean like the Dupont Circle farmer’s market?

      • Yeah, that’s an option, but it’s such a freakin’ zoo, I hate it. I suppose it’s an embarassment of riches, but it’s just too big.

    • I’ll be selfish right along with you. There is already a farmer’s market on Saturday mornings really close to me in Woodley Park. I’d love it if Cleveland Park could do one on a weeknight. If only the world were structured for me and me alone…

      I love that this market would be year round though. The one in Woodley Park is seasonal.

      • Where is the Woodley Park farmers market?

        • It’s in the parking lot of the little church near the corner of Connecticut and Cathedral (SE corner of the intersection). It’s not visible from Connecticut Ave, so it’s very easy to overlook. It’s every Saturday from 8-12 during the season.

  • I can’t even describe how happy this makes me

  • I’d love a weeknight market that has a CSA like product – you pay for your share to the market organizers and then get a variety of products (bread, cheese, fruit/veggies, meat, etc.) from the producers in an easy to grab and go box/bag.

  • New Morning Farm has been coming to various locales on saturday mornings (and tuesday evenings in the summer) in cleveland park/north cleveland park for at least 20 years. For the past decade or so, they have been at Sheridan School and while not really a “farmer’s market” (since they are the only vendor) I can’t recommend them enough. See their website for more info.

  • PLEASE, choose another day of the week for your farmer’s market. there are so many other markets on saturdays. go for sunday or a weeknight and you will definitely get more people!

  • I live in Cleveland Park and would LOVE a market, any day of the week works for me!

  • As the lead vendor for this market (should it pass), we very much anticipate getting to know the good people of Cleveland Park. We will bring a wide variety of fruit, vegetables, and value-added goods and would hope to work closely with local restaurants, should they be interested in our products.

    We have dealt with similar neighborhood disputes in a few of our other DC markets in the past, all of which are now successfully up and running. We hope this market would be a great fit for the CP area.

    Please join us in supporting the establishment of this market.

    Shawn Eubank
    Manager, McCleaf’s Orchard

  • Sadly, this wasn’t passed. Apparently Brookville Market won some ANC members over with their suggestion that the “competition” from a farmer’s market would surely sink their business. It’s really a damn shame… especially when you consider that several (I can think of at least three) other farmer’s markets in the area are either across the street from or adjacent to big grocery stores, and there have never been issues before.

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