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  • there is a big art event near there (specifically the abandoned building across v st from the 930 club), this friday at 6pm.

    * the artist i spoke to said 6 or 7. maybe arriving at 7 is the safer bet? or 630 and just look at the murals/graf pieces on the side of the building. albus cavus (sp?) is the organizer

  • The artist is rashad cuffee ([email protected]) , thanks for showing your appreciation. More to come very soon…

  • this is awesome.

  • I love this! DC needs more awesome public art like this…nice work

  • I love that it’s an Ethiopian design, too. Seems fitting for the general area.

  • i live here 🙂

    • you sir/ lady, have an awesome gate. is it all steel? who constructed it?

      • 100% heavy metals! Recent tenant here, so I don’t know all of the details about its history. There used to be only two faces, the one on the right was a recent addition. One of the hinges got a bit too rusty and needed to be fixed – the face mysteriously appeared after the right hinge was repaired. The addition of white was VERY recent (within the past couple of weeks).

        I strongly encourage people to come by and take a look..the pictures really don’t do justice to the intricate use of color and lines. Plus, the restaurant next door is phenomenal. I’ve yet to see the artist in action, but I think the mystery of it all is pretty exciting!

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