Another Scandal for the District

From WJLA:

“The man who Mayor Vincent Gray appointed to the head of the D.C. Department of Housing and Community Development apparently resigned in the midst of a sex scandal in Philadelphia, according to reports.”

From WPVI:

“PHA staffers had complained to HUD (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development) officials that Kelly was having a consensual affair with a woman he had appointed to a senior staff position and, that despite having little or no credentials for the post, he was approving her for large pay increases.”

So I guess we don’t have the most rigorous vetting process…

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  • OneCity!

  • Days in DC Government without a Scandal: 0

  • ha ha ha this guy is toast! i can’t wait till the Feds (Meachum) bring the hammer down on him.

  • Good grief. This is really going to get ugly- and i don’t mean only this, but the snowballing scandals in general. Brace yourselves, folks.

  • And this comes as a surprise, why?

  • Roaches run when you turn the lights on.

  • Take a deep breath and check the info again.

    Reports from Philadelphia Inquirer are that the prior PHA director in Philadelphia, whom Kelly replaced, was the one involved in the sexual harassment scandal. Kelly was not implicated in anything – per Monday’s article.

  • Don’t blame me. I wrote in Fenty.

    • Fenty is the reason he left in the first place. They had a disagreement over some shady parks and rec contracts that Fenty wanted to direct to his cronies. Fenty couldn’t get them through the Council, so he back doored them through the housing authority instead.

      • tonyr

        “….so he back doored them through the housing authority instead” Oohhhhhh – is PoP turning into an episode of Are You Being Served?

  • I have no knowledge of this situation in Philly beyond what we’ve all read in the papers (and perhaps there’s the chance that he’s innocent until proven guilty?), but I can say that Michael Kelly has one hell of a record. He’s long been considered one of the most capable, competent housing authority directors around, and it would be a real shame if he threw it all away like this.

    • Gray has a tainted touch. That makes this guy a turd by association.

    • Kelly is one of the best housing directors around and Washington is in dire need of affordable housing for those of us in the 98%……not just “unemployed criminals”

  • Without even considering the inappropriate “relations”…there are simply too many recent finical fraud type scandals in DC gov’t for this to be considered a good decision by the Gray administration.

    “Unlike” DC Gov’t Culture

  • uh, but I thought having impaired ethics was a job requirement for all D.C. appointments.

  • Just read an article today in reference to this (can’t remember where now) saying that Gray overwhelmingly favored addressing affordable housing over crime and education. Which is great, because what this town needs is housing that uneducated criminals can afford. Governance in DC is a joke.

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