Checking in on Cause the Philanthropub coming to 1926 9th St, NW

1926 9th St, NW

Back in March we learned that Cause was going to move into the old La Carbonara space at 1926 9th St, NW. While they’re still a couple months away from opening, they’ve made a lot of progress renovating the space (which they’re doing themselves!) For those who don’t recall, Cause:

is a bar like you’ve never seen. We call it a PhilanthroPub. It works like this:

Step 1: You come to Cause; eat, drink, and be merry

Step 2: Cause pays its staff, covers all operating costs

Step 3: Cause takes ALL of the remaining profit, and gives it to vetted nonprofit organizations

If you’d like to donate you can do so here, you can get your own barstool, table or beer for a year if you’re feeling very generous. They’ve raised over $15,000 and counting.

Here’s a peek inside the space:

1st floor

More photos after the jump.

To be filled with murals from Life Pieces to Masterpieces.

2nd floor bar

2nd floor back stage

Awesome table tops

2nd floor front seating

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  • Interesting, so once operating expenses are covered by food and drink sales, ALL? profits go to non-profits? Every.single.penny.of.profit? So, would this establishment be considered a for-profit business or would it be designated as a not-for-profit business or non-profit business?

    • Good question. Yes, ALL profits will be going to charitable organizations. We will be transparent with all of these figures, because we want to ensure that everyone is able to see where the money is going and that there are no tricks being played.
      We are not a 501c3 nonprofit organization because of registration complexities due to selling alcohol and the fact that we are passing the funds on to other organizations. We are currently registered as an LLC, and have plans to change to a Benefit Corporation once that legislation is passed in the District.

      Founder – Cause

      • Cool, thanks for explaining. It really is an intriguing concept and a great one. I’m definitely keeping my eye on this project and wish for great success for the place. Absolutely love the concept!

      • Nick,

        Great idea. I live around the corner–can’t wait to support you guys.

      • Hi, Nick!
        I work at the Latin American Youth Center (LAYC) in Columbia Heights (and I am an RPCV!). How does an organization get on your “list” of beneficiaries? We would love to get on your radar as we often hold mini fundraisers at local bars and restaurants for those hard-to-fund programs or to fill budgetary gaps. It is such a fantastic idea! Best of luck! ~AMY

        • We will be happy to host your events – fundraisers, happy hours, dinners, etc. Once we open, just let us know and we will be happy to accommodate you.
          To become one of our featured organizations, please go to our website and fill out the short form, telling us more about your organization Look forward to hearing more!

          Founder – Cause

  • Lookin’ good!! Very excited to check it out. Thanks for your efforts to reinvest in the community. Best of luck!

  • Walked by last night. There was no placard w/application for liquor license in the window. When is the target opening date? Will this place open even without a license?

  • DC is doing very well with nonprofit-friendly bars. I know the nearby Vinoteca has been hosting nonprofit happy hours, and Ras Hall on Georgia Avenue has been very active along the same lines.

    • Isn’t that a little different from the operating model of this place? Agreeing to host a fundraiser or HH for a non-profit is a little different (though noteworthy) than giving all profits above operating costs to non-profit orgs.

  • This is great. And it looks awesome so far. Good luck to you guys!

  • Very cool! Folks in DC are always looking for affordable and accomodating event space for fundraising events – I’m sure your schedule will be full. I am in the neighborhood and look forward to supporting!

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