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  • Just this afternoon I was standing on the corner of 7th and H thinking how good these buildings are lookin!

  • can’t wait to see those walgreens and panera logos in Chinese characters. At least they better be!

  • saf

    Yes, and I remember when it was Marlo’s too.

    • i thought the marlos was a block up. when was that? what a vastly different place it was then.

  • I’m excited for this to be done. I’m tired of stepping through all the pee rivers on the sidewalks.

    Ugh, and the SMELL.

  • This is one of the longest renovations I’ve ever seen happen in DC, must have taken a lot of work. They started a looong time ago. Many hi-rise condo buildings have been built uptown since they started this project.

  • Now if they could just do something about the deadbeats that hang out at the top of the Metro entrance across the street.

    • they don’t bother me. it’s a good spot to wait for the bus, wait for friends, or just hang out.

  • Anyone heard time-frame for this?

  • Anyone know the plan for the empty lot next door?

  • This was not the old Marlo’s. That was up the street a bit. Prior to housing a CVS, this was a very interesting–and very large–store offering Chinese goods. Upstairs, they even sold Mao books. This was in the late 80s into the early 90s. It was awesome in its own unreconstructed way. Sort of like a department store of another era.

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