Ben’s Chili Bowl Future H Street NE Location Looking to Feature a Roof Deck But Still “Gonna Be AWhile Before They Open”

10th and H St, NE

Back in April we learned that Ben’s Chili Bowl would be opening up a 2nd location at 10th and H St, NE. Last night @HStreetDC_ tweeted even more good news:

“Wow! Plans for @benschilibowl on ‪#HStDC‬ look amazing! Roof deck w/49 seats. Inside 132 seats. Patio w/34 seats. Big place, looks great.”

Though they also tweeted:

“They’re still refining the plans for @benschilibowl. Gonna be awhile before they open on #HStDC”

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  • Too bad the big & Tall store is closing, I had never seen it before this pic… There are barely any quality Big & Tall stores in the DC area… It would be nice if POP detailed stores that cater to fat guys like me. 😛

  • They’re food is garbage.

  • Worth noting that @HStreetDC_ is not a “they,” it’s one person, Margaret Holwill (I understand the usage here, though).

    • I think the anonymous English Major was referring to Ben’s Chili Bowl, who’s food is not garbage, it’s actually quite excellent junk food for a drunken night ramble. Bill Cosby also agrees with me. The correct word to use in that context is “their” though, despite my differing opinion.

  • It’s kIndia funny that some people used the closing of this store as an example of gentrification pushing out black businesses, well it turns out that it’s a black business coming in.

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