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  • The whole place looks amazing. I finally had a chance to check it out and the level of thought and hard work that went into the all the details really shows. The patio looks spectacular, too, well done!! Can’t wait to enjoy it. 🙂

  • The patio looks OK, but not great. I was out there last week before it was furnished and it’s fine, but really not much to be excited about. It’s a slab of concrete surrounded by dark, tall walls – and there’s a roof over it so you can’t even see the sky. It’s cool that it’s there, but it is not spectacular. Maybe they’ll add some decoration to give it more character.

    • bfinpetworth

      I like the setup – the open-air roof allows you to stay out there when the rain is falling, but there is plenty of openness for good airflow. It will also be easier to heat in the cooler months. And the roof allows for the ceiling fans. Overall, I think it is very well thought out to maximize use during the spring, summer, and fall. I suspect some decorations will appear as well.

      • Agree. I’d rather have this than a design that only allows use a few months of the year – during fair weather.

      • I guess that’s kind of what I meant – it’s designed for maximum usage, not optimum outdoor experience. But when I was out there the other day, I didn’t feel like I was outside, I felt like I was in a room whose walls didn’t quite meet the ceiling, if that makes any sense. This is obviously good for the Chez since they can use it just about year ’round, but customers will have to go elsewhere if they really want an outdoor experience.

        I’m not sure if I agree with your “airflow” comment. It’s actually pretty penned in with the high walls; the fans will help but I don’t think you’ll get much of a breeze in there. Of course I’ll have to do some additional research to back up my claims….

  • Dang. My photographic debut on PoP and my back is turned.

  • When I was there on Friday, the bass player, who is a smoker, said “oh, this is about to be my SPOT!” it’s like the roof of The Reef: an ostensibly outside smoking patio that feels like you are still inside the bar. I think it works better as that function, rather than a space to enjoy the sunshine.

    • I was about to say; it be a bad sign for the future character of Petworth if those tables aren’t eventually full of overflowing ashtrays.

  • When did prison yards get chic?

  • No bar on the deck! Hmmm….

  • What’s on the menu? Any vegan choices?

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